General Manager
Carwash Product Supplier

Coming soon to a carwash near you – Tap & Wash! The first carwash installation of MONEXgroup’s unique and unrivalled Contactless Only Payments Solution was achieved in December 2016 at Oshawa Parkway and it is running seamlessly – even under the most adverse winter conditions. Many Canadian carwash stations from coast to coast will follow suit in adopting Tap & Wash in 2017. The fully PCI certified Tap Only payment system offered by MONEXgroup supports Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interac Flash and Apple Pay. This one-of-a-kind solution enables carwash operators to improve their operational efficiency, transaction volume plus profitability while dramatically lowering their maintenance costs. The system also offers carwash customers with a new level of speed and convenience… no more need for pesky coins!

Tap & Wash was specifically designed to meet the demands of the traditional “coin carwash”… where coins are in fact no longer necessary. MONEXgroup invested extensive research and engineering to develop and manufacture a Tap Only terminal that is ruggedized and waterproof to withstand the direct spray of a high pressure water jet, high moisture conditions, in addition to temperatures as cold as -20 degrees. The card payment system for the carwash industry absolutely needed to be Tap Only because of the wet environment in which alternative swipe and insert technologies would fail as they contain unsealed components which are inherently vulnerable to water damage.

MONEXgroup partnered with Mondo Products to deliver this state-of-the-art Contactless Only product to the carwash market, as Mondo specializes in the vehicle washing industry from chemical manufacturing, servicing and carwash equipment across Canada. The team at Mondo is thrilled with the results and recognizes the significant market opportunity. At the Oshawa Parkway carwash, customers have been quick to adopt the Tap & Wash option given its ease-of-use. For the location’s management, they welcome the automation of payments as they no longer need to deal with the burden of collecting coins, rolling coins, and making manual deposits. Additionally, the Contactless Only system does not require key injection (found in traditional debit card payment systems), thus reducing maintenance costs even further.

As much as drivers enjoy seeing their vehicles sparkling clean, they’ll appreciate the introduction of Tap & Wash removing the coin obstacle which previously deterred them from entering carwash bays. Carwash operators will also enjoy improved profitability from this technology… which is ready to clean-up the Canadian market.

“MONEXgroup has delivered a certified payment opportunity for the Canadian carwash industry that no other company has been able to introduce… it will revolutionize the way people are paying.