Mobile Checkout Plus

Mobile Checkout Plus is perfect for businesses on the move to accept Debit & Credit cards with minimal hardware and overhead cost! Grow your existing business by offering real-time payment processing services via Smartphone or Tablet. Simply connect the miniature PIN Pad via Bluetooth to offer your customers unparalleled convenience.

Accept Debit & Credit Card Payments on your Smartphone or Tablet

For merchants on-the-go, you can turn your Smartphone device or Tablet into a secure mobile point of sale solution with the new Mobile Checkout Plus for fast acceptance of Debit / Credit card payments. This next generation mobile device supported POS solution provides an enhanced level of efficiency and security that allows merchants to travel light and accept payments anywhere. Simply connect via Bluetooth to virtually any iOS, Android or Windows smart device and accept Debit / Credit card payments with ease, wherever your business takes you.

Mobile Checkout Plus provides the highest level of transaction security with point-to-point encryption for your processing utilizing a miniature PIN Pad that communicates to your phone or tablet wirelessly. When your customers’ cards are swiped, or inserted (EMV chip cards), you can both have the peace of mind that their sensitive data is not stored on your mobile device. Process the sale in real time – right then and there – reducing your risk of nonpayment or data loss. The result is a safe and smooth transaction that provides merchants and customers alike with a high level of satisfaction.

All you need to set up Mobile Checkout Plus is Bluetooth enabled compatible mobile device, a merchant account and the supported PIN Pad. The Mobile Checkout application can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and supports advanced functionalities including E-mail / text receipts, calculation of Gratuities, and an image-based product catalogue with pricing. You can also search for specific transactions, view reports, process voids/refunds and track your merchant account – all from your smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of Mobile Checkout Plus:

  • Miniature PIN Pad connects via Bluetooth to virtually any iOS, Android, or Windows smart device.
  • Accept all payment methods: EMV, Chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC contactless enabled Debit or Credit cards.
  • Brand your services to enhance your customer’s experience.
  • Accept payments outdoors and on-the-go with fast checkout; never miss an opportunity to close a sale!
  • Create an image-based product catalogue to categorize products and price them accordingly.*
  • Easily select the right product / service every time by using the image-based catalogue.
  • A secure credit card processing solution with supported encryption technology adds a layer of cardholder information verification.
  • Send digital receipts to customers via email or SMS.
  • Complete account visibility via a merchant control panel for viewing your Business Account, Statements, Funding, Settlement Reports.
  • Add Tips to sales made with a selection of flat amount ($) or a percentage (%) of sales.*
  • Auto calculation of applicable Tax amount.
  • Look-up feature to search for a transaction.
  • Supports running a special promotion on select products with pre-order discount functionality.*
  • Process and record all transaction types including voids and refunds.
  • Intuitive App – the touch screen captures signatures to authorize payments quickly & easily.

*This feature only available for iOS.


The miniature PIN Pad connects via Bluetooth to virtually any iOS, Android or Windows smart device. Perfect for mobile businesses!


Now you can accept all payment methods: EMV, Chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC contactless enabled Debit or Credit cards.


The highly secure, hosted environment offers quick upgrades. No worrying about security – enjoy fast, protected transactions.


The Mobile Checkout Plus solution accommodates an unlimited number of compatible mobile devices.

  • Delivery
  • Taxi
  • Kiosks
  • Food trucks
  • Fashion Boutiques
  • Masseuse
  • Any Mobile Business