Published On: May 5, 2021

MONEXgroup is excited to announce that our Head of Sales, Layal Gedeon, has been featured on LocoMobi World Inc.’s podcast The podcast, hosted by Alan Cross, interviews thought leaders from various industries and creates discussions around tackling different challenges of the ever-changing world of “smart city” initiatives. Fast-forward to 13:21 to listen to Layal’s segment:

Are you in a “smart city” related business utilizing various self-serve kiosks (toll or transit ticketing kiosks, parking meters, diverse vending machines, miscellaneous unattended servicing stands, EV charging stations, carwash bays, tire inflating, or car vacuuming stations)? Then this podcast is for you, as it covers the topic of the contactless unattended payment solutions – and more.

With 70,000 contactless unattended payment processing terminals installed across Canada – in every gas station in the country, in residential apartment building laundry facilities, in various donation collection settings, vending, and tolls, MONEXgroup continues to be the industry leader in advancing the latest and greatest FinTech solutions.

In this episode, Layal discusses some immediate changes transforming FinTech:

  • Are contactless payment terminals a “new normal”?
  • What are the challenges of consumer adoption of mobile payments?
  • What’s involved in keeping payments safe and secure?
  • What new financial technologies appear in the payment processing niche?
  • Do small and mid-size businesses require online payment processing more often than before?
  • What does the future hold for the payment industry?

With over 18 years of payment processing and merchant services under her belt, Layal has seen the evolution of POS technology from the ATMs to POS to the very start of contactless payments, unattended payments, mobile payments, and online alternatives. This is a podcast episode you will not want to miss!

Author: Lana Morley, Marketing Specialist at MONEXgroup
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