Published On: August 19, 2016

If you’re a business owner, you know intuitively that running a business takes a lot of effort and hard work. But the most important part of operating a business is retaining customers and improving customer satisfaction so they will promote your business to their friends and associates. MONEXgroup Payment Processing services cater to our merchants’ every business needs and their daily transaction requirements with our wide variety of Countertop terminals, E-commerce solutions and on-the-go systems that can accommodate your business’ unique needs.

Effective Ways that Business Owners can Improve Customer Satisfaction

  1. As a business owner, a great mindset to have is treating your customers like they are your boss, according to Client Heartbeat, a website that writes about increasing customer satisfaction. They suggested adopting the following habits in order to treat your customers like your boss:
  • Always thank your customers for their business because a little gratitude goes a long way. Once you establish that good connection, half of the work is done
  • Always go that extra mile for your customers, show them that you care
  • Always treat your customers with respect and integrity…since they’re always right after all!

MONEXgroup payment processing offers business owners the opportunity to go that extra mile for your customers because our payment solutions are easy-to-use, accurate and efficient at transacting. Your customers will be able to carry on with their day quickly with confidence that their transactions were handled securely.

  1. Learn to Measure Customer Satisfaction

It’s wise to measure your customers’ satisfaction because you will never know what they think or how they perceive your product/service until you ask them. Remember that communication is key….once you know how a customer feels about your store and service, you can maximize on the sale and retain that customer. By the same token, if a customer isn’t happy about the service or product and doesn’t have the opportunity to communicate their sentiments, then they would definitely not come back and could damage the brand via word-of-mouth.

So how do you measure customer satisfaction?

  • Utilize Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo as online survey tools
  • Use customer support tools with ticket systems (Zendesk, or Helpscout)
  • Simply ask your customer how their experience was at checkout and inquire as to whether their expectations were met

The MONEXgroup Payment Processing onboarding of new merchants endeavours to obtain feedback from our customers at various stages, so we can capture their feedback first hand and immediately address any possible issues in our effort to ensure clients’ satisfaction. We find that this an effective way of keeping customers engaged and ensuring they are happy with our service and products.

  1. Build Customer Loyalty by Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Business owners can practice the following tips to build customer loyalty:

  • Let customers know what they are doing for them (this can be done through phoning or emailing the customers to inquire about their experience)
  • At this day and age, people rely on e-mails to communicate, but receiving a personalized handwritten letter is rare, so customers do appreciate you giving that personal touch when following up about their experience
  • Remember special occasions, i.e. your customers birthday, holidays,
  • Make customer retentions a priority
  1. Avoid Making Common Mistakes…

The most common mistakes that any business owner can make are the following:

  • Ignoring customer feedback
  • Taking customer feedback too personally
  • Setting your customers’ expectations too high

Ensuring that you do not make these common mistakes will improve customer satisfaction and the likelihood of their long-term business.

  1. Set Customer Expectations Accurately

Never set your customers’ expectations unreasonably high! When you set their expectations too high, it will only lead to disappointment. Being able to manage your customers’ expectations and what they will get and not get is essential. A lot of businesses can be short-sighted in just looking to make a quick sale, so they will over promise and not meet consequently set the expectations they set for customers.

MONEXgroup Payment Processing knows the importance of reasonably setting customers’ expectations because our Sales Agents are trained to never over promise and under deliver. Delivering on setting our customers’ expectations based on our promises is what guarantees our successful long-term relationship with them.

  1. Email is the best channel to increase customer satisfaction

According to statistics, 59% of B2B marketers believe email marketing is still the most effective channel in generating revenue. Three companies outlined below realize this and use emails to maximize their marketing campaigns.

  • Mixpanel uses email to stay in touch with customers by sending following up emails with links to resources, webinars and support sites
  • Proflowers uses email to send special offers to specific groups of customers
  • R&G Technologies uses email to send customer feedback surveys and track customer satisfaction
  1. Utilize Different Social Media Channels to Track and Monitor Your Customer Satisfaction

Most companies use a variety of social media channels to entice and engage the customers so not only can they see the professional side of the business, but also the fun side of the business including employee pictures, events and activities.

Here are some ways in which a company can maximize their social media initiatives:

  • Use social media to monitor brand mentions and feedback
  • Use social media as a customer support/feedback channel
  • Use social media to convey and maintain brand image

MONEXgroup is an avid social media user; we are active on Facebook, our Twitter handle is @monexgroup, and LinkedIn! We welcome you to follow us on all channels and engage with us!

MONEXgroup Payment Processing and Our Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

At MONEXgroup, we strive to provide customized and scalable Canadian merchant services for large and small business’ unique credit card processing needs. We are committed to helping our merchants succeed. Our merchant services Canada stand out because of the first-class professionalism of our knowledgeable and friendly Sales Agents who are always happy to assist. Additionally, our merchants are supported by our highly trained customer service team and our proudly Canadian merchant services to deliver technical support nationwide within 2-4 hours to your store should you require it. MONEXgroup is trusted by thousands of small businesses across Canada and when you partner with us, you can rely on us to provide you with the tools for the success of your small business! MONEXgroup cares about our customers’ feedback and we’re happy to share their experiences.

When partnering with the number one Canadian merchant services in Canada; MONEXgroup payment processing will increase your efficiency and quality of service and lower the related costs. Request a Cost Comparison Analysis today.

Author: Lindsey Lu, Marketing Communication Specialist, MONEXgroup
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