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The Vital Plus POS system is an ideal replacement for countertop payment terminals and electronic cash registers. The terminal features an intuitive 5” touch screen interface and accepts swipe, chip or contactless payments. Other characteristics include a thermal receipt printer, bi-directional barcode scanner as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for in-aisle and line busting transactions. Additionally, Vital Plus provides merchants, managers and business owners with robust analytics and reporting, inventory management, time-clock and employee administration, tax management, discount and pricing functionality and more.

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Retail businesses can increase their efficiency and improve customer experience by swiftly processing payments when their store is busy and bustling. With the Vital Plus Package, merchants can complete in-line or in-aisle customer transactions, in order to reduce cashier counter lineups and decrease wait times.

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When it comes to building a successful hospitality business, creating a positive customer experience is of critical importance. Using the Vital Plus Package, restaurants can reduce their guests’ wait times by ensuring that a portable payment terminal is readily available for restaurant workers to rapidly settle bills and reduce wait times. Other beneficial features include the ability to split payments, offer in-line tipping and save, access server reports, hold or recall orders with server/table assignments and more.

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Professional Services

As a professional service provider with a large clientele you can reduce cashier payment lineups by using the portable Vital Plus terminal to process client payments directly at the salon chair. This is very useful for clinics, dentists, beauty salons, car dealerships, dry cleaners, accountant offices, and more.

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Product Information

Vital Plus is a cutting-edge, multifaceted payment processing solution that is built to meet the unique needs of each business. Whether you are looking to decrease customer wait times with line-busting transactions, process payments on-the-go, or simply want to replace countertop terminals, you can count on the Vital Plus package to provide you with a more efficient method for accepting customer payments.

Vital Plus is portable and compact so that you can accept payments wherever you choose to take your business. Simply connect to any WiFi network to process customer transactions from any location.

This payment terminal is versatile with a full-suite of business tools so that you can manage your business directly from your terminal or do so remotely from the virtual back office. With extensive analytics and reporting, as well as inventory management, you can maintain your stock levels and make important business decisions and build your company’s reputation.

Accept debit cards, credit cards and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Compatible with insert, swipe, chip and NFC contactless payments.

Key Features
– WiFi, NFC contactless, PIN on Glass
– PCI PTS 5.x SREDKey 2 encryption
– 5″ capacitive touch screen IPS WXGA
– 14°F-122°F Operating Temperature
– 5%-96% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
– Quad-core Cortex A7 processor
– 8GB eMMC Flash + 1GB DDR RAM
– Extended Micro SD card slot
– Micro USB OTG
– Optional charging base

Software Features
– Intuitive touch screen interface
– Accepts swipe, chip or contactless payments
– Bi-directional barcode scanner
– WiFi connectivity for in-aisle and line busting
– Front and rear cameras
– Powered by Android 7.1

Thermal Receipt Printer
The thermal receipt printer gives you the option to say goodbye to your bulky printer and switch to a more convenient method of receipt printing using your portable Vital Plus device. Merchants also have the option to email receipts or send them to an external printer.

Increased Efficiency
The abilities of the Vital Plus POS terminal go beyond payment processing. The portable terminal also allows you to carry out administrative duties such as employee time management, pricing and discount functionality more efficiently and effectively. With this full-featured solution, you can manage your business from your terminal using a single user interface or connect to the virtual, cloud-based back office from any web browser to manage your operation remotely.

Increased revenue
Accept all payment types securely to improve cash flow and profitability.

Pricing and Discounts
Easily set up and manage pricing along with discount programs across products and locations from the touch of your fingertips.

Inventory Management
Receive real-time data to better manage inventory expenses, maximize sales and maintain your stock levels.

Build Customer Loyalty
The Vital Plus provides businesses with the ability to encourage customer loyalty by offering customizable, contactless reward campaigns.

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Our device allows remote admin access to get diagnostics, check terminal status, set up alerts, and perform updates. You can interact with payment terminals remotely to adjust pricing in real-time, assign permissions to managers, or review transaction history.

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