Clover Flex

The Clover Flex POS has the versatility to suit virtually any type of business – hence the name “Flex”. It has a sleek design, ability to accept practically all forms of payment, a long battery life, several connectivity options for superior reliability, and a built-in barcode scanner, making it essential to business growth. But what really catapults it above other terminals is its great software, which has the ability to power many useful apps that can help with everything from inventory management to employee scheduling.

Clover Flex – The Flexible Payment Processing Terminal for every Business

The Clover Flex is a highly-efficient full-featured point-of-sale (POS) system that is as dynamic as your business. Its versatility is what sets it apart from the rest – whether you are looking to move a lineup quickly, carry out business on the road, or need a payment processing system stationed at a counter – this device does it all!

This portable device has all the latest technologies embedded in it, so that you can focus on the things that matter most to your business. It’s a device that allows you to be more flexible.


Let’s Speed up those Lines!

Customers won’t waste their time standing in line for your products and services. Because, Clover Flex allows you to accept more payment types with credit and debit, including EMV Chip and PIN, contactless, and swipe, as well as Mobile Wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, you will be able to speed up you lines and improve customer satisfaction in no time. And you can speed things up even more by taking orders directly from your customers while they are waiting in line, so that they can quickly pick up their orders at the counter and get on with their day.

It’s easy to tend to your long line with Clover Flex’s long-lasting charge. You can power through a full day of business without having to run back to the counter to plug back in.

Having the capability to be proactive with your customers while they are waiting in line will allow you to vastly improve your customers’ in-store satisfaction at a key moment during their purchase experience. Every customer touchpoint counts!



Bring payment processing directly to your customers – no matter what business you are in!

In business, efficiency is everything. For restaurants, reducing the number of necessary trips taken by wait staff to complete a payment transaction, ensuring payment processing terminals are always readily available to all of your wait staff, and speedily settling up a guest’s bill, will certainly make your store operations more efficient and improve customer experience.

If you own a salon, allowing your customers to complete their payment transactions before getting out of their chairs will help reduce cashier payment lineups and save everyone time at checkout. The versatile nature of the Clover Flex solution allows you to accept the most popular forms of payment at the most diverse businesses you can imagine operating. Whether at a salon, pop-up shop, or rooftop patio, payment processing has never been easier.

Serve your customers better with a super-efficient POS terminal that has the ability to accept more payment types with tips, along with a built-in receipt printer and barcode scanner.


Off-site Sales

We live in an exceedingly mobile world. Business now happens everywhere. It’s imperative that your payment processing terminal keeps pace and provides you with the ability to meet your customers wherever they are. Clover flex can help you bring a full-featured POS directly to them. And it works on both WiFi and LTE networks, so you can provide a great customer experience by ensuring payments can be accepted at all times.

Clover Flex allows merchants of all types to accept payments off-site: from plumbers doing emergency house calls, to restaurants offering food delivery, to travelling salespeople who are always on the road, and more. If you are an independent quick-serve restaurant, just imagine expanding your business with a food truck or two. Or if you operate an independent bricks-and-mortar collectables store during the week, imagine increasing your sales by making your products and services available during the weekends at a popular flea market. The Clover Flex’s long-lasting charge keeps you powered for business for an entire day, so there is no need to constantly search for a power outlet.

Whether at the register, at busy lines, at a table, or off-site, the Clover Flex is constantly finding new ways to support your business and help it grow. Not bad for such a small, portable device.


Built to Move with you
WiFi and LTE-ready, it fits in the palm of your hand; great for off-site business transactions and line busting.


More Ways to Accept Payments
Accept EMV Chip and PIN, credit, debit, mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and cash.


Grow your Business
Monitor sales and profit trends, manage employee permissions and shifts, and so much more. You can have a full POS at your fingertips with the same compact device that takes your payments.


Real-Time Reports
Review your end-of-day sales or entire sales history, and see which employees and products are your lowest and top performers. All with Clover dashboard.


Remain Connected
Ensure you system is always connected with Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular LTE capabilities.


Display your logo, website, menu, or custom message on your screen or terminal receipt.


Keep your Customers Coming Back
Build a customer database and utilize it to interact with them by sending targeted promotions to increase loyalty and repeat business.


Product Features

    • Bright 5” high-definition touch-screen display
    • Speedy Quad-Core A7 Processor
    • 1GB of RAM
    • 2100mAh Lithium-Ion battery with up to 8 hours of use for average small- to mid-sized business


Detailed Specifications

Display 5-Inch HD
Touchscreen Yes
Battery Life up to 8 Hours
Battery Type 2100 mAh Lithium-Ion
CPU A7 Quad-Core Processor
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, LTE-Ready
Contactless Payments Yes
Barcode Scanner Yes



Fast, Secure, Reliable Payments

Accept the most popular forms of payments, including: Visa Mastercard, Interac, American Express, UnionPay, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, with the ability to take swipe, EMV Chip and PIN, contactless, and cash capabilities. With full encryption on a PCI-certified system and the proprietary Clover Security, you and your customers can feel comfortable knowing that every single transaction is protected.

Durable, Functional, Convenient

The Clover is a super-portable device that is well-suited for virtually any type of business. This all-in-one system allows you to replace your cash register, terminal, and bulky printer with a single sleek device. The Clover Flex provides you with the ultimate flexibility; it doubles as your super-portable handheld and your POS/register.

Total Control

Monitor your business from virtually anywhere, utilizing the cloud-based Clover Dashboard. Conveniently track your sales, refunds, and hottest-selling items from your computer or mobile device. Determine who your least- and best-performing salespeople or wait staff are, and use that information to improve employee and overall company performance.

Increase Loyalty

Create an effective loyalty program within minutes for free.

Create Gift Cards

Get new customers and keep existing ones by creating and accepting custom-branded gift cards.

24/7 Support

Feel completely at ease knowing that we have your back every step of the way.

Built-In Receipt Printer

Get rid of your bulky printer and start printing receipts right from your compact, portable device.

Electronic and Text Message Receipts

Stores receipts electronically, no more storing paper receipts. Plus send your customers electronic receipts via text message and email, keep track of their purchase history, and capture their valuable contact information to let them know about future promotions to keep them coming back!

Barcode Scanner

Built into the device itself, you can use the barcode scanner to keep track of your inventory or pull up an item by simply scanning a barcode and importing the data into the POS.

Wireless with Long Battery Life

Wireless capability with long-lasting charge, powering you through a full day of business, approximately 8 hours of usage for the average small- to mid-sized business.

User-Friendly Interface

Get your staff trained in no time and start accepting payments.

Stay Connected

Ensure you can take orders by always being connected with Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular LTE (separate service plan) capabilities.

Custom Configurations

Showcase your logo or website on the display, or custom message on your receipt.

  • Restaurants (including quick-serve, fast-casual, and full-serve), Cafes, and Food Trucks
  • Retail
  • Services and Repair Businesses
  • Salons
  • Warehouses
  • Travelling and Off-Site Sales
  • Checkout Counters


Completely customizable: set up your Clover POS system the way you like it with just the right mix of expertly engineered devices that complement each other – Flex, Station, Mini, and Go – and a series of highly-effective apps.

Restaurants (including quick-serve, fast-casual, and full-serve), Cafes, and Food Trucks

    • Accept every type of payment, including: credit, debit, NFC and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and gift cards
    • Access a highly-effective hospitality and restaurant POS right in the palm of your hands
    • Take orders and payments in seconds, and immediately send tickets straight to the kitchen – whether in-house, takeout, or delivery
    • Receive orders right at the table and fire tickets to the kitchen right away so that your guests get their food faster
    • Send orders to back-of-house (BOH) in multiple languages to keep the kitchen moving
    • Get ultimate versatility and the best of all worlds – efficient, intuitive, and powerful
    • Increase the accuracy of your orders
    • Link orders directly to your customers
    • Add notes and special customer requests, such as “extra cheese”
    • Create a custom floor plan that mirrors your business’ unique layout
    • Always be aware of open tables to seat your guests faster
    • Easy system to learn for both new and seasoned employees
    • Setup pre-set tip and automated tax amounts
    • Split the bill amongst the parties at a table – by guest, menu item, or custom amount
    • Accept payments even if your WiFi goes down, with additional Ethernet and cellular LTE (separate service plan) connectivity capabilities
    • Offer and accept your own branded digital or physical gift cards that your customers can redeem right on their smartphones
    • Connect with your customers to get timely and direct feedback and engage with them in real-time to address issues before they make it to social media
    • Offer promotions and discounts by daypart or time
    • Set employee permissions by device and track individual sales and tips
    • Schedule shifts, manage payroll, and share tips among servers and bar staff
    • 24/7 access to data – run end-of-day reports to track sales and other stats in real-time



    • Optimize your entire inventory and avoid stockout situations by keeping track of your inventory with real-time updates and low stock alerts
    • Run promotions to encourage customers to come back
    • Create SKUs and variations such as “blue” and “size small”
    • Instantly add to and update your inventory using the built-in barcode scanner
    • Accept every kind of payment, including: credit, debit, NFC and mobile payments (such as Apple Pay and Google Pay), as well as gift cards
    • Process returns quickly, even for orders with several payments. You can also offer store credit
    • Display transaction totals during checkout to your customers by adding a display printer
    • Oversee and train your staff – see who sells more and reward your top performers, setup login permissions, and schedule employee shifts
    • Offer a robust rewards program and increase loyalty and repeat business by offering special deals that only unlock with multiple visits
    • Send targeted promotions to your customers via text and email, or include them at the bottom of your printed or digital receipts
    • Offer and accept digital or physical gift cards with Clover Gift Cards, and boost your revenue
    • Get timely feedback directly from your customers so you can improve your business
  • Services and Repair Businesses

    • Accept all forms of payment, including: credit, debit, NFC and mobile payments – such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as gift cards
    • Take payments at your place of service, whether you carry out your service at a physical business location or right where your clients’ are, off-site
    • Plug right in and integrate your sales data with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks
    • Access Clover dashboard to track your revenue in real time and manage your business from the cloud right from your mobile device
    • Link your tax rates to each of your services to automatically apply the correct tax rate for the given service during the payment transaction process
    • Continue to take payments even without WiFi, with Ethernet and cellular LTE (separate service plan); you can even accept payments in offline mode and then process them as soon as you get back online
    • Send targeted special offers to your new and existing clients via text or email, and display promotions on your printed or digital receipts
    • Receive feedback from your clients right away and improve your business
    • Offer and accept digital or physical gift cards to increase your business
    • Track service orders and reward your top people
    • Schedule employee shifts