Owner / Manager
Mr. Escape

Escape rooms have emerged as a popular team-building activity and social experiences for friends, families and even for companies. Participants are stuck inside a confined, themed room with clues strategically presented to enable the “escape” of the participants together by solving the puzzle. Escape rooms provide a challenging, enjoyable and memorable experience with the adrenaline rush of battling the clock and thinking creatively as a team.

Mr. Escape is one of the premier escape rooms in the GTA. Located in Markham, Ontario, Mr. Escape promises to deliver the best real-life escape game experience for all their beloved customers! They boast some of the most diverse and elaborate themes, ranging from mystery, horror, adventure and movie-themed rooms.

Mr. Escape discovered MONEXgroup through our social media channel and was immediately attracted to the many different benefits we offer our customers, plus our personal touch.

The manager of Mr. Escape acknowledges the aggressive level of competition when it comes to payment processing providers, but what drew him most to MONEXgroup was the superior and top-tier Customer Service that distinguishes us from our competitors. One of the many offerings that impressed the manager of Mr. Escape is the 24-hour customer service hotline. Due to the nature of their business that most often operates past midnight, Mr. Escape requires service to be available at all hours for inquiries. They were pleasantly surprised when they were able to quickly get a hold of a service agent while most businesses were sleeping!

Moreover, Mr. Escape appreciates the fact that using MONEXgroup for merchant services entails having a reliable, knowledgeable, professional and dedicated Sales Manager that will personally visit the business and meet face-to-face to discuss any requirements that the company may have. We also present various options to assist with supporting their rapidly growing business.  Factor in our unbeatable and competitive rates, promotions, unparalleled technical support, reliable next business day deposits and personal relationship with the Sales Manager… and it’s no wonder why Mr. Escape plans to expand to more locations with MONEXgroup as a trusted partner. The owner also enjoys the clarity of their merchant statements which they receive on a monthly basis, and even if they do have questions about it, they can simply pick up the phone and call their Sales Manager to inquire.

Mr. Escape is looking forward to an exciting future in delivering more unique escape room experiences in other markets. With MONEXgroup by their side, they can rest assured knowing that their payment processing is in good hands. They are also happy to refer MONEXgroup to their friends and business associates.

“All we care about is the service. MONEXgroup has very high quality service, they have a 24/7 customer service hotline, their speed is very fast – the money goes into my bank the next day, and they have high security.