MONEXgroup Reviews the National Business Landscape and Heightens its French Service
Mar 03, 2017

As a nation that is recognized worldwide for its multiculturalism and diversity, it is fitting that Canada supports a respected balance of two official languages – English and French. Canada is not alone in this regard as there 29 countries internationally that consider French as a second language. At MONEXgroup we’re always looking to better serve merchants nationwide in their language of choice. MONEXgroup reviews the changing dynamics of the Canadian population and adjusts its services to better meet a wide range of customers’ needs. As Canada is a proudly bilingual country with a strong francophone presence, MONEXgroup launched a French version of its website to better service the Quebec market and looks forward to expanding operations further in this vibrant province.

French Canadian History

The French language was established in Canada with the foundation built in Quebec in 1608 by the earliest French settlers. Between 1627 and 1663, many thousands of colonists from the Northern and Western regions of France settled in either in Acadia or Canada. Today in Quebec, approximately six million Canadians are native French speakers, which represents 78.1% of population in Quebec, the rest are residents who speak both French and English, and some strictly English (French Population in Quebec).

While six million of Canada’s native French speakers are found in Quebec, another one million are distributed throughout the rest of Canada. Roughly 31% of Canadian citizens are French-speaking and 25% are of French-Canadian descent. However, not all French speakers are of French descent, and not all people of French-Canadian heritage speak French (French History in Canada). In order for businesses to operate in Quebec, they must publish their communications in French and offer French language support. MONEXgroup reviews the requirements of this dynamic market and adheres to servicing its needs.

French Culture and Events

MONEXgroup Reviews Tasty French Canadian Cuisine

Like any other European countries where cooking is considered as a fine art, fine dining is a passion among the elite population of Quebec society. The city of Montreal in particular has an exciting world-class restaurant scene. The city boasts itself as little Paris of Canada as the architecture and culture resemble those found on Parisian streets. The influence of strong immigration in the 60s and 70s from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and France created an appetizing mix for foodies (French Cuisine).

MONEXgroup Reviews the Evolution of Working Culture in Quebec

At the beginning of the 20th century, Quebec was characterized for having low-paid blue-collar workers employed in manufacturing industries. The province has come a long way as today it is known as a hotbed for fast-growing tech firms. Quebec also has a long tradition in forestry as the province’s lumberjacks were renowned and successful in trading with New England. As a matter of fact, in the first part of the 20th century, lumber camps were located in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire which were staffed and employed by French-Canadian workers. Since the 1960s, union membership has grown dramatically in Quebec, and as a result Quebec has the highest percentage of unionized workers in North America (Working in Quebec).

MONEXgroup Reviews the Famous Winter Festivals in Quebec

Each province in Canada has their own unique ways of celebrating their culture and lifestyle, and Quebec is no exception. Traditionally, there are two events in Quebec that are highly celebrated amongst locals. One is the Quebec City’s Carnaval de Québec and En Lumière in Montreal.

Carnaval de Québec

There’s a long history of celebrations occurring from late January to mid-February in Quebec City. It all began in 1894 with the intention of “warming” the hearts of Quebecois who are often faced with harsh winter conditions. Bonhomme, a jolly snowman, is the mascot of the festival, dressed up in a red toque and arrow sash that represents Quebecois heroes. The most famous attractions of the festival include the night-time and daytime parades led by the mascot.

Other major events include:

  • A masquerade ball with up to 400 participants at the grand ballroom of the Château Frontenac
  • The opening and closing ceremonies taking place at the Ice Palace in front of thousands of participants, co-hosted by Bonhomme and the mayor of Quebec City
  • Outdoor sports events such as snowboarding, ice canoeing, snowshoeing, hockey, dog-sledding, etc…inside and outside the city
  • Free outdoor public banquets
  • Outdoor dance parties are held at the Ice Palaces
  • Commercial streets are decorated and some bars and restaurants set up a winter patio in front of their establishments to attract passerby
  • It is traditional to drink Caribou, a hot alcoholic beverage to keep warm
  • The public auction is a fundraising event which features many goods and services donated for silent and live auction

Montréal En Lumière

Montréal En Lumière is one of the largest winter festivals in the world; it is an annual celebration registering over a million festival site visits from fans experiencing the joy of Montreal wintertime through the arts, gastronomy, outdoor activities… and more!

En Lumière is known for its gourmet festivities, as over 500 renowned chefs, wine producers and speakers participate in this annual event that runs from February to March. Furthermore, the festival features an array of musical performances ranging from classical music to the next generation of artists.

The festival outdoor site offers a multitude of free activities for all. During the festival, the Quartier des spectacles and its Place des Festivals – the headquarters of downtown celebrations – become THE essential winter destination that include:

  • An extraordinary program circuit of interactive and luminous artwork installations
  • Activities for all ages
  • Free shows
  • Food kiosks for gourmet pit stops

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MONEXgroup Reviews the POS Market and Future Opportunities

As of January 2017, MONEXgroup enhanced its presence in the Quebec market by launching a French website, hiring dedicated representatives and updating corporate communications to better service the needs of Quebec merchants. As a responsible business partner, MONEXgroup reviews and consistently improves what we can offer to our merchants which includes superior customer service, reliable solutions, our Sales Reps’ professionalism and capability to speak multiple languages to make us more accessible. You may find out more information about our company by visiting our English website and French website.

Moreover, MONEXgroup reviews and responds to what consumers are looking for in the current POS market by continuously updating our technology and security standards. By combining superior levels of customer service, leading industry knowledge, plus the dependability of our products, we are able to offer the best overall “package” to our existing and new merchants. Also, MONEXgroup reviews the service needs of a diverse base of Canadian merchants. We strive to speak our customers’ respective language and have recently added dedicated representatives who are fluent in French to support our growing base of French clients.

Why is MONEXgroup a Leading POS Provider in Canada?

MONEXgroup reviews what it takes to stay ahead in the highly competitive POS market. The reason why we remain Canada’s number one ranked payment processing service provider is because we fundamentally care about the overall success of our merchants. We look forward to continued rapid growth and helping our merchant partners succeed by saving on their bottom line, receiving excellent rates and feeling valued with attentive support.

When partnering with the number one payment processor in Canada; MONEXgroup will increase your efficiency and quality of service and lower the related costs.

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