E-Commerce Solutions

MONEXgroup processes hundreds of thousands of payments every day for Canadian merchants and our suite of integrated online payment products with E-Commerce Solutions that can help you turn browsers into buyers of your products and services. Turn your website into a marketplace that is open 24/7!

Process Online Payments from anyone, anywhere

Online payment processing through E-Commerce allows merchants to process hundreds of thousands of payments anytime, anywhere. Merchants who wish to add an online revenue stream by adding e-commerce payments via their websites are offered with a selection between: 1) an integrated Online Payment Gateway with an existing shopping cart application; or 2) a “Hosted” Buy Now button solution which handles secure processing off-site.

Featuring the latest security technology including tokenization, SSL encryption and PCI compliance, merchants can select their preferable online payment method for their daily online payment processing needs.

Online Payment Gateway Solution

A fully customizable payment gateway for sophisticated or basic shopping cart integration, the Online Payment Gateway enables secure online payment processing directly on the merchant’s website. The Online Payment Gateway facilitates enhanced shopping cart functionality, offering billing and customer support features.

Hosted Checkout Solution

A simple integration for any website regardless of the back-end, the E-Commerce Hosted Checkout Solution allows merchants to accept online payments by effectively outsourcing the secure processing of transactions off-site. Through Hosted Checkout Solutions, merchants can save time and money by adding a highly secured and PCI Compliant plug-and-play checkout into their hosted payment pages with a customizable checkout. Cardholder data never touches your site and is not stored on your server.

Advantages of Online Payment Gateway Solution:

  • Accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover Network® and Gift Cards
  • A PCI Compliant, secure and reliable solution for protecting cardholder information
  • Easy implementation options with cost-effectiveness, speed and flexibility
  • Availability of support services to help you manage your payments
  • Provides a seamless and secured integration to the e-commerce website’s shopping cart and product catalog
  • Stores customer data securely and supports convenient repeat purchases
  • Ensures Cardholder validation through CVD (Card Verification Data)
  • Offers multiple payment processing options with batch processing, supports high volume card-not-present transactions
  • Develops individual cardholder records storing information such as frequency of purchases, amounts and contact information
  • Allows the user to authorize and settle all credit card payments from one dashboard
  • Accessible reporting features for quick viewing of authorized transactions
  • Manages recurring payments or one-time payments quickly and efficiently
  • Generates E-Receipts and communicates them with customers, sends alerts over their payment and delivery cycle
  • Advanced multi-layer security and risk management tools protect your business and cardholder data
  • End-to-end network connectivity eliminates third-party gateway costs
  • Receive instant notification of sales; transaction details can be exported to your customer database to easily track inventory, order status, and sales trends
  • Seamless software upgrades ensure your business is always compliant with ever-changing industry security standards and regulations
  • Advanced encryption technology and fraud detection software safeguard sensitive data
  • Supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SureCode plugins, providing protection from chargebacks
  • Can be configured to limit the information that system users are able to view and access

Advantages of Hosted Checkout Solution:

  • Accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover Network® and Gift Cards
  • Easily integrated and reliable checkout solution for quick online payment processing
  • PCI Compliant and secure add-on which is incorporated to any webpage which requires a hosted payment checkout solution
  • Accepts Visa®, MasterCard® and Interac Debit
  • Validates cardholder information by verifying customer ID through MasterCard SecureCode® and Visa PCI Compliant Standards
  • Provides reporting of the authorized processing transactions with amount spent and items purchased online
  • Improves the online shopping experience with simple and speedy processing at checkout
  • Stores Cardholder information and processes data externally through a secure hosted checkout solution with SSL encryption
  • Offers growth opportunities and customizable payment processing features
  • Provides online shopping websites with additional protection layer by leveraging a proven secure and reliable hosted checkout solution
  • Cardholder data never touches your site and is not stored on your server
  • Easily incorporates PayPal as a payment stream option


Integrates quickly and easily into your website offering a high level of security with PCI compliance.


Email customers their receipts instead of producing a hard copy.


Save money and time with flexible E-Commerce integration options.

OPEN 24/7!

Leverage the eMarketplace that is Open 24/7 and add a revenue stream from a global market.

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  • Mail order / telephone order
  • Retailers expanding to E-tail
  • Professional Services