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POS on your phone equals power! Mobile Payment Solution with Clover Virtual Terminal allows for secure payment processing without signing up for any hardware. With minimal cost, businesses can be ready to meet even impromptu opportunities and reach new audiences. In addition to accepting payments and issuing invoices, Clover Virtual Terminal enables you to set up your inventory, manage employees, run detailed reports, and so much more. All from your mobile device!

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For businesses that are interested in promoting their brands and selling their products at the traditional, annual events and seasonal market places, Mobile Payment Solution can help you make those sale results more memorable! Ensure your booth visitors know that you can accept debit and credit cards and start processing payments right from your smartphone on your next trade show, farmers market, or fair.

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You never know when the next sale opportunity can come knocking at your door, so you want to be prepared to jump right into it with an inexpensive Mobile Payment Solution. Be ready to participate at your next pop-up set and process payments directly on the spot. Relying on the Clover Virtual Terminal on your smartphone, you can display that sign that says your small business accepts debit and credit cards. Happy selling!

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We get it; your day typically takes you throughout the area from client to client, so your business tools must be on the move along with you. Mobile Payment Solution, easily accessible from your smartphone from any place you need to be, enables you to issue those invoices and send them to your clients’ email addresses. You don’t even need to collect their credit card info because that part is left to your clients: via the payment links in their email invoices, they will be asked to enter their credentials directly to complete pending transactions. Easy-peasy and safe!

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Is it time to hit the road and take your business where your new customers are? We got you covered with an online platform that can processes your payments anytime, anywhere, straight from your mobile phone. Of course, you are granted the same access from multiple devices, so you can use the Virtual Terminal from your computer as well as your tablet to suit your every need.

Whether you run an e-commerce business and would like to explore selling at occasional grassroots events, or have a brick-and-mortar store and would like to expand beyond the same physical address, Mobile Payment Solution with Clover Virtual Terminal is a great payment processing option. Just the same, it safely facilitates credit or debit card payments to businesses that only accept cash or are just starting up and looking for an inexpensive way to process credit and debit cards reliably.

Your non-hardware need may eventually grow into consideration of adding a POS terminal or online ordering tool to support your advancing small business. In that case, we can help you easily integrate with the Clover suite of products such as Clover Flex, Clover Mini, as well as a plug-and-play online shopping cart.

Safety First
Mobile Payment Solution with Clover Virtual Terminal is PCI compliant, secured by end-to-end encryption. With integrated address verification service (AVS) and card verification value (CVV), it protects your business against fraud.
Accept Popular Payment Choices
Accept Interac debit, Visa, Mastercard, as well as other credit card options such as AMEX, Discover, and Union Pay directly on your mobile phone.

Flexibility on the Spot
Wherever the business takes you, you can reliably process payments, issue refunds, and send email receipts just by logging into your Clover Web Dashboard from your smartphone.

Modern Invoicing
Just the same way you would take debit and credit card payments, you can also use the same platform to issue invoices and let your customers type in their card credentials right from their email inbox via the payment link.

Card on File
Clover Virtual terminal safely stores card information of your regulars so you can administer faster transactions and set recurring payments.

The Ultimate Convenience
Mobile Payment Solution with Clover lets you take payments and run your small business from virtually anywhere, and anytime.

POS on your Phone Equals Power!
With just a smartphone in your pocket and no other POS hardware, you are ready to process credit and debit card payments and manage your small business wherever your next target audience may be.

Launch Marketing Campaigns
Clover Virtual Terminal lets you easily create loyalty programs and launch direct marketing campaigns to the contacts you’ve collected. It’s a great way to keep your customers engaged and keep them coming for more.

More Than Payments
Utilizing the cloud-based Clover Dashboard, you can track your sales, discover your best-selling items and the ones that didn’t perform as well. Have your inventory at your fingertips, and if you have more people on your team, this platform lets you track their performance as well.

Grow your Business
Eventually, your business may need some additional support to follow your growing trends, at which point it will be easy to add Clover POS hardware already compatible with your Mobile Payment Solution. We can provide you with Clover terminals at any stage of your business expansion while you will be able to continue to use your Virtual Terminal free of charge.

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We are very transparent about our pricing. Due to close partnership relationships with acquirers, we able to offer to our customers the most competitive Visa, Mastercard and debit card processing rates available in the market.

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Our support agents are available to assist. Simply call the toll-free number located on your terminal sticker for the best number to reach us at for your particular system.

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