Unattended Solutions

Ultra CW

Introducing the future of Car Wash payments – Tap & Wash! Counting coins is now a relic of the past as MONEXgroup’s exclusive Ultra CW Contactless Only terminal is fully PCI certified to accept Tap Only payments via Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interac Flash, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. Unlike traditional insert or swipe solutions, Ultra CW has no unsealed components and thus prevents any water damage.

Contactless Car Wash Payment System

Revolutionizing the traditional “coin car wash”, MONEXgroup is eliminating the need for coin and ushering in the future with Tap & Wash! Ultra CW’s robust waterproof design makes it the ideal solution for unattended contactless payments at self-serve car wash stations. Car wash customers can now enjoy the speed and convenience of Tap transactions using their contactless credit card / debit card / mobile device as the Ultra CW system supports Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interac Flash, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay.

Canada’s First Fully Certified Contactless Only Solution

The Ultra CW Contactless Payment Solution is one-of-a-kind in Canada, as only MONEXgroup is able to offer a fully PCI certified Tap Only payment terminal. A key requirement of the car wash application is for the technology to be 100% waterproof – even against a high pressure water jet. Alternative swipe and insert technologies would not suffice as they have unsealed components that are susceptible to water damage.

Advantages for Car Wash Customers

Drivers no longer need to worry about finding the right change in order to get their vehicle sparkling clean. Customers simply tap their debit / credit card / smart phone… and wash away! The result is a vastly improved customer experience and satisfaction level. There is less wait time in the queue as contactless payments are fast. Reloading is also more efficient with the contactless payment interface, should customers require more time. Transactions are processed within seconds.

  • No Pin required.
  • No swipe or insert necessary.
  • No coins or bills.
  • No more need to worry about Key Injection and MAC’ing.

Advantages for Car Wash Operators

Tap & Wash enables self-serve car wash operators to lower their operational costs and dramatically reduce maintenance costs while improving transaction volume plus profitability. No more counting coin, rolling coin, or making manual deposits. Opportunity for theft is minimized without the hassles of handling coin and refilling the bill changer. Additionally, the Contactless Only system does not require key injection (found in traditional debit card payment systems), thus reducing maintenance costs even further.

Upon introducing Tap & Wash, car wash operators can expect improved transaction volume with satisfied customers returning more frequently. Additionally, the ease of tap payments results in a higher average spend per visit. Terminals are connected via WiFi and operators can monitor transactions through a web-based portal provided by MONEXgroup.

Features of Ultra CW:

  • Unattended contactless payments in wet and humid conditions
  • Eliminates the burden of paper & coin, alleviating the associated labour and risk of theft
  • Improved customer experience – simply Tap & Wash!
  • Fully PCI certified payment solution
  • Rugged weatherproof design, even against a high pressure water jet
  • Supports Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interac Flash, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay
  • No key injection or MAC’ing requirement
  • No PIN / swipe / insert
  • Dramatically lower maintenance costs
  • Tap payments improve efficiency of the queue
  • Faster reload and higher average spend per visit
  • Two buttons for adjusting the spend and corresponding wash time
  • WiFi connected for remote access and online reporting via an easy-to-navigate Dashboard portal

Tap, wash & go! Ultra CW provides fast and secure contactless payment options for integration with virtually any car wash system.

No More Coin!

Eliminate coin collection and related accounting inefficiencies. Receive real-time transactions reporting via a web-based dashboard..


Fully waterproof enclosure so no water or dirt infiltration is possible, even from a high pressure water jet.

Boost Transaction Volume

Improve speed of service and productivity. Customers will keep coming back given the efficiency and will enjoy the ease of use.

Low Maintenance Costs

No key injection requirement, and minimized repair expenses with no moving parts.

  • Car wash
  • Unattended outdoor payment kiosk