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MONEXgroup’s 3 Tips for SMALL Business Owners Entering the Digital Age of Payment Processing
Apr 25, 2014
On April 25, 2014, The Globe and Mail published a report stating that 53% of Business Owners are run by part-time entrepreneurs who work for someone else during the day. These business owners exclaimed they would resign from their full-time career if their business could produce $30,000 annually. This article...
With Impressive Auto Sales - Merchants are Speeding to MONEXgroup to upgrade their existing Payment Processing Terminals
Apr 16, 2014
According to The Financial Post, published in late March – Canada has seen growth in a number of industries, but few so drastic as the automotive industry (reaching 157,060 vehicles sold in March). With this increase in buyers, many Canadian merchants are exploring new opportunities to upgrade existing payment processing technology...
51% of Companies Look for Hiring New Employees and Upgrade Equipment
Apr 15, 2014
According to a report published by the CBC on April 7 the Canadian economy continues to show signs of growth and stability with 51% of companies surveyed expressing interest in hiring new employees and upgrading their equipment. However security and the increased speed of sales prove to be the two major...
After the Hard Winter - Merchants Turn to MONEXgroup for Payment Processing in Expectation for Increased Customer Traffic
Apr 14, 2014
Winter has finally ended and so has the slowed economic progress that both American and Canadian industries have experienced. Better weather conditions (plus a generally improved American economy) prove to be good news for Canadian businesses – MONEXgroup provides the payment processing solutions for these busy times. Canadian businesses are warming up!...
The Time to Invest in MONEXgroup’s Integrated eCommerce Solutions is Now: 55% of the time Canadians Purchase Online from Fellow Canadian Businesses!
Apr 13, 2014
According to Statistics Canada, Canadian Consumers are purchasing online goods from fellow Canadian business 55% of the time - reflecting the importance of Integrated eCommerce Solutions for Canadian Companies. MONEXgroup offers business merchants the solutions to accept payments online and capitalize on these sales. Canadians like to support Canadians, eh! The...
With Retail Sales up $40.7 Billion, Businesses Turn to MONEXgroup for POS Solutions
Apr 09, 2014
Reports from Statistics Canada, published in March indicate a bustling economy with retail sales raising 1.3% or $40.7 billion. This is good news for business-owners and with the recent release of details of a federal plan to improve the digital economy - many business owners are looking to upgrade their payment...
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