Dentist / Owner
Walk-In Dental Clinic

A Walk-in Dental Clinic in the busy north end of Toronto has been a valued MONEXgroup client for 14 years and counting. Since the opening of her first dental clinic, the dentist / owner has been growing her practice with the assistance of MONEXgroup’s POS machines and merchant services. With the long-term partnership we have forged with her, we were the obvious choice when she decided to open a second clinic. Now at her second location for 7 years, MONEXgroup continues to provide seamless and stress-free payment processing solutions, providing the clinic with peace-of-mind as they can count on receiving their deposits on the next business day consistently. Initially attracted by our unbeatable rates for Visa/MC/Interac transactions, the dental clinic has remained with MONEXgroup over the years more in part due to the excellent service that they can always depend on while saving on their bottom line.

The Walk-in Clinic learned about MONEXgroup back when they were originally on the market for a merchant services provider, and we caught their attention because of our strong reputation plus the competitive rates we offer to our merchants. After contacting us for a quote, we had one of our Sales Managers visit the merchant to review and explain all the pricing in detail. MONEXgroup makes it simple for clients to understand the fees involved as our statements and billing are fully transparent. The efficiency of our industry leading POS terminals has helped their patients move on with their day quickly after getting their dental work completed.

One of the key reasons why the doctor and her dental manager chose to remain with MONEXgroup for all these years is because of our proven track record for offering superior customer service, as exhibited by our dedicated Sales Representative who is attentive, reliable and always available. Furthermore, a dental office thrives on having access to reliable online reporting, displaying a history of all transactions from the clinic – which MONEXgroup offers to all of our merchant partners to review. With the guaranteed 2-4 hour on-site swap service readily available and excellent 24-hour technical support, the dental clinic can rest assured that their business can operate smoothly without any downtime.

The dental clinic and MONEXgroup look forward to continued mutual growth and partnership as the clinic embarks on their 15 year anniversary with us. We will be there to assist them as they continue to fight plaque and grow their business!

“With MONEXgroup, we feel confident, we feel safe… whenever we call them, they answer right away and help us with whatever we need, every time and any time.