Owner & Captain
Izzi Charters

Based in Port Credit Mississauga, Izzi Charters runs Lake Ontario fishing adventures from the months of April to October. Izzi offers a “fish guarantee” – if the group does not catch any fish, they get another tour for free! The charter boat is fully equipped with state-of-the-art safety and fishing gear, plus guests from all over Canada are welcomed and trained by the friendly crew.

Izzi Charters

Izzi Charters’ captain and owner, Ernie Izzi, chose to partner with MONEXgroup Merchant Services and POS Solutions for his seasonal type of business. The introduction to MONEXgroup was conducted with a clear understanding of the event panning nature of Izzi Charters’ line of business. The dedicated sales representative from MONEXgroup was able to address Izzi Charters’ statements and provided the business with a reliable payment solution to accept payments from remote clientele. The owner required an e-Commerce type of solution for accessing their merchant platform online while managing their customers’ information and payments from a boat.

Easy, Fast and Highly Secure”: the MONEXgroup Virtual Terminal was the right solution for Izzi Charters’ seasonal business. With Virtual Terminal, Izzi Charters can plan for their trips and obtain clients’ credit card information via phone or web. With this stress-free online solution, Ernie does not need to store their client’s cardholder information or even require the card in-hand.

The Virtual Terminal has further allowed Izzi Charters to book their trips and effectively communicate with their clients at the point of checkout by sending invoices via the e-Receipt/SMS feature. The owner is also able to utilize the portal to generate a report which summarizes the history of transactions processed by Izzi Charters. During the off-season, Izzi Charters can simply put the Virtual Terminal on hold and not incur any charges.

This creative online solution package has provided Izzi Charters with an effective payment processing tool for running its business. Benefits include: Simple Browser-based interface, Next Day Deposits and 24/7/365 Customer Support. Therefore, the owner can enjoy the continuity, connectivity and flexibility of merchant services with MONEXgroup.  The advanced functionality of Virtual Terminal has enabled the owner to view and record all their transactions from one portal, call for assistance anytime and guarantee their trips charges are 100% accurate without holds or any unnecessary delay in depositing the revenue generated to their bank account.

“Virtual Terminal with MONEXgroup for me was the best thing for my business, because I don’t need the actual card, right in my hand. With Virtual Terminal, I put in the numbers, and next business day it’s in my account. Very simple & fast.”