Published On: July 11, 2023
  • The online checkout page can make or break an ecommerce sale
  • Simplifying your online checkout can boost sales and reduce cart abandons
  • Improving customer experience leads to repeat purchases and loyalty

The most fundamental aspect of a business is to make money, with an inherently tremendous effort required to achieve that goal. From advertising and marketing to assembling high-quality products, companies have to meticulously craft every stage entailed in the sales funnel to attain a paying customer. However, many business owners completely neglect one simple but crucial step – the online checkout process.

It doesn’t matter how effective your system is in swaying customers to purchase your products or services. If the checkout page presents unexpected hindrances, it only takes one click to lose a potential buyer. To improve your conversion rate, optimize the checkout experience by implementing these simple recommendations.

Don’t force account registration

 Every customer expects a hassle-free checkout experience, and the worst thing you can do is make the process slower by requiring an account registration. To enable a transaction, you only need basic information such as the customer’s name, physical address, and email. That means don’t request additional details like how they found your shop, their date of birth, phone numbers, their background, etc.

The best way to set up a frictionless online checkout is to allow guest checkout. This quickly eliminates the obstacle of creating an account. While painting a complete picture of your buyer persona is important, it is more effective to collect information by sending a survey after a customer has completed their purchase. Otherwise, an easy and straightforward online checkout experience should be prioritized to improve the conversion rate.

Buyers love free shipping

Among all the most critical deterrents during the buying process, shipping costs are always on the list of top reasons why customers abandon their checkout. In fact, a research study pointed out that three-quarters of global shoppers considered free shipping a make-or-break ­factor for their buying decision. What’s more, 58% of the respondents expected free next-day delivery.

To encourage potential shoppers to add items to their cart, display that you offer free shipping through messaging, badges, banners, and a progress bar. If, however, your business is not able to cover the shipping cost, implement a minimum threshold above which free shipping will be offered.  One common way is to integrate a progress bar during the online checkout process, which helps the shopper see how much more they need to shell out to enjoy the free shipping perk. The tactic will not only boost your average order value but also remove extra shipping fees for customers.

Focus on mobile checkout experience

Mobile phones have become an irreplaceable tool for online shopping enthusiasts. Based on a study, ecommerce on mobile devices accounted for  6.0%  of the total retail sales in  2022 in the U.S. This represents more than $415.93 billion in sales. That’s a huge number for any online business to ignore, especially when that figure is projected to grow as more people switch to their phones for the shopping experience.

For the above paragraph, I’m confused where “$360 billion in sales” came from as it was not mentioned in the article. Suggestion: Replace these statistics with figures from 2022 which were provided in the article.

Therefore, to optimize the mobile online checkout process, you should ensure that every step is mobile-friendly with a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. A well-optimized mobile checkout allows for simplified forms, easy navigation, and a seamless user interface, making it convenient for customers to complete the purchase on any of their devices.

Provide different payment options

The advantage of the ecommerce industry is its access to a diverse customer base globally. However, it also means that your website needs to be able to offer multiple payment options. Some markets prefer cash on delivery, while others favour credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, etc. Some even prefer using cryptocurrency as the checkout currency. The varied preferences across many regions highlight the significance of offering multiple payment options.

However, it is worth remembering that you need more than just options; you must ensure that these online checkout options are safe. That is, integrating secure payment gateways inspires trust and confidence in customers, reducing cart abandonment rates. This ultimately improves the checkout experience and increases conversion rates.

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How does this impact the conversion rate?

By optimizing and streamlining online checkouts, businesses enable a seamless experience throughout the purchasing process for the shopper. You can expect to see noticeable improvements to your business. For example:

  • Reduced Cart Abandonment: Simplifying the checkout process and addressing pain points can minimize cart abandonment rates. Customers are more likely to complete their purchases when the checkout experience is smooth, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Enhancing the checkout process leads to higher customer satisfaction. By providing a seamless and convenient experience, businesses can leave a positive impression, leading to repeat purchases and customer loyalty.
  • Increased Repeat Purchases: Implementing guest checkout options encourages repeat purchases by reducing barriers and saving customers’ time. The convenience and ease of the feature make it more likely for customers to return to the business for future transactions.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: A streamlined and optimized checkout process reflects positively on a business’ reputation. Word-of-mouth recommendations and positive online reviews can drive more traffic and increase conversion rates, ultimately benefiting the bottom line.


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