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Check here frequently for informative articles exploring the latest trends in Payment Processing, POS Technology and Merchant Services via MONEXgroup Blog. As an industry leader, MONEXgroup is on the cutting-edge of the rapidly changing landscape of payment solutions, related security considerations, marketplace movements and technological breakthroughs… everything merchants need to know to stay ahead.

With Digital Sales expected to Double to 38.7 Million - MONEXgroup Steps Forward with Secure Credit Card Payment Processing
Mar 18, 2014
According to eMarketer, digital sales are slated to double in Canada to 38.74 billion Canadian dollars. MONEXgroup offers business merchants the solutions to accept payments in a secure digital environment. There was a time, not too long ago, when credit card processing involved carbon paper and a heavy sliding machine. In...
Canada Looks Towards a Cashless, Mobile Payment Processing Future, MONEXgroup Offers Contactless Payments Options
Feb 24, 2014
According to Mastercard, 19 out of the top 25 retailers in Canada have embraced tap-and-go, Contactless processing. MONEXgroup offers business merchants the solution to accept Contactless payments. Step aside cash - make room for Contactless payments! With VISA and Mastercard looking to near field communication (NFC) technology; mobile payment processing may soon...
Social Media Gives Insight to Mobile Payment Processing Trend, MONEXgroup Chimes in with a Strong Solution
Feb 24, 2014
According to a MasterCard Study, 88% quipped that businesses that do not have Mobile Payment Processing would indisputable be at a Payment Processing disadvantage. MONEXgroup offers business merchants the solution to stay on the cutting-edge of payment processing technology. The business owners and merchants have spoken! 13 million social media conversations...
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