Business Owner
Cato’s Auto Salon Inc.

Established in 1988, Cato’s Auto Salon Inc. is a luxury automotive retail service company located in Toronto‘s posh Yorkville area. Cato’s Auto Salon specializes in providing high-end auto retail services including delicate car washing with interior shampoo and complete detailing.

With the mission of providing a high quality auto detailing and exceptional customer service in the Auto Salon market, Cato’s Auto Salon has partnered with MONEXgroup POS Solutions and Merchant Services since 2005.

Cato’s Auto Salon

By looking at Cato’s high-end business model and emphasis on providing an effortless customer experience, MONEXgroup was able to offer a personalized service meeting the respected business needs.

MONEXgroup has successfully maintained a long term relationship with the business owner by providing a “transparent, cost-effective, reliable and prompt customer service for the past decade!

By identifying Cato’s Auto Salon Inc. scope of operations, MONEXgroup tailored its POS Solutions by offering the VX810Duet – Countertop with Contactless POS Solution for its speed of service, flexibility, security and reliability. 

In addition, MONEXgroup has offered great savings, continuous technical support worry-free next day deposits and an exceptional customer service for the entire period of partnership.

“The transition to MONEXgroup was seamless; they took care of my payment processing and all of my finances with next day deposits… I chose MONEXgroup because of the savings; it accounts for hundreds of Dollars in monthly savings and their tech support is fantastic.”