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Tap to Donate

Charities have always depended on the generosity of society to facilitate the operation of their programs. They traditionally set up their collection booths in malls, on street corners and other high traffic areas, anticipating that people will drop money into their collection boxes. But what happens when people are no longer carrying cash?

With all the rapidly evolving payment technology today in Canada including a movement toward contactless methods of payment via debit card, credit card, and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay… few Canadians have cash in their pockets nowadays. A growing number of potential donors therefore lack the ability to drop change in a collection box, even if they wanted to. Charities have felt the impact of society going cashless, and it has been detrimental to fundraising productivity given the absence of a means to accept more popular methods of payment.

Charities need to adapt if they want to reach their fundraising goals, and more importantly, keep their doors open. MONEXgroup now provides non-profit organizations with an answer to this challenge: introducing Tap to Donate.

Tap to Donate is the first payment solution of its kind in Canada, and even in North America. It was first introduced through Sunnybrook Hospital’s Operation Raise a Flag Campaign to support Canada’s veterans. Set up in Downtown Toronto’s underground PATH system, the campaign featured two stand alone contactless payment terminals that simply required a button to be pushed to select a donation amount, and then a tap on the terminal’s screen to make payment. The campaign was well received, raising thousands of dollars in just one week. Donors appreciated the ease and speed of use, as well as the ability to pay with a variety of modern methods, like debit card, credit card, or Apple Pay / Android Pay enabled smart phones.

Tap to Donate makes it easier for those donating, and easier for the charities collecting donations as they have less manual labour to administer when reconciling funds. No more rolling coin, counting coin, or making manual deposits required. Funds from Tap to Donate are transferred into the charity’s bank account the very next business day. There is also less chance of theft and vandalism since there is no physical cash present.

As a socially responsible company and industry leader in unattended payment technology, MONEXgroup was thrilled to use our expertise to help support important charitable causes. We’re pleased to assist charities maximize their donation collections and realize their fundraising objectives. We strongly believe that our Tap to Donate solution represents the future of charitable fundraising in high traffic public venues. The launch of this system represents a breakthrough for charities in Canada that will help overcome the cash obstacle that has plagued the non-profit sector in recent years. Ultimately, it’s the needy recipients these important charitable causes who will benefit most.

“Thanks to MONEXgroup with their Tap to Donate technology, we really feel that the causes behind the charities are going to benefit enormously from it.