Published On: January 6, 2022

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. These businesses need every advantage they can get to ensure they’re operating with maximum efficiency while delivering the best possible customer experience. For many, the right point of sale systems for restaurants can make all the difference.

In the fast-paced environment of a busy restaurant, the speed with which servers, bartenders, hosts, and back-of-house employees can perform their tasks is of critical importance. For this reason, restaurant owners need to look for efficiencies wherever they can. One of the biggest opportunities is considering what type of point of sale system you should be using.

By implementing more capable restaurant POS systems, businesses can dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of many aspects of their operations to drive profits, increase customer satisfaction, and boost employee productivity. The functionality of modern point of sale systems used in restaurants has far surpassed anything that was available in years past, and they can now be used to manage virtually all types of business processes.

Modern Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Canada

Forget about the rudimentary cash registers and table management systems that you’ve undoubtedly seen in restaurants across Canada. These days, point of sale systems for restaurants are full-featured computer systems that consolidate essential business functions into an intuitive interface that is connected and accessible throughout the entire business, from the front host station to the back office and everywhere in between. Menu details, table management, order entry, and billing functions scratch the surface of what these robust POS systems can do.

To illustrate what we mean by this, there’s no better example than the advanced Clover Station Duo restaurant POS solution. For many restaurants, the Clover Station Duo is a game-changer and has provided significant benefits that have accelerated their success beyond expectations. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative point of sale system for restaurants & what they can ‘bring to the table’ for your business.

Clover Station Duo Restaurant P.O.S. Systems

Clover is renowned for providing powerful, flexible, and intuitive point-of-sale solutions and the Clover Station Duo fits that description. Designed to be the central hub of the business, this one solution can handle everything, including payment processing, table management, staff scheduling, inventory control, menu details, customer rewards programs, financial reports, and so much more with a speed that other systems cannot match. The Clover Station Duo can process chip card transactions in just three seconds. Day after day, month after month, and year after year, these time savings really add up.

In addition, the Clover Station Duo will act as the central management tool and restaurant online ordering system to allow customers to place orders remotely for delivery or takeout with ease. For restaurants still relying on the phone to accept takeout and delivery orders, this added functionality is a major benefit that increases consistency and saves a great deal of time for staff. Online credit card processing for restaurants means that customers can place their orders and pay in one simple step, saving delivery drivers from the hassle of having to handle payments, and works to make pickup orders faster for everyone.

The Clover Station Duo upgrades your restaurant’s ability to process a more diverse range of payment methods. While you can still accept cash, credit, and debit cards, you’ll now also be able to accommodate customers who want to use NFC and tap-to-pay methods such as digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others. As we shift towards a cashless economy, providing a wide range of payment options will make a difference to your customers. It will also prepare your business for the future by helping maximize compatibility with upcoming trends in payment technology.

Business Insights & Reporting in Real-Time

Analyzing business trends is an important part of managing your restaurant, and with the data available in the Clover Station Duo, you’ll get clearer insights into what’s really going on each day. You’ll have visibility to all kinds of valuable information related to menu performance, table turnaround times, time of day activity, promotion impact, and more.

You’ll be able to make smarter marketing decisions, pinpoint areas of opportunity to increase efficiency, and identify patterns that can help you gain competitive advantages that you never had before. With a few simple taps on the Clover Station Duo, you can harness powerful business data and use it to make a real difference in the success of your restaurant. There’s no more guesswork on whether a promotion worked or what menu items are really profitable. You’ll have the hard evidence to prove it, and be able to make the right decisions to act on it.

Secure Payment Processing & Encrypted Transaction Data

It should come as no surprise that security of transaction data is a growing concern for customers as an increasing number of purchases are being made using digital payment methods. When investing in a new point-of-sale system for your restaurant, you’re going to want a solution that provides the strongest level of fraud protection and is compatible with modern secure payment methods that use NFC technology.

Contactless payment processing using NFC technology offers enhanced security by encrypting each and every transaction to be completely unique. This means that the data is good for one, and only one, transaction, making the data worthless to information thieves as it cannot ever be used to create a fraudulent transaction. This is the reason why tap-to-pay systems are rapidly gaining popularity among businesses and consumers alike. Clover Station Duo restaurant point-of-sale systems are fully compatible with all types of NFC and tap-to-pay payment options, giving your business the edge when it comes to data security and transaction fraud prevention.

Expandable Capabilities with Clover Flex and Clover Mini POS Devices

While the Clover Station Duo acts as the mothership, devices such as the Clover Flex or Clover Mini expand the reach of your POS system and adds even greater efficiency for servers and front-of-house staff who need the flexibility to move around your facility while still being able to perform their functions no matter where they are.

The Clover Mini is the perfect solution for host stations and bars where counter space needs to be maximized. These full-featured POS stations remotely connect to the main system and allow fast and easy access to all the data your staff may need. At the same time, the device is also capable of processing payments of all types, including debit and credit cards, as well as digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

For a POS terminal that can go anywhere, the compact Clover Flex is ideal for servers to carry directly to where the customers are. Restaurant patrons can quickly process their payments right at the table or out on your outdoor patio, saving them time and helping your servers turnaround tables with greater efficiency. Clover Flex devices can be equipped with receipt printers, and even SIM cards to connect to LTE cellular networks for off-site payment processing capability that is perfect for food trucks and other pop-up restaurant locations.

Prepare Your Restaurant for the Future with the Clover Station Duo & MONEXgroup

If your restaurant is ready to take the next step in its evolution with the Clover Station Duo, now is the time to talk to the team here at MONEXgroup. Our payment processing experts can help you integrate this powerful POS solution into your restaurant operations, and work with you to customize the features and functions of the Clover Station Duo for maximum effect on your business’ efficiencies.

Choosing MONEXgroup as your payment processing partner will help your business succeed with the technical implementation of an advanced restaurant POS system, as well as allow you to leverage value-added services such as our team of expert technical support and 24/7/365 customer service representatives. No matter when or where you need support, you can be confident that MONEXgroup will have your back.

Contact us today to find out more about how the Clover Station Duo can elevate your restaurant business to new heights of profitability and efficiency. We’ll start off with a detailed cost savings analysis that will help quantify the benefits of making the switch, and show you what choosing MONEXgroup as your payment processing partner can bring to your business.

Author: Layal Scheirich, Head of Sales at MONEXgroup
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