Integrated POS Solutions

MONEXgroup’s semi-integrated and integrated payment solutions deliver secure connectivity plus efficiencies. Our Integrated POS Solutions and Cash Register integrations deliver a seamless payment experience and greater visibility into finances, allowing you to identify trends and make strategic decisions that will benefit your business.

Save Time and Eliminate Errors with an Integrated Payment Solution

MONEXgroup supports hundreds of payment solutions and software providers in order to integrate payment processing into your existing POS solution, regardless of the industry you operate in.

MONEXgroup’s Integrated / Semi-Integrated payment processing solutions are facilitated via an EMV & PCI compliant terminal communicating with an approved third party POS System. The ECRi (Electronic Cash Register Interface) integration allows merchants to securely process Debit and Credit card transactions at a consistently rapid speed with absolute accuracy. Integrated Payment Solutions provide the business owner with greater visibility into finances, inventory and operations management.

ECRi for Integrated Payment Solutions

Electronic Cash Register Interface (ECRi) is an EMV certified payment processing software which connects a Countertop terminal to a Point-of-Sale system’s electronic payment application. ECRi integrates the payment terminal communication with the POS system to create a cost-effective, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, efficient and reliable Integrated Payment Processing Solution.

ECRi Partners

MONEXgroup’s certified ECRi partnerships with industry leading POS developers for integrated payment processing provide turnkey solutions to support operational efficiencies. Systems are developed with certified compliances to ensure that the PIN Pad communicates per the defined standard with the POS System.

POS System with EMC Certification

Full Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certification is required to develop a POS System by accredited developers who are specialized in designing, implementing and installing system applications. Due to the high cost and time required in implementing a POS System, point-of-sale vendors in Canada have partnered with MONEXgroup to provide merchants with a new point-of-sale middleware for seamless POS system integrations with EMC Certifications.

Advantages of Integrated Payment Solutions:

  • Processes secure payments without transferring sensitive cardholder information to the Countertop POS system through the ECRi-enabled Integrated Payment Solutions.
  • The POS system integration is certified compliant with industry leading POS providers.
  • Offers superior operational visibility and data management opportunities on each processed transaction.
  • Increases operational and financial efficiencies by connecting the payment processing terminal with the POS System through ECRi for a fully or semi-integrated payment solution.
  • Provides a seamless transfer of payment data into the operational system through effective software integration with industry-leading POS solutions.
  • The built-in Integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) system eliminates errors associated with duplicate transaction entry at the payment terminal and POS system.
  • An approved PCI Compliant secure system, ECRi is a certified safe platform for Integrated Payment Solutions.
  • Authorized transactions can be processed smoothly from the payment terminal to the POS Systems… and all the way to the bank.
  • Compatible with short-range pay-at-table applications for wireless POS terminals at restaurants.
  • A complete POS System developed with full Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certification.
  • A Compatible and POS Compliant Integrated payment Solution with almost any Integrated Retail Management (IRM) software.
  • Sales tracking and reporting functionalities which allow the merchant to control their resource allocation, stock, labour cost and other costs.

Approved POS Systems for Integration:

The ECRi certified system utilizes highly reliable communication software built by approved POS system developers for industry specific needs. Provided with numerous integration options with over 300 certified vendors available, you can select directly from some of the following leading technology partners:

  1. Middleware Providers:
    1. Datacap: an EMV approved secured and reliable integrated payment solution offered with different POS systems including PC-based and non PC-based terminals.
    2. Tender Retail: an innovative payment solution integrated seamlessly into any infrastructure with EMV compliance and end-to-end encryption.
    3. Shift 4: an independent card-present gateway known for being the industry-leading, PCI compliant and the pioneer of tokenization for speed, security and innovation.
  2. Restaurant & Hospitality Partners:
    1. Micros: a full system provider and a global leader in the restaurant industry, offering POS software and hosted enterprise operations for large and complex environments.
    2. Silverware: a leading-edge POS system provider of hospitality integrated POS solutions offering the most advanced and scalable technology with high security and outstanding functionalities.
    3. Posera Maitre’D: a restaurant management system developer offering POS solutions to streamline operations with the sate-of-the-art technologies for greater visibility.
  3. Retail Partners:
    1. BreakPoint: extraordinary retail management software designed for the progressive, high speed environments with capabilities to increase customer loyalty in stores.
    2. Logivision: a retail focused POS software, developed with high-tech functionality to deliver speed, ease-of-use, secure and convenient POS payment system integration.



Our integrated and semi-integrated solutions provide greater visibility into your finances and inventory.


Reduce duplicate records and data entry mistakes while connecting accounting and inventory to identify consumer trends.


ECRi enables the cash register to communicate directly with a standalone point-of-sale terminal – often at twice the speeds as a regular processor.


Since MONEXgroup certifies and maintains the compliance of the payment application – no additional PCI certification is required from the merchant.

  • Grocery
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Unattended/kiosk
  • Ecommerce
  • Mail order / telephone order
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