Project Manager
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

A homegrown success story, the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery is truly an inspiration to Canadian business owners as they’ve built a unique business by marching to their own drum. The craft brewery was a pioneer in the Canadian beer market, being one of the first micro breweries to gain success in a market traditionally dominated by the more conservative big players. After being in business for 12 years, they’re now expanding operations internationally and getting recognized for their quirky brand and creative ales.

Located by the beautiful waterfront in downtown Barrie, Flying Monkeys brews all 7 of its core craft beers on site and ships throughout Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, the brewery is a wonderful destination to visit with its vibrant Tap Room where you can enjoy a pint, plus they offer daily tours of their facilities.

Flying Monkeys made the switch to MONEXgroup in 2015, and they’ve been pleased with the results as their experience with us has been phenomenal. Their satisfaction is largely due to the superior customer service exhibited by our dedicated Sales Representative who is attentive, reliable and always friendly. Flying Monkeys is a company that places great value on customer service as they believe that by providing excellent customer service, a company is able to retain their customers and generate new business via referral. MONEXgroup’s vision aligns with Flying Monkeys’ philosophy so it is not a surprise that our partnership has been seamless.

The brewery utilizes two types of terminals, Countertop and one Wireless. The Countertop comes in handy for B2B transactions as office staff can take phone orders and punch in the transaction amount into the terminal. The Wireless is an ideal solution in the Tap Room where customers can enjoy bar snacks while sipping beers and pay at their convenience.

Being a renowned and high profile craft brewery, Flying Monkeys was approached with offers from several POS competitors and in the end chose MONEXgroup. So what made MONEXgroup stand out? Two of the many features that distinguished us from our competitors were the Next-Day Deposits and competitive rates. Flying Monkeys has daily expenses to pay and expenditures that need to be prioritized, so having the cash funding there the next day is essential. Furthermore, being able is save on transaction costs is critically important for any business, so MONEXgroup was pleased to assist them with this critical aspect as well.

Flying Monkeys’ business is soaring! They are continually growing and looking to build an infrastructure for E-Commerce in the near future utilizing MONEXgroup’s trusted online payment solutions. We look forward to growing with Flying Monkeys as they take their business to the next level.

We look forward to working with MONEXgroup and we will continue to refer them to business associates and friends!”