Published On: October 21, 2016

MONEXgroup participated in the recent Canadian Pizza Show and had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring pizza industry restaurant entrepreneurs plus the leading suppliers. You wouldn’t normally think of MONEXgroup as being in the pizza business – but actually our point-of-sale solutions represent an integral aspect of pizza merchants’ daily operations as our systems facilitate acceptance of debit and credit card payments for in-store, on-the-go, and online purchases.

So why are we hot on pizza? Well for starters, pizza in Canada is a booming business as there’s constant innovation being introduced to build upon the traditional pizza pie. Pizza continues to see rapid growth with the creativity of many variations from deep dish to thin crust, from greasy to healthy. Pizza remains the perfect companion for communal dining as it’s the ideal food for sharing. In this article, we’d like to share some tips regarding what it takes to be successful in the competitive and rapidly evolving pizza industry.

History of Pizza

Since the Neolithic Age of the earliest urban civilizations, foods similar to pizza have been consumed. According to this article, the ancient Greeks would indulge in flatbreads called plakous, which had toppings like herbs, onions and garlic. Over time, pizza evolved as people added ingredients to make the dish more flavourful.

In 16th-century Naples, a flatbread with toppings was first referred to as a pizza , which was considered as poor people’s food. It was sold on the street and recognized as a dish that is served to pedestrians and not something you would cook at home. After Europeans came in contact with the Americans, the flatbread was further enhanced by oil, tomatoes and/or fish. A popular story stated that on June 11, 1889, pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created the “Pizza Margherita”, a pizza garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil to represent the national colours of the Italian flag and honour the Queen consort.

Pizza in Canada

Pizza was introduced in Canada in the late 1950s. It quickly started to gain traction in the 1960s when most pizza chains and restaurants started opening across Canada. In fact, the first Boston Pizza opened its doors to pizza lovers in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964. Currently, there are about 25 large pizza chains in Canada (Pizza Chains in Canada).

Vanelli’s is the first Canadian based international pizza chain which opened in 1981 and now boasts 110 locations worldwide. Little Caesars first opened in 1959 and has been franchising since 1962. Pizza Hut opened in 1968 and currently has 300 locations across Canada.

How to Open a Pizza Business

There are several ways to own a pizza business. One is to partner with a franchisor by purchasing a license, and the second is through opening your own pizza store independently without being a part of a franchise. The perks of owning a pizza franchise location is that customers will recognize your brand immediately and will want to purchase from your store being skeptical of your quality. For example, if you decided to open a Pizza Pizza franchise there are certain perks that comes with it, such as has having several support teams to get you started and choosing your own location as a starting point. On the flip side, having your own pizza store means taking full control of your finance and business, plus reaping the full benefits of potential success.

Location is critical when you’re thinking of opening a restaurant – especially when it comes to pizza. Consumers are looking for a pizza joint that serves quick and delicious pizza where they can just grab a bite, satisfy their craving, and move on with their lives. Another important tip is to make sure you have the budget to buy the necessary equipment since it can be expensive, and regular maintenance is needed. Creating menus and hiring the right employees comes next. In order for your business to take off, local advertising and social media are effective ways to attract customers and promote your offering so be sure to allocate money for promotion (How to Open a Pizza Business).

Tips for Opening a Pizza Business / Catering Service

Canadian Pizza Magazine offers the following suggestions for maximizing your revenue if you operate a pizza business or catering service:

  • Be personal with clients, start networking with other businesses for cross-promotional opportunities
  • Hand out food samples to make customers get a taste of what makes you unique
  • Plan an opening event for your store so you can create some buzz on the street and amongst neighbours
  • Target key expansion areas such as office catering
  • Hand out menus at expos, busy offices, etc
  • Create a unique brand logo as it will attract customers and your name will remain salient
  • Create social media accounts and ask your customers to tag your store to create traffic
  • Send emails and coupons to existing customers as it will keep bringing them back
  • Explore the neighbourhood you’re in and make deals that are win-win
  • Social media channels are key to marketing a successful businesses so be sure to respond to all customers’ feedback proactively with positivity
  • Interact with food bloggers to promote your food

MONEXgroup and Point-of-Sale Solutions for your Pizza Restaurant

At MONEXgroup, we urge pizza business owners to assess the following criteria and how we excel in these categories as a point-of-sale solutions provider for more than a decade to over 25,000 Canadian merchants.

Point-of-Sale Solutions Terminals

Typically a pizza restaurant will utilize two distinct types of point-of-sale solutions to process sales: 1) an In-store Countertop terminal for sales within the restaurant; 2) an On-the-Go long range wireless terminal, such as the flex terminal, for delivery.

MONEXgroup recommends the following point-of-sale solutions to support the daily needs of pizza parlours:

  • Countertop terminal Clover Mini for payments at the cash register, with integration available to other point-of-sale solutions being utilized
  • Wireless terminal Clover Flex for restaurants that serve their customers at tables or delivery to the customer’s door, with connectivity across the country via the 3G network
  • E-Commerce for processing online orders


Choose a point-of-sale solutions provider that will support your business from potential fraud and is PCI compliant. MONEXgroup is known for the precaution and meticulousness in executing our security measures. For example, we are 100% compliant to PCI Security Standards, and we are backed up by effective security policies designed to safeguard sensitive credit/debit information. Our merchants can rest assured that our point-of-sale solutions are incorporate the most stringent security standards and in the event of fraud, their financial data is protected.

Transparent Pricing

Sometimes pricing is the single most important determinant factor in choosing point-of-sale solutions provider for a business, so discerning all the hidden fees is critical. Ask yourself this question: Does the provider offer transparent pricing? This is because the payment-processing rate you are given consists of more than just your Qualified Rate. There will also be charges for: the type of card being used (Debit, MasterCard, VISA or AMEX), premium / loyalty cards, card present / not present types of transactions being processed, as well as volume. At MONEXgroup, we have nothing to hide. We explain our pricing thoroughly and provide full disclosure to all our clients with our simplified transparent monthly statement.

Technical and Customer Support

Although some merchants place higher value on competitive pricing, other merchants prioritize reliable support from their provider. At the end of the day it pays off in the long run when you choose a point-of-sale solutions provider that supports you through your business lifecycle. At MONEXgroup, our Sales Reps, Customer Service and Technical Service work together to provide the attentive service that your business deserves and needs. So let us help you alleviate your worries about accepting payments so you can focus on running your business.

Next-Day Deposits

We understand the value of prompt cash funding for any business, be it large or small, as businesses need to use that funding for payroll, purchasing, etc… Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer our merchants the liberty of depositing their funds the next day. Our merchants can always trust their sales transactions will appear in their bank accounts quickly with Next Day Deposits, consistently at the same time every day.

So, if you’re looking to succeed in the competitive and dynamic pizza business, we suggest choosing MONEXgroup as your point-of-sale solutions provider as we have the expertise and professionalism in this industry to deliver optimal cash flow results while you deliver the delicious ’za!

When partnering with the number one payment processor in Canada; MONEXgroup will increase your efficiency and quality of service and lower the related costs and receive the latest Merchant Services Canada Interchange Rates. Request a Cost Comparison Analysis today.

Author: Lindsey Lu, Marketing Communication Specialist, MONEXgroup
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