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Check here frequently for informative articles exploring the latest trends in Payment Processing, POS Technology and Merchant Services via MONEXgroup Blog. As an industry leader, MONEXgroup is on the cutting-edge of the rapidly changing landscape of payment solutions, related security considerations, marketplace movements and technological breakthroughs… everything merchants need to know to stay ahead.

Customer Service and Pricing Strategies: MONEXgroup Solution To Retailers
Nov 24, 2014
In this article, MONEXgroup represents factors impacting retailers decisions when setting pricing strategies; mostly in an economy where competition, investment opportunity, financial support and growth potential continue to exist. This year, Nielsen Research conducted a survey covering 375 Canadian Businesses; including gas, grocery, pharmacy, restaurants, fast food, apparel and general retail...
Secure Payment Processing & Online Shopping Experience with MONEXgroup
Nov 07, 2014
In this report, MONEXgroup demonstrates how retailers can securely process online transactions and let their customers enjoy online shopping with seasonal promotions set by their favorite brand’s websites by MONEXgroup Secure Payment Processing. This season, e-commerce activity is flourishing with an expected increase in total online spending of 20% in Canada,...
The Canadian Economy Inspires Businesses to Call MONEXgroup
Jun 02, 2014
“A number of businesses are investigating additional terminals and/or upgrading their existing technology” On June 1, 2014, the Financial Post reported that small businesses are very optimistic about the Canadian economy – with the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses stating that their Business Barometer index rose again for the second...
The Canadian Market Movement to MONEXgroup eCommerce Solutions
May 26, 2014
On May, 2014 Forbes released a report stating that companies across the world are becoming exceptionally interested in investing in technologies that link them to the Canadian market. Some firms are opening shop on Canadian soil, while others create separate, dedicated Canadian websites with complete hosted eCommerce solutions. For businesses...
MONEXgroup’s 3 Tips for Growing Your Business - Even in a Rocky Economy
May 26, 2014
Below are three ways businesses can utilize payment processing solutions to remain prosperous and keep growing your business (even in a rocky economy)! Hit the Pavement [caption id="attachment_994" align="alignright" width="180"] “83% of Canadian Online Shoppers placed sales with a Canadian business. Can your website accept payments?”[/caption] What do you do when the economy...
Canada Outperforms in Fighting Debit Card Processing Scams with Secure Payment Solutions
May 14, 2014
According to a report published last week by The Vancouver Sun, Canadian debit card fraud has reached record lows due to recent initiatives to improve POS and card technology. MONEXgroup’s secure payment solutions are equipped with high-tech securities making credit card fraud especially difficult in Canada, while less-secure magnetic strip technology...
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