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Virtual Terminal for Payment Processing

Virtual terminal is a simplified online payment tool accessible through any web browser via a PC, tablet, or smartphone. It is ideal for any card-not-present scenarios, e.g. merchants who deal with phone-in orders or a remote customer base. The virtual terminal solution allows merchants to process secured PCI compliant credit card payments, from virtually anywhere. Virtual terminal also conveniently supports scheduled recurring payments such as bills and fees.

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Best For

Businesses with remote customers

Extending your reach, helping customers remotely and getting paid right away makes the virtual terminal just the perfect solution for professional offices such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, as well as freelance operators. Businesses within the travel and accommodation industry can also leverage virtual terminals to facilitate their bookings.

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Subscription-Based Businesses

Fast-growing subscription-based businesses that sell products and services on a scheduled time basis can find advantage in using the recurring payments feature that comes with the virtual terminal. Lawn-care businesses, education and eLearning setups, subscription box companies, as well as gyms and fitness facilities are some examples of business models that will find recurrent payment processing option very beneficial.

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Order Desk

Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) service is a cost-effective and straightforward option for online product sellers, florists, catering businesses, take-out restaurants, and small home-based companies, and virtual terminal will effectively enable payment processing for this type of business. Small-to-medium sized businesses that operate and deliver services remotely, such as contractors, call-in centers, and order desks, can use virtual terminal to securely process credit cards and offer a real-time secure payment experience to their customers.

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Seasonal Businesses

For seasonal businesses such as marinas, golf courses, farms, or ski resorts, virtual terminal can be suspended during off-seasons without paying re-activation fees.

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Product Information

Virtual terminal is an easy-to-use online payment portal built for merchants who process credit card transactions using the phone, fax or snail mail to access a remote customer base. The system supports accepting recurring payments of monthly fees and bills in scheduled, recurring installments. Virtual terminal works through a web browser and an internet connection. At the time of checkout, the credit card information is manually keyed-in into a secure form. Transaction authorization takes place, and credit card information is encrypted via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.

With virtual terminal, you are getting extra functionality:
• Secured customer database includes full contact information stored within customer profiles, e.g. purchase history, frequency and amounts for different timeframes and specific customers
• Merchants can offer a full product list with categories, pricing, labeling, and can assign each product to an auto tax system with tracking functionalities
• A product database can be created, modified and categorized by merchants at any point in time, with real-time inventory management and price analysis
• Automatic batches can be auto-signed by selecting transactions and requesting a retrieval of information, data storage or production of orders

Refer to the Specifications and Benefits tabs for more information.

Card-Not-Present Payments
• Payments made over the phone or mail can be processed through virtual terminal with any display: PC, tablet or smartphone devices
• Get instant response by keying in the credit card information on your computer, tablet, or smartphone

• E-mail receipts to your customers – a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper receipts
• Full customization of email receipts, plus a “Send” button, ideal for automated communication with customers.

Recurring Payments
• Collect payments on a recurring schedule to improve your cash flow
• A recurring billing option with email notifications is easy to set-up and can be issued at specific time intervals for targeted customers

State-of-the-Art Security
• Reduced fraud risk through integrated e-fraud tools and cardholder verification programs such as AVS (Address Verification Service), CVD (Card Validation Digit), Visa’s CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2), Mastercard’s CVC2 (Card Validation Code 2), American Express (CID) and Discover’s CID fraud reduction
• Secure merchant portal which incorporates tokenization (advanced security) into credit card processing with an additional layer of protection
• Data transmission is protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol

• With online payment gateway technology, the virtual terminal system is customizable to meet unique business needs
• Merchant account includes a portal displaying a comprehensive set of manageable payment functions including: transaction details, refunds or voids, and transaction authorization
• Unlimited user accounts with accessibility to information tailored to many different user roles, e.g. administrative, sales or managerial staff member

• Quick and simple data entry of cardholder ID through an intuitive user interface
• Convenient key-in of transaction information with immediate fulfillment
• Reliable and fast payment processing with accessibility to your funds within 2 business days
• Better processing rate for card-not-present transactions that are done through a virtual terminal, thanks to additional security checks that most POS machines don’t have
• Merchant portal allows the business owner to check transactions and track sales reports effectively (e.g. track transactions per employee)

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