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Virtual Terminal for Payment Processing

Virtual terminal is an online payment tool that can be accessed through a web browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone. This solution allows merchants to process secure PCI compliant credit card payments, from virtually anywhere. It is ideal for merchants who deal with card not present scenarios including phone orders or remote customers. Virtual terminal also supports scheduled recurring payments including fees and bills.

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Businesses with remote customers

Mobile Payment Solutions can help businesses that wish to promote their brand and sell their products at traditional, annual events and seasonal marketplaces. Providing this alternative form of payment can help you increase sales results. At your next trade show, farmers market or fair, let your booth visitors know that you accept debit and credit card payments straight from your smartphone.

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Subscription-Based Businesses

When a sale opportunity comes knocking on your door, you should be prepared to jump right in with an affordable Mobile Payment Solution. Be ready to participate in your new pop-up event and process payments right there straight from your mobile device. By using the TSYS Virtual Terminal on your smartphone, you can show a sign indicating that your small business accepts credit and debit cards.

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Order Desk

We understand that you move between clients all day long, so you will need business tools that can move with you. Mobile payment solution enables you to issue invoices directly from your smartphone straight to your clients’ email addresses supporting you while you’re on the move from client to client. There is no need for you to collect credit card information, as your clients can use the secure payment link in their email to access the invoice and enter their credentials directly to complete any pending transactions.

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Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal businesses like marinas, golf courses, farms, ski resorts and many more can benefit from a virtual terminal. The virtual terminal provides the advantage of being suspended during off seasons without having to pay re-activation fees.

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Product Information

Virtual terminal is an easy-to-use online payment portal designed for merchants who process credit card transactions using telephone, fax or snail mail to access a remote customer base. The system supports recurring payments of monthly fees and bills in scheduled, recurring installments. To use the virtual terminal an internet connection and web browser are required. When it is time to checkout a customer, their credit card information is entered manually into a secure form. Transaction authorization takes place, and the credit card information is kept safe, as the terminal provides the highest level of card data encryption and security protocols.

You receive extra functionality with a virtual terminal:
• Full contact information is stored within a customer profile in a secure database, such as details of past purchases, frequency of purchases, and amounts for different time frames and specific customers
• Merchants have the ability to offer a full product listing with categories, pricing, labeling and can assign each product to an auto tax system with tracking capabilities
• Merchants can create, modify and categorize product databases at any time, with real-time inventory management and price analysis available
• You can automatically sign batches by selection transaction and then requesting information retrieval, data store or the production of orders

Card-Not-Present Payments
• Using an internet connection, the virtual terminal can be accessed through a PC, tablet or smartphone device to process payment made over the phone or by mail

• Provide an environmentally friendly option to paper receipts by emailing receipts to your customers
• E-receipts can be fully customized, and automated to communicate with customers

Recurring Payments
• Improve cash flow by setting up a schedule to collect recurring payments
• Easily set up recurring billing options to target customers at specific times

Amazing Security
• Reduce fraud with a secure merchant portal that is PCI compliant and is secured by the highest level of card data encryption and security protocols
• Supports V-Code and address verification keeping customer payment data safe and secure

Card of File
• Safely store customer card information to provide faster transactions and set up recurring payments for regular customers

• Virtual terminal intuitive interface allows for quick and easy data entry of cardholder information
• Process credit and debit card payments from anywhere, at any time using a laptop, tablet or smartphone that has internet
• Business owners can check transactions and track sales reports effectively using a merchant portal

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  • One terminal for all payment methods
  • Reduced cost on staff and overhead due to automation
  • Fast and secure electronic payments
  • Safe and reliable: reduce theft and reconciliation errors
  • Low-cost deployment: easy installation, full integration with existing infrastructure
  • Resilient and low maintenance: engineered to be waterproof, weatherproof, tamper proof
  • Maintain control, make informed decisions: real-time status monitoring and detailed reporting
  • Ongoing support: dedicated account manager
  • No waiting to be attended
  • Not limited to cash
  • Convenience: use debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Hygienic: low touch or fully touchless
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Real time purchase confirmation
  • Safe and trustworthy credit card processing
  • Handy App included for certain applications
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