The iWL220 is a compact, easy to use and portable wireless payment terminal. It provides excellent payment accessibility for both cardholders and merchants alike, anywhere in store or within close proximity to the location. It is the ideal solution for “Pay-at-Table” applications and features “Tap-and-Go” convenience.

Serve Pay-at-Table Convenience with Bluetooth Connectivity

The iWL220 is the perfect solution for restaurants and retailers who require payment processing portability. This popular “Pay-at-Table” device boasts a Bluetooth wireless range up to 200 feet from the base. Additionally, the high-speed terminal features a 30 line-per-second thermal printer and a high-contrast LCD display which allow you to process payments efficiently.

iWL220 accommodates a wide range of payment options including Chip and PIN, contactless and magnetic stripe. As an industry-leading solution for secure transactions, this wireless solution is designed to meet state-of-the-art security standards such as EMV and PCI.

Advantages of the iWL220:

  • Easy to use and install, allowing you to get-up-and-running quickly
  • Portability with Bluetooth wireless communication (up to 200 ft range) ideal for Pay-at-Table processing
  • Supports multiple transaction types: Chip-and-PIN, signature-based Debit and Credit transactions with magnetic stripe, and Contactless cards (Tap & Go)
  • Flexibility for merchants to choose their own end-of-day reporting options to suit their business needs
  • Merchant Transaction Code can identify the waiter ID / table ID
  • Allows for entry of Gratuities of either a fixed amount or percentage of the invoice
  • Up to 3 terminals are capable of wirelessly processing with 1 base unit
  • Audit functions available with end-of-shift and end-of-day reporting for management review
  • Personalized messaging can be printed on receipts for promotion purposes
  • High contrast backlit LCD display allows for clear vision
  • Approved EMV and PCI compliance
  • Bluetooth wireless communication reduces lengthy lineups at the checkout
  • IP connectivity for fast transactions plus Dial Back-up

iWL220 shortens queue time and reduces back-and-forth inefficiencies resulting in better checkout services plus higher table turnover. With the iWL220, merchants can provide a wider choice of payment types including Contactless NFC, Credit, Debit, Gift & Loyalty Cards. It Integrates seamlessly with the store’s POS solution (particularly in restaurants) and accurately identifies the table with the correct client balance to process card payments. The Pay-at-Table Wireless POS functionality allows the customers to monitor their payment processing at checkout rather than having the insecure feeling of having their card being taken away.



Processes and prints on-premise wireless payments (up to 200 ft away from base).


Reduce back-and-forth inefficiencies, maximize table turnover and customer experience.


Lithium-ion battery supports a full day of processing.


Allows receipts to be printed on the spot.


Supports the latest international standards for security, ensuring all information and data remains safe.

  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Non-counter customer-present environment