Business Owner
Kennedy Hi-Fi

Offering booming sound systems in the booming high-tech city of Markham, Ontario, Kennedy Hi-Fi is a high-end home audio video retailer with over 33 years of experience.  Kennedy Hi-Fi provides full audio automation services with custom home theater and stereo equipment tailored to every living space with the latest technologies and personalized customer service.

Kennedy Hi-Fi

MONEXgroup Payment Processing Solutions was introduced to Kennedy Hi-Fi in 2014 as a superior merchant service provider that was able to meet the service expectations and the needs of the business where the previous provider fell short.

According to Kennedy Hi-Fi’s owner, “It is important to deal with a company that is able to respond when needed”. The transition process to MONEXgroup was “very efficient, quick, and painless with zero downtime”.

In fact, MONEXgroup was able to address Kennedy’s business model, provided a detailed cost comparative analysis which revealed inefficiencies in the previous service, and offered a solution that would add long-term value plus attentive ongoing support. The Vx810 Duet Countertop Solution with the “Tap & Go” Contactless feature was selected for its speed of service, outstanding reliability and state-of-the-art security.

And as every MONEXgroup product comes standard with highly supportive service, the added value benefits of 24/7 technical support with next day deposits have led to recognizable efficiencies in Kennedy’s operations management. Furthermore, Kennedy Hi-Fi has realized substantial cost savings to complement the outstanding level of service for a measurable level of customer satisfaction for Kennedy Hi-Fi in delivering its high-end personalized services.

“The switch to MONEXgroup was a decision we should have made years ago…I recommend MONEXgroup because it was easy, efficient, it did what it supposed to do better than its competitors and at a competitive cost. The decision made based on the initial meeting allowed us to see how to maximize our financial potentials and the ability to contact individuals when needed.”