Published On: January 12, 2017

Have you thought about what your New Year’s resolution is for this year? Is it a fitness related wish to exercise more or eat healthier? What about trying to save more money and maximize what’s in your wallet? For a business owner, we understand that the most important aspect of running a business is profitability, maximizing revenue while reducing the operational costs. Therefore, saving money should be high up on a business owner’s New Year’s resolution list. In this article, MONEXgroup demonstrates ways that business owners can save money and boost revenue by installing a convenient and interactive self service kiosk at their locations.

Self Service Kiosk 101

The self service kiosk is effectively a standalone computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that together provide access to information and applications for communication, ordering, entertainment…etc. The self service kiosk interface typically utilizes a simple and colourful GUI (Graphic User Interface) that consumers can easily access and understand. The benefits of an unattended kiosk terminal are plentiful. For one it is easy to use and speeds up transactions. Secondly, it saves the merchant money on hiring staff because customers can simply research and order on their own. Thirdly, the self service kiosk is more reliable and secure for handling credit or debit card payments.

Types of Self Service Kiosk Systems

There are multiple types of kiosks being employed nowadays; the list below just scratches the surface of the infinite capabilities and possibilities of self service kiosk potential and functionally.

Restaurant Self Service Kiosk

Customers are able to order their food via a self service kiosk in which all they have to do is tap their order on the touch screen of the kiosk, complete payment at the kiosk, and wait for their order.

Movie Self Service Kiosk

Movie goers can also purchase their tickets at a standalone self service kiosk and the benefits of doing so are to avoid lineups, and claim online or mobile purchased tickets.

Ticketing Self Service Kiosk

There are various kinds of ticketing self service kiosk options. For instance train patrons can now buy their tickets at a ticket self service kiosk for faster service. Ticketing self service kiosk systems are also being used in subways, airport check-in, bus terminals… etc.

Self Service Kiosk Trends

So what is there to expect from self service kiosk technology in 2017? According to Grand View Research, self service kiosk installations are expected to show the highest growth in regions such as Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa because the markets in these regions are more emerging. Particularly worth mentioning is the fact that Vending Machines contributed nearly 57 per cent to the overall revenue of the self service kiosk technology market in 2014. This segment is expected to grow at a steady pace, accounting for more than half of the overall kiosk market revenue between 2015 and 2020.

Self Service Kiosk Industry

It is estimated that over 1,200,000 self service kiosk terminals exist in the U.S. and Canada. Companies that use self service kiosk systems in their business include: Delta Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, GTAA, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Target Corporation, and Wal-Mart…and the list will only continue growing.

Benefits of Partnering with MONEXgroup to Monetize your Self Service Kiosk

MONEXgroup is a leading Canadian point-of-sale service provider based in Toronto. Our unattended payment solutions are proven in the Canadian market as our self service kiosk  systems can be found nationwide at Laundromats, Air Pumps, Carwashes, Gas Stations, Vending Machines, Parking Lots…etc. The possibilities are endless for our Canadian merchants. Recently, MONEXgroup has successfully launched Canada’s first self service kiosk payment solution that is PCI certified to accept Tap only payments, supporting Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interac Flash, and Apple Pay. But don’t just take our word for it… check out this video featuring our ground breaking Contactless Only payment solution rolling out across Canada at all gas stations for tire inflation and car vacuum machines. The robust self service kiosk is weatherproof and damage-proof – features that will dramatically lower maintenance costs for business owners. Furthermore, our Contactless Only self service kiosk solution will put the mind of a business owner at ease because there is no more need for handling coin, worrying about theft, plus no key injection or MAC’ing is required. Lastly and most importantly, our revolutionary self service kiosk payment interface is established and running smoothly in numerous applications nationwide, which has definitely built a reputation for our company to be the trusted brand for processing unattended payments. So call us today to inquire about installing your first and very own self service kiosk for YOUR business!

Lindsey Lu
Marketing Communication Specialist