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The world’s first 24/7 fully automated pizzeria, PizzaForno, has just launched in Canada with MONEXgroup as their unattended payment processing solution partner.

To complete their news-breaking foodservice vending machine innovation, PizzaForno required a payment solution technology and partner that was equally as innovative, meeting several key criteria, including:

  • A payment solution that supports their unattended/staffless business model
  • A Contactless Only terminal for a frictionless customer experience
  • High durability of the payment device to support outdoor kiosk operation
  • Prompt technical support and excellent customer service to ensure no business interruption

With our vending cashless payment system, MONEXgroup was pleased to be able to fulfill all of PizzaForno’s requirements and enter into a partnership that is changing the foodservice and vending industries as we know it.

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PizzaForno’s revolutionary idea essentially starts with three different ways to deploy the concept in the marketplace, a beautifully wrapped self-contained shipping container, a kiosk version which is also free-standing, and an “ATM” style which slides into the front of a store. Each one of these versions invisibly houses the refrigerator and the pizza oven. The robotic system manages everything from inside the enclosure, taking customer-selected pizzas from the cold storage compartment and placing them into the hot range for baking. In less than 3 minutes, ready-to-eat pizza is served through the front slot of the machine. The customer can place an order via the user-friendly touch-screen, and complete their transaction with a simple tap of their payment card or mobile device against MONEXgroup’s proprietary contactless payment terminal, which is fully integrated with the pizza machine. Each machine can hold 72 pizzas, which remotely signal when it’s time to re-stock. The fresh, artisanal pizzas with all-natural ingredients are then made by hand and delivered to fill up the vending machine once again. Thus completing the cycle, and the unattended, completely staffless pizzeria, continues baking and selling pizzas over and over again.

The Contactless Only terminals, and the payment processing behind them, are provided by MONEXgroup and accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, smartphones, smartwatches, and associated digital pay platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This device clears away any confusion for the consumer when the time comes to make a payment because options to swipe or insert the card are non-existent, and instead replaced with a simple tap. This capability was of high importance to the team at PizzaForno, especially since there are no employees there to guide the process for the customer:

“The Monex system is great for us because it allows the consumer journey to be completely seamless,” says Les Tomlin, Co-Founder and President of PizzaForno.

The fully PCI Certified payment solution not only elevates the customer experience but drastically reduces the maintenance costs since pin pad and swiper repairs are eliminated. This technology also works well in extreme Canadian weather conditions, which is essential for any outdoor unattended business operation. PizzaForno has many outdoor locations, so it was naturally important that the payment solution is completely weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures at opposite ends of the spectrum, whether it’s -40 or +40 degrees; wind, rain, snow, or sunshine. MONEXgroup’s Contactless Only terminals are protected by its rugged casings and are virtually indestructible. Its high durability, along with MONEXgroup’s highly responsive support, have been key factors in PizzaForno’s smooth business operations.

“Working with MONEXgroup has been a real pleasure……the response rate has been pretty phenomenal. They’re also very reliable in terms of getting new units up and operating. We’re expecting to have 10,000 of these units across North America by 2024, so we couldn’t be happier with MONEXgroup as our payment solution partner,” Les Tomlin goes on to say.

As we continue to support their exciting expansion with all of their payment processing needs, we wish PizzaForno much success. After their exceptionally well-received launch, PizzaForno’s ambitious plans are most definitely on the right track. Way to go PizzaForno!

“Working with MONEXgroup has been a real pleasure. They’re also very reliable in terms of getting new units up and operating…..we couldn’t be happier with MONEXgroup as our payment solution partner.