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MONEXgroup’s Unattended Payment Terminal

MONEXgroup has installed over 100,000 unattended payment processing terminals. Our unattended card readers feature easy integration, simple deployment, and ongoing support. Increase your business revenue by accepting all payment methods with the latest self-serve payment processing device.

This multifunctional contactless payment terminal is engineered to work under extreme conditions, and accepts low contact payments from debit cards, credit cards and mobile e-wallets.

Partner up with MONEXgroup for a complete payments platform that includes: a robust device for all your payment needs, a handy app that allows real-time control and a better user experience, seamless integration with your existing equipment, a dedicated account manager, and much more!

Unattended Terminal

MONEXgroup’s Unattended Payment Terminal

As an innovator and a market leader in unattended payment solutions, MONEXgroup is fully aligned with your business interests and your customer’s needs. Our technology is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

Our easy to install, reliable and secure Unattended Terminals are suitable for a wide range of applications: carwash, car vacuum stations, tire inflators at gas stations, , charity donation kiosks, vending machines, tolls, EV charging stations, parking lots, laundromats and more.

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Unattended Payment Solutions for your business

MONEXgroup’s Unattended Payment Terminal serves almost any business that requires a robust contactless payment system. Vertical integration for our unattended payment kiosks includes:

  • Automotive: car wash, parking lot, EV charging station
  • Self-Service: laundromat, vending machine, lockers, rental services, bill payment
  • Entertainment: venue, park, tourism
  • Transportation: public transit, sharing services, toll booths
  • Retail Automation: kiosks, fast food, hospitality
  • Non-profit: donation stands

Discover below the kiosk payment solution that will take your business to the next level!

Self Serve Carwash

Unattended Car Wash Payment Terminal

The carwash industry has adopted the Unattended Car Wash Payment Terminal, a new standard for self-serve carwash facilities across the country. As a car wash owner or operator, you want to minimize coin handling, while allowing your patrons to easily and securely pay using their preferred method: debit, credit or mobile. Saving time and money while boosting businesses is just one of the many reasons for adopting MONEXgroup’s Unattended Car Wash Payment Terminal.

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Unattended Laundry Payment Terminal

Turn your laundromat payment system into a profit center for your business. Get the multi-functional contactless terminal set up in minutes, and start using the handy mobile app included. As owner/operator of a residential laundry facility, you can now accept debit, credit and mobile payments, allowing your customers to pay just the way they want to. Don’t limit your revenue to cash and coin; accept all major payment types – faster, simpler, and safer – with MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Payment Terminal. See how to get full real-time control, reports, and more.

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Unattended Parking Payment Terminal

There is an easy and frictionless way of settling parking fees on the spot: MONEXgroup’s Unattended Parking Payment Terminal. Let your customers pay with their preferred payment method, accept debit, credit and mobile. Your state-of-the-art kiosks for public use will enhance the convenience that your customers expect while ensuring minimal to no touchpoints to pay for parking. The payment terminals have been designed to endure a lot of punishment from weather and people alike.

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EV charging

Unattended EV Charging Payment Terminal

Within the growing industry of electric vehicles, the Unattended EV Charging Payment Terminal is the solution of choice for self-serve EV charging stations. The units are built to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as vandalism. Scale your EV charging business with our payment processing platform, in a reliable secure and profitable way. Allow your customers to pay you the way they want, with a simple tap of their card or mobile wallet. Get a hassle-free set up with MONEXgroup’s Unattended EV Charging Payment Terminal, the complete payment platform for electric vehicle stations, and make running your business a breeze.

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Unattended Donation Kiosk

Unattended Donation Payment Terminal

For charities and non-profit entities, MONEXgroup’s Unattended Donation Payment Terminal is a game changer. In a society that is embracing cashless payments as the new norm, it is crucial for your organization be able to accept donations thru debit, credit cards and mobile wallets. The unattended payment solution from MONEXgroup enables your organization to receive donations electronically at your events. The terminal is fully customizable for any stand, wall, or kiosk, and contributes to achieving your fundraising goal.

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Tap to Donate

Unattended Tip Payment Terminal

In most restaurants, clubs, and other venues, tipping is customary. However, as the pandemic hit, the use of cash has significantly decreased, inherently negatively impacting tipping. MONEXgroup’s Unattended Tip Payment Terminal is empowering your customers to once again generously tip, using our safe and secure digital payments platform. Discover how your business will benefit from introducing this customizable and secure tipping payment terminal from MONEXgroup.

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Grow Your Business with our Payment Solutions

Accept credit and debit card payments with MONEXgroup payment processing services. Get approved fast. Enjoy excellent customer service that will help you at every step and ensure stress-free setup and operation.

Jumpstart your business potential today with payment processing services from MONEXgroup

  • One terminal for all payment methods
  • Reduced cost on staff and overhead due to automation
  • Fast and secure electronic payments
  • Safe and reliable: reduce theft and reconciliation errors
  • Low-cost deployment: easy installation, full integration with existing infrastructure
  • Resilient and low maintenance: engineered to be waterproof, weatherproof, tamper proof
  • Maintain control, make informed decisions: real-time status monitoring and detailed reporting
  • Ongoing support: dedicated account manager
  • No waiting to be attended
  • Not limited to cash
  • Convenience: use debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Hygienic: low touch or fully touchless
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Real time purchase confirmation
  • Safe and trustworthy credit card processing
  • Handy App included for certain applications
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