Contactless Payment System

Contactless Only™ Contactless Payment Terminals

MONEXgroup launched North America’s first unattended Contactless Only™ payment solutions in 2016 and revolutionized the car wash, tire inflation & car vacuuming stations, parking, laundry, micro-vending, vending and not-for-profit industries in an unattended payment processing segment. Today, technology-powered digital and touch-free payment processing is a growing trend.

70,000 + Contactless Only™ terminals powered by MONEXgroup are currently operating across Canada!

The Contactless Only™ solution is fully customizable to merchants and can be integrated with any unattended equipment, mobile app, and e-commerce platform.

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Product Information

  • Complement your existing coin-operating kiosk with Contactless Only™ payment processing, and enable new revenue streams from customers who prefer paying by a credit card.
  • Increase the number of transactions – recoup the ROI in 3 months.
  • Eliminate theft and vandalism.
  • Reduce reconciliation cost – or we can reconcile your coin for you!
  • Take advantage of real-life updates: our system will let you know if a machine is down, and send you an error code.
  • Control your Contactless Only™ remotely: turn it on remotely in cold weather to keep the motor warm, or reboot your machine remotely to fix an error.
  • PCI compliant
  • Plug and play payment solution, no certification required
  • No PIN, No Swipe, No Key Injection – touchless and easy to maintain
  • Remotely change transaction amounts
  • Customizable reporting – dashboard overview & detailed transactions
  • Reduce time collecting and handling cash & coin – no reconciliation costs
  • Eliminate theft
  • Indoor and outdoor use – operating temperature -30⁰C ~ +60⁰C, 100% waterproof
  • Online payment processing and mobile app options
  • Interac, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard

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We are very transparent about our pricing. Due to close partnership relationships with acquirers, we able to offer to our customers the most competitive Visa, Mastercard and debit card processing rates available in the market.

At MONEXgroup, we’ve built our reputation on providing the most efficient and extensive level of customer service in the industry. Our services include 24/7/365 technical support and same-day onsite swap service for terminal replacements. Our rapid response policy ensures that downtime to your business is minimized.

Our support agents are available to assist. Simply call the toll-free number located on your terminal sticker for the best number to reach us at for your particular system.

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