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Offer tenants and residence dwellers an efficient method of loading their laundry cards using debit or credit card payment with MONEXgroup’s Laundry CleanPay payment processing solution.

The Smartcard Revalue Kiosk is network-ready and EMV compliant, providing a fast, secure and robust self-service interface that is customized for the laundry industry with advanced features, including our unique mobile app.

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Off-Site Payments

Create an excellent customer experience for your tenants: they will never have to look for coins to do their laundry – enable a convenient credit or debit card payment option via a reloadable laundry card dispensed by an unattended kiosk. The mobile app will allow your tenants to see the washing or drying machine availability, and receive alerts.

As a multi-housing building manager, you will have access to detailed reporting and ability to remotely control your laundry settings.

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In the hospitality business, customer experience is everything. Create an easy way for your guests to use the laundry room. Laundry CleanPay eliminates the need for coin payments and provides a unique mobile app for checking the washer or dryer availability, monitoring a laundry card balance, and receiving alerts.

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Always busy and always on, students will thank you for making their lives easier and enabling the laundry solution that saves their time. Academic residence dwellers will be able to load a laundry payment card via their debit or credit account, check a washer or dryer machine availability via a mobile app or web interface, and receive notifications when the machine has finished its cycle.

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Product Information

MONEXgroup’s Laundry CleanPay system is an innovative and customized self-service payment technology that makes running a laundry facility seamless and tidy. This solution has been deployed nationwide to over 50 thousand machines, and can also be applied in a wide variety of other industries including Transportation, Food, Ticketing, Events and Gaming.

Tenants no longer need cash for their laundry. They simply purchase and add money to their “laundry smartcard” via a credit or debit card.

The rugged steel Revalue Kiosk contains an EMV-compliant POS terminal for processing fast and secure debit or credit card transactions to load up the laundry facility’s smartcard. Laundry CleanPay allows customers to purchase a new laundry smartcard, reload their smartcard via debit or credit card payments, and read the current balance. The kiosk is equipped with a thermal printer to issue receipts.

Our unique mobile app is a revolutionary addition to the Laundry CleanPay payment processing solution. Customers can start laundry machines with their mobile phone, view machine availability, receive alerts when the laundry cycle is complete, and access their complete purchase history.

Laundry facility operators can view online reporting, obtain system diagnostics, and change settings remotely through the Web-Based Terminal Management System.

  • Card dispenser – the kiosk can issue a newly purchased laundry smartcard
  • No cash handling – debit & credit card payments eliminate the cost of coin collection and related accounting inefficiencies
  • Contactless technology – simply tap the smartcard on the contactless reader zone to load value or check the balance
  • Network ready – kiosks are equipped with Ethernet connection or WiFi for high-speed communication
  • Highly secure – PCI standard security is utilized to encrypt and protect data
  • EMV compliant – EMV standard payment processing with chip and PIN transaction authorization
  • Thermal printer – Full-sized receipt printer with a paper cutter
  • Remote kiosk management – the kiosk is connected to a web-based software management system, enabling laundry operators to change kiosk settings for multiple sites remotely
  • Online reporting – real-time reporting and diagnostics on kiosks’ activity via a single online dashboard
  • Value code – online generated numerical Value Codes can be entered at the Kiosk to load credits on smart cards
  • Text notification – SMS text alert upon completion of laundry cycle or machine availability
  • Web interface – website based purchasing and booking option
  • Mobile App – Android / iPhone App enables mobile booking plus purchasing of credits and activation of machines

For Property Managers and Owners:
For property managers and owners, Laundry CleanPay is the secure way to accept credit and debit card payments in laundry rooms. It minimizes operational overhead by eliminating or reducing the burden of handling coin and the risk of theft.

Laundry CleanPay requires virtually no on-site presence – manage it remotely via the Web-Based Terminal Management System. All kiosks are connected to an online server software which offers reporting intelligence plus advanced administrative tools.

Online Reporting:
Operators can obtain real-time reporting and diagnostics on all of their kiosks’ activity from a single dashboard. The information available includes daily sales volume, system usage, low receipt paper / low contactless card inventory warning, and value code generation for on-site customer refunds.

Online Administration:
Operators no longer need to visit the laundry facility site to change system settings – they can update these settings remotely. For instance, the vend amount can be quickly modified through the Web-Based Terminal Management System. Pricing can be customized by location through a single portal.

For Laundry Users
For building residents and tenants, MONEXgroup’s Laundry CleanPay system provides a superior level of convenience, accessibility and ease-of-use with innovative features.

Online Laundromat Visibility
Residents can view laundry machine or dryer availability status and time remaining on running machines via a web interface or smartphone, thus eliminating wasted trips to the laundry room.

Online Booking
Residents can book the machines and pay securely online via a web interface or smartphone device (Android / iPhone app). Users can apply generated value codes from the website at the kiosk to load credits onto their laundry smart cards. Alternatively, users can utilize their mobile app to start the machine directly by taking a picture of the QR Code on the machine – the payment is deducted from the smartphone.

Alert Notifications
An email alert or SMS text can be requested when machines are available or laundry is done. Users can relax in their residence and await text notifications rather than waiting for machine cycle completion in the laundry room.

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