Employ a Quality Credit Card Machine for Business Growth at Your Marketing Events
Dec 16, 2016

In today’s competitive dog-eat-dog world, companies vying for consumers’ attention and purchasing power must be smart about the types of strategies they want to utilize if they want to reach their target audience in a meaningful way. Modern consumers want more than just a pitch; they’re looking for validation and proof as well before they need to deliberate where they want to spend their money and why they should spend it. Event marketing offers a one-of-a-kind and personal opportunity for companies to showcase what they have that makes them stand out from the crowd via a one-on-one encounter with the consumer to fully discuss their brand and products, answer any questions they may have (Event Marketing). It’s also possible to close the deal on the spot with the aid of credit card machine for business transactions handy.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a broad marketing term for any business that conducts face-to-face interaction between the company and the public at an organized event. Prime examples of event marketing include presence at concerts, trade shows, and sporting events. Companies use event marketing strategies to “speak to” consumers through direct hand-to-hand sampling, by hiring promotional staff to help promote their brand/products and have interactive displays at shows. Smart business owners should employ a quality credit card machine for their marketing events because it helps monetize the event and improve ROI with instant transactions.

The Impact of Event Marketing

Events must be memorable to create an impact. When carried out properly, events have the power to create a lasting and powerful impression on buyers so they will remember what you sell and your brand. If executed well, subsequent marketing can be done through word-of-mouth and referrals for your business. However, cashing in an event with old fashioned cash is cumbersome so owners should employ a credit card machine for business transaction completion. (Event Marketing)

Four Reasons to Use Event Marketing

Companies choose to participate in event marketing for various reasons. A small business may want the exposure that a large crowd can offer, while a large company may value the face-to-face interaction that a trade show enables. Here are 4 reasons why businesses should use event marketing:

  1. Branding and Awareness

A primary reason for any business to participate in an event is to establish and build its brand. Event marketing allows companies to cultivate and express their identity to the public. Through specialized events such as trade shows, concert, businesses gain the perfect venue to share their ideas and thoughts.

  1. Lead Generation

Another important reason businesses choose to participate in an event is to generate leads. The best way to gain leads is through personable interaction, talking to consumers, finding out what their needs are and offering a solution. Through this approach, customers will be happy to discover more about the company and if they like what they hear, they will want to do business with them.

  1. Customer Engagement and Upsell

Event marketing has the ability to offer an unparalleled level of customer engagement, with an opportunity for positive personal interaction that builds loyalty. At events, you can upsell customers by introducing them to products and services they might not otherwise be aware of, so this is a great way of maximizing your revenue.

  1. Education

Most people attend events to network and to be educated. Both are powerful enticement in their own rights. The more a customer learns about your product, the more engaged and knowledgeable they become in making a buying decision.

Event Marketing: Trade Shows

A trade show is an exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase their relevant new products and services. Trade shows are typically not open to the general public and are only intended for company representatives as they are sponsored by trade associations for a particular industry. Trade shows represent an excellent venue for finding new customers. Furthermore, launching a new product, conducting demonstrations, identifying new applications, getting feedback from customers and studying the competition are typical activities that happen at a trade shows (What are Trade Shows).

Companies that are considering of doing trade shows as a key method of event marketing should inform employees what the objective of the show is. Some considerations that should be covered are:

  • Purpose of exhibiting and show goals
  • Deciding on target audience and most highly sought after clientele
  • The message you want to convey
  • Key measurements of success
  • Follow-up strategy post show

Some tips for exhibiting at trade show:

  • Stand out and be ready to present
  • Use visual media including video
  • Keep track of questions and feedback
  • Give away business cards, scan badges
  • Point out your competitive advantages

Credit Card Machine for Business

A credit card machine for business is a credit card reader and a PIN pad combined into a point-of-sale (POS) terminal machine. A credit card machine for business transmits payment info communication via the internet, a mobile device/computer, or a phone line. The 3G network, phone line or computer is required to send data to the processor. PCI compliance and EMV chip encryption are two security features that a credit card machine for business should have. It prevents the customers’ data from being lost or stolen.

To open an account for a credit card machine for business activities, business owners need to evaluate processing rates, merchant accounts, plus and hardware and security standards. Pricing depends on the models and features each machine has (for example if the machine supports EMV or has NFC communication). Credit card machines can be leased or purchased out right. Other costs related to a credit card machine for business include setup fees, gateway fees, monthly service fees, and compliance fees (Credit Card Machine).

Credit Card Machine for Business and Event Marketing

In order for companies to put on a successful marketing event, credit card machine for business play a vital role in its profitable execution and revenue generation. Event marketing often requires a reliable and portable credit card machine because businesses cannot process their transactions on-the-spot without a wireless credit card machine. It’s essential that the business employs an efficient credit card machine because the faster the machine, the quicker the transactions will be processed, allowing you to move on to the next customer without delay.

credit card machine for business

Benefits of Partnering with MONEXgroup on a Credit Card Machine for Business

MONEXgroup boasts a wide variety of POS machines for Canadian retailers to choose from, regardless of the nature of your business. Our Countertop terminal such as the classic Vx810 Duet which has the Tap & Go feature is an excellent selection for a brick-and-mortar store; while our iWL220G and iWL250 which operate on a 3G network connection is for long-range wireless communication nationwide that’s ideal for businesses looking to participate in event marketing.

The  iWL220  GPRS  is  a  light  and  compact  terminal  with  Long-Range  Wireless  connectivity  for  portable  payment  processing.  It  offers  an  economical  yet  highly  reliable  platform  for  merchants  who  are  on  the  road  and  require  fast  processing  of  transactions.  With integrated SIM card communication over the Rogers 3G Wireless network, the merchant can practically process transactions anywhere in Canada. The iWL250 terminal is the lightest, most sophisticated and smallest on the market. Compact, easy to use and carry, it provides excellent comfort for payment cardholders and merchants alike. iWL250 accepts a wide range of payment options, including Chip and PIN, smart card, magnetic card, and contactless “Tap-and-Go”. Furthermore, it is designed to meet state-of-the-art security standards such as EMV and PCI. The intuitive user interface offers an unparalleled customer experience. It ensures effortless application in any environment with crystal clear readability, even outdoors in the sunlight.

When partnering with the number one Canadian merchant services in Canada; MONEXgroup will ensure you are equipped with the latest, safe and secure credit card machine payment systems with low cost. Request a Cost Comparison Analysis today.

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