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Ingenico Move/5000

The Ingenico Move 5000 is a completely mobile POS terminal that provides you the flexibility to accept payments wherever your customers are. A great option for virtually any type of business, the ergonomically designed Move/5000 offers a long battery life, several connectivity options for superior reliability, and a built-in barcode scanner, making it easy for businesses to accept tap, dip and swipe payments. Additionally, the POS terminal has the ability to power many useful business apps that can help your business.

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Provide your customers with a super-efficient POS terminal that can accept more payment types, along with a built-in receipt printer and barcode scanner. The Move 5000 will help you improve customer satisfaction by decreasing wait time in your store. With its wireless capabilities, you’ll be able to take orders and process customer payments from anywhere in the store.

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Allow your customers to check out in a timely manner with a wireless payment processing terminal that allows your wait staff to complete a payment transaction right from a customer table, doing so will keep your operations running efficiently and improve the customer experience. Wait staff will never have to worry about running back and forth to charge the device, as the Move 5000 battery life lasts all day.

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Paying at Restaurant with Move 5000 Credit Card Terminal


From taxis, plumbers, electricians, contractors, hair salons, etc., the Move 5000 card machine will allow your customers to complete their payment transactions from wherever they are, helping to create a positive customer experience.

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Off-Site Payments

Ingenico Move 5000 allows merchants of all types to accept payments off-site: from moving companies, mobile healthcare workers, food delivery services to traveling salespeople and more. Its wireless ability and long-lasting charge, combined with its 4G/LTE connection that works off a network SIM card, allows this device to be mobile and accepts payments wherever you customers are without you having to worry about searching for a power outlet.

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Person paying for food delivery using the Ingenico Move 5000

Product Information

Ingenico Move 5000 Bluetooth accepting card payment

The Ingenico Move 5000 is a wireless payment terminal that has the capability to run interactive business apps from its 3.5-inch touch screen. This completely mobile device offers WIFI and 4G/LTE connectivity ensuring payments can be accepted anywhere at any time. Whether you need to move a lineup quickly, accept a payment on the road, or need a payment processing system at a counter – this device does it all and it does it 4x faster than the industry average.

With the Ingenico Move 5000 battery life, merchants can focus on their business without having to worry about recharging the device, as it can handle up to 300 tap, dip or swipe payment transactions, it also stays powered for up to a week while idle. Start accepting safe and secure payments today with the Move 5000 card machine. It accepts credit, debit, mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, EMW (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), UnionPay, and Discover.

Specifications: Image of Move 5000 printing a receipt - Alt Text: Move 5000 prints receipt

Remain Connected 
Process transactions anywhere by ensuring your system is always connected with Move/5000’s WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular 4G/LTE capabilities

Barcode Scanner
Accept alternative methods of payments, such as QR code payments with the Move 5000’s barcode scanner. The barcode scanner also offers unlimited possibilities for your terminal’s business apps.

Built-in Receipt Printer
Get rid of your bulky printer and start printing receipts straight from your compact portable device. The fast and reliable printer also offers the advantage of easily refilling the paper rolls within seconds.

Highest Security
The Move/5000 is PCI-PTS 5.x certified. Its Telium TETRA OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length.

Electronic Signature Capture
The Move/5000 offers signature capture capabilities for electronic payments, receipt storage and new business Apps such as contracts, warranty programs or enrollment.

Additional Product Features
– Large 3.5-inch color touch-screen with enhanced graphics
– All-in-one PIN pad for consumers to insert card and PIN
– Speedy Cortex A5 Processor
– 512 MB of RAM
– 2900mAh Lithium-Ion battery with up to one-week standby/300 payment transactions

Move 5000 payment terminal

Fast, Secure, Reliable Payments
The Move 5000 is a PCI compliant device that accepts NFC couponing and digital wallets in addition to EMV Chip & Pin, Swipe & Sign, and contactless payments methods 4x faster than the industry average.

Convenience and ease of use
The Move 5000 is a super-portable mobile payment solution with a long-lasting battery that is well suited for any type of business. You can bring this payment device to anywhere your customer is and with its 4G/LTE capabilities you’ll never have to worry about being unable to accept a payment.

User-friendly and intuitive interface
With its powerful multimedia capabilities and large 3.5-inch touch screen, the Move/5000 provides a best-in-class user experience thanks to a rich interface enabling business Apps.

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  • One terminal for all payment methods
  • Reduced cost on staff and overhead due to automation
  • Fast and secure electronic payments
  • Safe and reliable: reduce theft and reconciliation errors
  • Low-cost deployment: easy installation, full integration with existing infrastructure
  • Resilient and low maintenance: engineered to be waterproof, weatherproof, tamper proof
  • Maintain control, make informed decisions: real-time status monitoring and detailed reporting
  • Ongoing support: dedicated account manager
  • No waiting to be attended
  • Not limited to cash
  • Convenience: use debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Hygienic: low touch or fully touchless
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Real time purchase confirmation
  • Safe and trustworthy credit card processing
  • Handy App included for certain applications
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