Referral Rewards Policy

Referral Rewards Policy – Referral payments may be awarded to individuals who refer a new customer to MONEXgroup. Referral payments will not be awarded for hardware upgrades or terminal conversions. Referral payments are payable only after 1) the new customer signs for and pays for the terminal; 2) after the referred customer has been with MONEXgroup for 30 consecutive days of service; and 3) the new customer does not return any payments for the purchase of the terminal or for any service fees.

Referrals must be submitted through a MONEXgroup sales representative or through the online form found at The referral must be received before the referred business becomes a MONEXgroup client and the referring party must be identified on the submitted contract. Referring parties may not refer their own businesses, regardless of whether these businesses are fully or partially owned by the referring party. If a business is referred by multiple sources, the first referring party, as determined by MONEXgroup’s noted time of submission, will receive the referral payment. Referrals received via automated submission will not be eligible for this program and MONEXgroup reserves the right to withhold, or refuse the payment of referral payments to those who abuse or improperly use the Referral Rewards program or for any other reason that MONEXgroup deems unfair. Referral Rewards payments are made at the sole discretion of MONEXgroup and this offer cannot be made in conjunction with any other offers. MONEXgroup, at its sole discretion, may terminate the Referral Rewards program at any time without notice. MONEXgroup reserves the right to change the conditions of the Referral Rewards program at any time and without notice. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery of payment after the above conditions are satisfied.