Published On: January 18, 2018

Brrrr, it’s cold outside, but our contactless terminals don’t seem to mind! As Canadians, we’re no strangers to the bitter cold of winter. We’ve become used to minus twenty degree weather plus wind chill, snow banks, and even having parts of our city shut down due to icy conditions. But as a bustling modern country, the show must go on and we need to be able to run our businesses – no matter what the weather brings. We have places to go, people to see and things to do.

The 2018 winter has proven to be a particularly brutal one to date across Canada. For example, in Toronto temperatures have been recorded as some of the coldest since 1938 with temperatures reaching below minus 30 degrees Celsius, and when you factor in the wind chill, it feels closer to minus 45 degrees Celsius… that’s colder than Mars! Many parts of Quebec also felt this cold snap,  while those in the Maritimes have also been digging themselves out of major snowstorms dubbed ‘cyclone bombs’ which swept the East Coast.

When it’s that cold out, you have enough things to worry about; your payment processing system shouldn’t be one of them. MONEXgroup provides tough and sturdy unattended payment processing equipment for outdoor applications where terminals are exposed directly to the elements. For instance, our Ultra C Ruggedized terminals found on tire inflators and car vacuum machines at major gas stations nationwide are operating just fine with no report of any failures despite the extreme cold. Furthermore, our Ultra CW ruggedized terminals at carwashes from coast to coast are performing under the harshest possible conditions, impervious not only to freezing rain & snow – but also the direct high pressure water spray from hoses.

MONEXgroup’s contactless only payment terminals have been put to the test and proven that they can withstand the harsh winter weather conditions of our beautiful country. Wind, rain, snow and hail are no threat for our unattended contactless payment terminals. What’s the secret? Well for one thing, our unattended terminals are PCI certified for Contactless Only tap payments, so they are fully weatherproof sealed without the requirement for card insert or swipe (older technologies that typically fail under extreme weather conditions). In fact, we’re the only payment processor in Canada that is able to offer a PCI certified contactless only solution that supports Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interac Flash, Apple Pay and Android Pay. MONEXgroup has emerged as the market leader in Canada with the most cutting-edge unattended payment solutions now running smoothly throughout Canada. Our terminals are perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor unattended applications alike, including vending, parking and ticketing.

Electronic Devices in Extreme Cold Temperatures

Have you ever left your cell phone in a cold car overnight? If you have, you may have noticed that the display screen sometimes won’t read properly, or that it seems to work much slower. That’s because many cell phones contain liquid crystal in their display screens that can freeze, leading to a whole slew of other problems. Most cell phones will include reported temperature guidelines in their product manuals; here are some quick tips on how to handle your Smartphone in cold weather.

Leaving your electronics in the cold can put them on thin ice! Many electronic devices will malfunction in extreme cold temperatures (anything colder than minus 15 degrees Celsius).  Most electronic components are not damaged by ‘normal’ cold temperature, however, condensation can be a problem if the temperature cycles between warm and cold with humidity. Batteries can also lose capacity in the cold and some materials will become brittle, and could crack from the expansion and contraction of being cold then hot.

Here are some common issues electronics may face when left in the cold:

Battery Drain: This is the most common and most immediate effect of cold weather. Your device may spontaneously power off with a dead battery in extreme cold. If your smartphone is exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period, you risk killing the battery altogether.

Screen Issues: LCD displays on smartphones or tablets are sensitive to the cold. Users may experience delayed touch screen reactions as well as smudging or ghosting of images. The cold weather makes the panel more rigid, which makes it more likely to shatter if dropped.

Internal Component Errors: In extremely cold temperatures, smartphones and other mobile devices may begin to register various errors of their internal components. Smartphones may have difficulty reading a SIM card or executing any number of processing operations.

Physical Damage to Internal/External Components: Mobile devices subjected to extreme cold can cause both internal and external components to become rigid, leading to physical damage such as spontaneous screen shattering. Leaving devices in these temperatures can cause permanent damage.

Liquid Condensation: When used too quickly after bringing your device in from the cold, your mobile devices are susceptible to liquid condensation underneath their displays. This can cause various liquid damage issues and make your display screen hard to read.

Cellular Phone Reactions to Cold Temperatures

Temperature Reaction
0 degrees Celsius Slight screen dimming.
-10 degrees Celsius Some phones experience battery problems.
–20 degrees Celsius Several phones shut off.
-30 degrees Celsius Serious battery and LCD problems.
-40 degrees Celsius Most phones rendered inoperable.

MONEXgroup’s Unattended Payment Terminals Deliver in Extreme Cold and Heat

In addition to providing our merchants with unparalleled convenience and efficiency in their businesses with our unattended contactless payment processing solutions, MONEXgroup’s terminals are built tough to withstand and thrive even in the harshest Canadian winter conditions. The durability of our product has been proven in this unprecedented cold snap of 2018 that has witnessed new levels of temperature lows and ‘bomb cyclones’. Our client partners can rest easy and not have to worry about payment malfunctions on their machines, giving them peace of mind as they sip their hot chocolate by the fireplace. Our unattended payment terminals are put to the test every day year-round in car washes, where water and condensation are always present. A key requirement of the car wash application is for the technology to be 100% waterproof – even against a high pressure water jet. Alternative swipe and insert technologies would not suffice as they have unsealed components that are susceptible to water damage.

Our Ultra CW unattended payment terminals have become favourites with our car wash and petroleum station merchants because they require minimal time to set up, and little to no upkeep to maintain because of their robust quality parts. They offer speedy, cost-effective solutions that have been proven to boost sales due to the sheer convenience they offer. Whether you’re running your car through the wash, inflating your tires or paying for parking in the cold, our unattended payment terminals are guaranteed to function without any problems.

Our Laundry CleanPay solution is also built tough to withstand heat, steam and water infiltration that can damage the system. Laundry rooms are often humid and steamy, particularly in the summer time, posing possible issues for any electronic device in the immediate vicinity. MONEXgroup payment terminals are built tough and encased in air-tight enclosures, providing maximum protection to ensure your terminal stays operational and your payments continue to process seamlessly.

Our latest technology, Tap to Donate, is an unattended payment terminal designed for charities that can be pre-set with different dollar amounts. These terminals can also be placed anywhere, inside or out, optimizing the chance for increased donations since pedestrians are no longer carrying change as they may have some years ago. These terminals also allow numerous benefits for the charitable organization – beyond heightened donation collection, they provide simplified reconciliation and less chance of theft and fraud.

For those who are looking for a superior quality product for their unattended payment processing needs, MONEXgroup is the supplier for you. Our products are of the highest quality, our rates are among the most affordable in the country and our service is second to none. If you’re thinking of establishing a business and need a payment processing solution that won’t fail you, even in the coldest temperatures, call MONEXgroup today!

When partnering with the number one payment processor in Canada; MONEXgroup will increase your efficiency and quality of service and lower the related costs. Request a Cost Comparison Analysis today.

Katherine Apostolou Marketing Communications Specialist