The iCT220 is a powerful all-in-one terminal for swift, efficient and secure payment processing. With a bright backlit keypad and well-defined screen, the iCT220 terminal can be transferred with confidence to the customer for Debit and Credit Card transactions featuring EMV secure technology.

The iCT220 found on this page is no longer available. Please take a look at our other terminals for leading edge alternatives. 


All-in-One Secure Payment Processing Solution

iCT220 offers sophisticated processing functionality within a compact standalone Countertop Terminal system supporting a full-range of customer preferred payment methods. The system provides an accessible and user-friendly payment processing solution for merchants requiring an economical POS terminal that is practical, stylish, lightweight and versatile.

The iCT220 provides merchants with a simple-to-operate standalone terminal for secure processing of a complete range of electronic card payments. All iCT220 functions – from payment processing, receipt printing and payment reporting – operate reliably independent of a cash register or POS system. The robust terminal meets the daily business needs of small or large businesses alike with secure and efficient payment processing.

Advantages of the iCT220:

  • EMV Level 1, Level 2 and PCI PED certified (2.0) providing the latest security standards and peace of mind for both the consumer the merchant
  • Processes fast, secure electronic payments and delivers the highest speed of service
  • Provides options to accept all forms of payment including magnetic stripe, EMV, contactless and mobile NFC
  • Fully bilingual – English & French
  • Built-in suite of payment technologies for an advanced device that is field-upgradeable for updating to the latest software
  • Expandable system with the iPP230 secure PIN Pad
  • Multiple connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Serial
  • High speed processing, outstanding performance and accuracy
  • The cutting-edge countertop terminal combines innovation and performance – ensuring a faster, more convenient and more reliable transaction every time
    Compact and ergonomic design enables effortless operation
  • Clear backlit graphic display with high contrast white screen maximizes readability
  • Intuitively designed backlit keyboard utilizes large keys for optimal data entry accuracy
  • Equipped with a range of communication technologies, iCT220 provides anytime, anywhere connectivity
  • Scalable platform that is expandable to grow along with business needs




This terminal is both high speed and fully bilingual.


Provides a bright backlit keypad and a crisp well-defined screen to ensure visibility.


Supports the latest international standards for security, ensuring all information and data remains safe.


The unique add-on design of the iPP320 gives merchants the ability to build upon their system.

  • Retail
  • Fast-Food
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery
  • Medical Office
  • Beauty Salon