Top 10 Reasons to Work at MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions
Jul 24, 2015

“Our employees are industry specialists and are major contributors towards the success of MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions”. MONEXgroup Merchant Services is the leading payment processing service provider in Canada. The organization enjoys a dynamic corporate culture, a winning business model and a supportive environment with great employee benefits.

Top 10 reasons to work at MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions:

  1. Employees at MONEXgroup Merchant Services are happy and self-motivated, taking pride in working at Canada’s leading payment processor and helping businesses across the country realize their objectives.
  2. Top performing sales managers and representatives are rewarded with an annual luxurious Caribbean cruise vacation… far away from the harsh winter in January.
  3. With every new deal, a bell is rung and the entire office cheers. Employees celebrate each others’ success and feed off the energy and buzz.
  4. Every team manager is tasked with delivering a a fun activity to the office including offsite excursions, team building events and charitable work.
  5. MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions is located in the booming hub of North York Centre; an exciting, modern and multicultural area with shopping centers, arts, and an excellent restaurant selection.
  6. You can be the rock star of the week. Every week the top performers in several categories get to spin the “Wheel of Fortune” to determine their reward and the Marketing team announces the results in the weekly newsletter.
  7. The office has a direct underground level passageway connecting it to a TTC subway station, which makes it a highly accessible destination without the rush hour madness of downtown.
  8. The organizational chart at MONEXgroup Merchant Services is relatively flat. Everyone is empowered to take on leadership and put forward new ideas.
  9. Every Friday, employees prepare a potluck lunch complete with a wide array of international healthy foods with delicious flavours representing a unified and diverse workplace formed by the MONEXgroup Merchant Services team.
  10. Each and every individual at MONEXgroup Merchant Services benefit from gaining comprehensive training on POS Solutions, how the payment processing industry works, plus the technologies available.


Our corporate culture revolves around 3 major principles:

Continuous learning about payment processing products and the constant changes in technologies.

Continuous improvement on how to execute projects and increase efficiencies within the team.

Continuous growth where personal and professional growth are encouraged within a department or though cross-functional levels in the company as a whole.

The HR Manager at MONEXgroup Merchant Services, Cora Conforti, encourages employees to develop and prosper in their fields and/or in their area of specialty. “Over the years, we have seen people advancing in their departments and other employees changing roles. We believe in promoting from within”.

MONEXgroup Merchant Services has consistently offered students with great learning opportunities through internship programs and Co-Ops offered in conjunction with local educational institutions.

Cora also stresses the importance of creativity across management and sales departments. She focuses on the significance of acquiring new talents, fresh ideas and diversity within the team.

“In Human Resources, we measure the success of the team by looking at their Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) within the scope of team roles & responsibilities. At MONEXgroup Merchant Services, the elements of forming a healthy team are cohesive leadership, effective communication and establishing a common goal with clear objectives”.

The hard work, enthusiasm and due-diligence of the team are driven by motivation, commitment, intelligent risk-taking, accountability and most importantly the entrepreneurial spirit in the corporate culture.

MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions Values:

Empowerment: to create a learning that environment that encourages employees to lead and make decisions based on real experience.

Commitment: to produce and deliver great results to meet customers’ expectations.

Innovation: to pursue creativity and influence ideas with the potential to change and evolve in the payments market and merchant services.

Integrity: to trust colleagues and continue to nurture long term relationships internally with employees and externally with clients.

Diversity: to respect people’s backgrounds and to establish a cohesive multicultural environment.

“As we operate in technology, the fast-moving trends define how we do business. At MONEXgroup Merchant Services, we are always adapting, improving, growing and prospering in the payments industry because we are in front of these trends. This is what differentiates us and that’s how we define our strengths and opportunities” (Cora Conforti, 2015).

Recruitment Opportunities at MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions

With the continuous growing business model of MONEXgroup Merchant Services, Rob Maynard: Recruitment and Training Manager, is looking forward to build a mentorship program, led by Regional Sales Development Managers who will train the Regional Consultants with industry leading products and merchant services, pricing strategies and constant support. “We offer high flexibility, on-job training, learning opportunities and growth structure within the team” (Rob Maynard, 2015).

If you are interested in joining MONEXgroup Merchant Services & POS Solutions, please apply to the frequently updated postings on our official Careers Page. Also, you can follow Rob Maynard on LinkedIn Professional Network to stay connected with the latest openings at MONEXgroup Merchant Services.

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