Unattended Payment Solutions

Unattended Payment Kiosk System Solutions

MONEXgroup is a leader and innovator in unattended payment processing solutions. We have successfully deployed our unattended payments solutions in over 70,000 terminals currently operating across Canada: laundromats in residential apartment buildings, air pumps and car vacuums at gas stations, car washes, charity, vending machines, highway tolls, etc. We also work with EV charging companies, and several of North America’s largest parking companies. The number of card readers installed by us is increasing daily.

The payment marketplace is never static, and we are quickly evolving our technology and product line in the dynamic and fast-pacing environment. We always look for ways to ensure that our unattended payment solutions are up to date and in line with the business needs of our clients.

MONEXgroup’s Unattended Terminal

Our Unattended Terminal is the latest self-serve kiosk payment processing device. This multifunctional contactless payment terminal enables self-serve Interac and credit card payments for carwashes, parking lots, tolls, ticketing kiosks, tire inflators, car vacuum stations, vending machines, donation stands etc. under any weather condition.

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MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal

Our Unattended Laundry Terminal provides self-serve debit and credit card payments for laundromats. The unattended payment terminal is easy to set up, has an easy-to-use resistive touch screen and comes with a mobile app. This multifunctional contactless POS system provides an additional payment method to cash & coin.

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Customized Kiosk Payment System Solutions

Need a customized solution specific to your business? MONEXgroup is here to help. Check out our unattended payments systems below and choose a solution that suits your business needs today.

Tap & Charge™

Tap & Charge™ payment processing solution has a growing demand within the expanding industry of electric vehicles and supporting self-serve charging stations. Resistant to extreme weather conditions and vandalism, this unique and innovative solution can become a part of any EV charging station. Tap & Charge™ will reliably take care of processing payment transactions: a simple wave of a credit card or a mobile wallet will do it quickly and easily, just the way your customers want it!

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Tap and Park

Tap & Park™

Tap & Park™ payment processing solution makes settling parking fees on the spot frictionless and easy. By accepting the most popular payment methods such as Interac Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, there is no need to worry about your customers having cash on hand – enhance the convenience that nowadays’ customer highly expects. Tap & Park™ is the most current unattended kiosk terminal for public use, with minimal to none touchpoints to pay for parking.

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Tap & Wash™

Tap & Wash™ payment kiosk system has transformed the carwash industry by setting the new standard for self-serve carwash facilities across Canada. Carwash owners adopted without hesitation the innovation that allows them to minimize coin handling while saving them time and money, boosting their businesses. This car wash terminal boosts their businesses and provides their customers with the ultimate satisfaction of preferred cashless, low-contact payment methods.

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Tap to Donate™

Tap to Donate™ payment processing solution is a gamechanger for not-for-profit and charity organizations in a society where cashless payments have become a preferable option. With the ability to accept donations with just a tap of a debit or credit card, as well as a mobile wallet, this unattended payment terminal solution puts organizations at ease when planning their next fundraising events. Fully customizable for any stand, wall, or kiosk, Tap to Donate™ has helped some of the most prominent charitable organizations in Canada accomplish their fundraising goals.

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Laundry CleanPay Kiosk

Laundry CleanPay

Laundry CleanPay is a convenient and easy-to-use unattended payment terminal for self-serve residential laundry facilities. Eliminate or reduce the cost and burden of coin collection in laundry facilities by implementing the Smartcard Revalue Kiosk laundry card machine which accepts debit and credit cards. The Smartcard Revalue Kiosk is network-ready and EMV compliant, providing a fast, secure and robust self-service interface that is customized for the laundry industry with advanced features, including our unique mobile app.

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Contactless Only™

The Contactless Only™ payment processing solution has been empowering Canadian businesses across many industries since 2016. With its high degree of customization and with over 100,000 operating units countrywide, Contactless Only™ is a proven workhorse for any business offering self-serve unattended payment options. In a technology-driven, cashless society, where a click, tap, or a wave is a norm, MONEXgroup’s unique Contactless Only™ solution leads and delivers ROI and simplicity.

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Contactless & Electronic Payment Kiosks for Your Business

The MONEXgroup’s contactless kiosk payment solution enables consumers to make contactless payments and electronic payment transactions using a highly secure & reliable online platform. The platform is designed to deliver high-volume financial services in retail stores, car washes, donation centers, and other businesses throughout Canada and the US.

What Industries Can The MONEXgroup Contactless Kiosk Payment Systems Serve?

The MONEXgroup has the best contactless kiosk payment systems in the industry, and can serve almost any business. From contactless payments, bill processing, credit card processing, and more our contactless payment kiosks can do it all.  Some of the industries that our unattended payment kiosks serve include:

  • Car Wash
  • Laundry
  • Parking Lots
  • Vending Machines
  • Donation Stands

Payment Kiosk Systems to Improve Your Business

There are many benefits with using a contactless kiosk payment system for both your business and your customers. From limiting staff workers to cutting down on face to face interactions a contactless payment kiosk is the best way to make credit card payments for your business.

Contactless Payment Kiosk Benefits for Your Business:

  • Faster Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Secure Customer Credit Card Payments
  • Lower Costs on Staff and Overhead

Contactless Payment Kiosk Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Real Time Purchase Confirmation
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Safe and Trustworthy Credit Card Processing