Published On: November 10, 2017

Leading up to Remembrance Day on Canada’s 150 th anniversary, MONEXgroup successfully partnered with Sunnybrook Hospital’s Operation Raise a Flag campaign to launch a breakthrough in Canadian charitable fundraising technology with our exclusive Tap to Donate solution. Tap to Donate, offered exclusively by MONEXgroup, promises to revolutionize the collection of donations for the non profit sector by making it easy for donors to support their causes via contactless transactions.

Cashless Society & Impact on Charities

Have you ever walked by someone fundraising for a charity, dug into your pockets with the intent to donate, only to turn up empty? This is becoming more the norm than the exception for Canadians. With all the different payment methods today including debit, credit, Apple Pay and Android Pay, cash and coin are becoming a relic of the past. Charities in particular have felt the impact of this change in their industry, and it has been detrimental to fundraising productivity given the absence of a means to accept more popular methods of payment.

Canadians are undoubtedly carrying less cash, rendering them unable to donate in a spur of the moment decision – which is how most donations are made by individuals. In order to combat this problem and remain afloat through the support of individuals, charities need to find a way to make it easier for people to donate.

MONEXgroup now provides non-profit organizations with an answer to this challenge. Given our experience in contactless payment solutions through laudromats, car washes, parking, vending, air pumps and car vacuums, we are pleased to extend this technology to charities to help augment their fundraising.

Contactless Payment Technology Boosts Fundraising

Contactless payment technology makes it simpler and more efficient for individuals to donate to charities while on-the-go, resulting in dramatically higher volume donations in addition to higher average donation amounts.

With Tap to Donate , donors can conveniently tap using their Interac Flash debit card, contactless enabled Visa pay Wave, Mastercard Tap & Go, Apple Pay and Android Pay. MONEXgroup’s contactless only terminal can be configured with pre-set donation amounts (determined by the charity) in several denominations (for example, $15, $20 and $25). Individuals choose the amount they wish to donate, tap their card on the terminal, and instantly, a donation is made! Funds are transferred into the charity’s bank account the very next business day. It’s that simple. No more rolling coin, counting coin, or making manual deposits required.

Canada’s First Tap to Donate Kiosk

Our pilot program for the launch of Tap to Donate was Sunnybrook Hospital’s Operation Raise a Flag campaign which aims to thank Canada’s veterans. Being the first Tap to Donate payment kiosk system in Canada (and North America, for that matter), it was an honour to be a part of such a worthy cause, being able to support our veterans who have served to keep our proud nation strong and free. Funds raised go to Sunnybrook’s veteran care facility, which is the largest in Canada. The facility provides the highest level of cognitive, physical, mental health and stroke care to 475 Canadian veterans of the Second World War and Korean War.

North America’s first Tap to Donate kiosk was set up in downtown Toronto’s underground PATH system, at the Richmond-Adelaide Centre food court, and utilized two contactless payment terminals. The effectiveness of the solution became immediately apparent during the first day of this pilot campaign, as the organization experienced a significant increase in funds raised. Furthermore, donors appreciated the ease of use and were excited by the vastly improved accessibility offered.

Tap to Donate – The Latest Innovation from MONEXgroup

As less Canadians are carrying cash and coin, the Tap to Donate technology has made it practical for people to donate. As a result, charities that adopt this cutting edge solution can expect increased donation frequency and even increased donation amounts. We’ve been delighted to see an overwhelming response to this campaign in support of the cause itself, amplified by the fact that donors are able to use modern methods of payment to make their desired donations.

As a socially responsible company and industry leader in unattended payment technology, MONEXgroup was thrilled to use our expertise to help support important charitable causes. We’re pleased to assist charities maximize their donation collections and realize their fundraising objectives. We strongly believe that our Tap to Donate solution represents the future of charitable fundraising in high traffic public venues. The launch of this system represents a breakthrough for charities in Canada that will help overcome the cash obstacle that has plagued the non-profit sector in recent years. Ultimately, it’s the needy recipients these important charitable causes who will benefit most.

MONEXgroup’s   Tap to Donate terminals can be used as standalone payment processing units. They are PCI certified, built tough to withstand the elements of the environment, and are not susceptible to vandalism or theft as they contain no cash. They can be used indoors or outdoors. The Tap to Donate terminals are easily installed with Plug & Play integration. Furthermore, the terminals are very low maintenance and provide simple reconciliation for bookkeeping purposes.

Although the Tap to Donate technology is the first charitable fundraising solution of its kind in Canada, MONEXgroup has previously established itself as a leader in unattended contactless payment terminals in other application such as laundromats, gas stations, vending machines and parking lots nationwide.

Contactless payment solutions are becoming the way of the future, across a wide variety of vertical markets, because it’s the fastest and most convenient way to pay. MONEXgroup will continue to be there to support this revolution in payment processing technology. Contact us today and tell us more about your unique application!

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Katherine Apostolou Marketing Communications Specialist