Bustling Traffic and Sizzling Summer Sales Light Up POS Machines
Jun 17, 2016

Summer may be the shortest season in Canada, but sales revenue does not necessarily have to see reduced activity in correlation. As a matter of fact, savvy business owners recognize that it’s likely their hottest season both figuratively and literally! By implementing strategies and tactics to maximize summer-season sales, businesses can amplify the amount of transactions processed at their POS machines and boost their revenues.

What to Buy during Summer Sales in Canada

To celebrate the arrival of summer, large and small retailers put their best foot forward and promote their trendiest and coolest summer merchandise. For example, June and July are the ideal months to purchase outdoor supplies, such as BBQ grills, patio furniture, sunscreens, and insect repellant. August is the back-to-school month, so consumers will spend on stationeries, backpacks, clothes and lunch snacks (What to buy in Canada).

Summer Sales also ironically include great deals on winter items such as jackets, parkas, and boots as most stores will liquidate their out-of-season merchandise for clearance. Consumers should take advantage of this opportunity and splurge in anticipation of an inevitable Canadian winter.

Strategies to Improve your Summer Sales

Some business owners (who do not necessarily offer seasonal summer products such as ice cream) expect that their summertime revenue will witness a decrease, because consumers utilize the fleeting to go travel, spend time by the pool or in cottage country and just take it easy. But, there are many ways to overcome this and rise above!

Follow some of the tricks and tips below so you can maintain your sales numbers and keep away from the summertime revenue flop.

Hot Pricing

Summer is a great time to be creative and capture people’s attention as they’re out and about town. Promote your sales with big, colourful and attractive signage outside your store in order to attract traffic and potential buyers. Open your patio and offer different delicious and refreshing daily specials.

One tip is to leverage special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday plus Labour Day and cater your sales towards the holiday. For example, if you have items that would be appropriate for a mother or father, definitely take advantage of the gift giving occasion and use it to lure people in. Of course, the better the uniqueness of product and value, the more people will be inclined to come in and shop.

When summer is approaching its end, that obviously it is time to go back to school! One period that isn’t an actual holiday but is an important time for retail stores during the end of summer is the back-to-school season. Most retailers offer back-to-school sales so parents can replenish their kids’ school supplies and clothing in order to get ready for the brand new school year.

Reward Customers

Entice your customers further after you attract them into the store with your SALE signage, offer promotions such as buy 1 get 1 FREE, or buy a minimum $50 dollars and receive a 10% discount. Most consumers will want to purchase up to a threshold just to receive the discount or freebies. Consider launching a Customer Loyalty Program where frequent customers accumulate points whenever they shop. With such a program in place, customers are more inclined to come back for more.

Special Discounts during Off-Peak Hours

There’s always a time where a store lulls whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, so smart business owners need to offset the slower hours by promoting special timely discounts that are only offered during certain times. For instance, a clothing store can offer special discounts during the morning hours that attract a particular group of shoppers like moms with strollers or a restaurant can offer “happy hour” specials between typical meal hours when the tables are normally empty. Throwing special time of the day promotions during off-peak hours maximizes your traffic and transactions for the full day.

Feng-Shui Your Stores

Treat your store to a makeover in welcoming summertime! You can keep the environment fresh by rearranging the layout of your store and re-merchandising your decorations to cater to the sales you’re having. Showcase the best outfits you have in store by dressing your mannequins the way you want your customers to visualize outfits and thus come into your store, looking for those ensembles. Other unique ways to pique customers’ interest is to play some entertaining videos in the store and hire promotional staffing agencies to take your brand to the street and pass out promotional pamphlets to customers informing them of a sale while wearing your branded gear.

Use Social Media to Gain Exposure

Social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are important tools that drive a business’ success because they are essentially free advertising and easy to use. We live in a world where people are connected 24/7, and through social media your retail business can stay just as connected to your customers as they are to each other. Implementing a social media marketing communications plan is a great tactic to increase summer sales and build brand image. Here are some useful stats that effectively demonstrate the influence that social media has on our population:

  • 20% of tablet users and 19% of smartphone users at some point comment on a purchase via social media
  • 68% of Millennials get the news from social media
  • 66% of Millennials look up a store once their friends “check in” to it on social media

Therefore, start using social media to your advantage today and watch as your buzz builds and translates into sales.

POS Machines and Heated Summer Sales

After business owners successfully implement the aforementioned tactics they should expect to see a surge of transactions. Businesses must be equipped with the latest POS machines in order to process these transactions. Let’s examine what POS machines are, and how they can take your business to the next level.

What are POS Machines

POS is short for point-of-sale so POS machines are essentially point-of-sale terminals that a merchant uses to process VISA, MasterCard and Debit transactions. “Merchants” by definition can include clothing stores, hotels, restaurants, car dealerships…etc. Modern day merchants will employ POS machines to make it easier for customers to pay without having to carry cash around all the time. POS machines offer a convenient solution for both the merchants and customers. Both parties benefit in the end because merchants’ monthly fees for the POS machines to the provider have excellent ROI since the existence of POS machines will ultimately increase sales due to the ease of use.

MONEXgroup and our POS Machines

MONEXgroup boasts a wide variety of POS machines to choose from, regardless of the nature of your business. Own a seasonal ice cream parlour? Run a computer store? Manage an online shop that sells designer furniture? Don’t worry because whatever type of business you run, we have an assortment of POS machines for you to choose from and we will cater our POS machines offering to your business. Our Countertop terminal such as the classic Vx810 Duet which has the Tap & Go feature is an excellent selection for a brick-and-mortar store; our iWL220 which operates on a Bluetooth connection is short-range wireless and is an ideal choice for restaurants. These are some of our more popular options; if you want to find out more about the types of products and services we offer, call us at 1.866.767.7253 and speak to one of our friendly Sales Agents to find out which POS terminal is ideal for you and your business!

POS Machines

When partnering with the number one payment processor in Canada; MONEXgroup will increase your efficiency and quality of service and lower the related costs. Request a Cost Comparison Analysis today.

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