Unattended Laundry Terminal

Unattended Laundry Terminal

MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal provides self-serve debit and credit card payments for laundromats. This unattended payment terminal is easy to set up and has an easy-to-use resistive touch screen. The device also comes with a mobile app that allows customers to check laundry room status in advance and notifies them when laundry is complete. This multifunctional contactless POS system provides an additional payment method to cash & coin.

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Provide your coin-operated laundry business an upgrade with MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal. With this easy to integrate device, you’ll be able to keep track of the general use of your equipment and customers will have access to clean, low-touch payment options at your self-serve laundromat. This is a great option for neighbourhood laundromats, truck stop laundromats, as well as all different types of specialty laundromats.

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Rental Apartments

Tenants that use a laundry facility in their building face the hassle of needing coins and going to the laundry room to check if a machine is available. MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal is an payment solution that accepts card payments and provides customers with a laundry payment app that notifies tenants which machines are available and when their wash cycle is complete.

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Hostels & Hotels

Provide customers who need to wash their clothes with a seamless customer experience with a laundry facility that eliminates the need to carry coins. MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal provides a payment system for washers and dryers ensuring guests will no longer have to worry about traveling with coins or dirty laundry as they will be able to pay with a single tap of their card.

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Academic Dorms

MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal is a great option for a laundry facility in an academic dorm. Students are busy and do not tend to carry coins. Add a safer, cleaner, low-touch payment alternative with an easy-to-install terminal and laundry payment app.

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Product Information

Easy Setup
Compatible with all operating systems, including coin and timer models. MONEXgroup’s Unattended Laundry Terminal is cable-free; it is set up using a secure WiFi connection.

Minimal maintenance, as the device does not require key injections. Comes with a 1-year guaranteed warranty.

Safe, Secure Payment Options
A low-contact option that is cleaner and safer for customers. It is PCI compliant, ensuring the security and privacy of customer data whether they tap, insert, or swipe their Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Single Integration Point
With our Unattended Laundry Terminal, you are dealing with a single payment processor for both the US & Canada. By having this single integration point, your clients can easily expand into the Canadian market, and greatly benefit when it comes to upgrades, maintenance, and support.

● Display 2.4 inch, full colour LCD 320*240 resolution, resistive touch
● Processor 32-bit high performance secure processor
● Memory 128MB Flash + 64MB RAM
● Real Time Clock Battery backed up for data retention
● Magnetic Stripe Reader ISO 1/2/3 track bi-directional, conforming to ISO7810/7811/7813 (500,000 swipes)
● Smart Card Reader EMV L1, ISO7816, 1.8V, 3V, 5V, synchronous & asynchronous T=0 and T=1 (500,000 insertions)
● Contactless Card Reader EMV Contactless L1, ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B, MIFARE, FELICA
● Beeper Integrated, single-tone buzzer
● Communication Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.4/4.2
● Peripheral Ports 1xMicro-USB, 1xRS232
● Power Supply MDB: 24V, 0.3A
● Operating Temperature -10*C ~+50*C (14*F ~ 122*F) IP56 IK09
● Size (W x L x H) 3.0” x 4.5” x 1.0”

Grow Your Business with the Clean Store App
Encourage repeat visits by equipping customers with a mobile app that allows them to check the laundry room status ahead of time and notifies them when their washer and dryer is complete.

Reduce Theft and Reconciliation Errors
Reconcile cash & coin electronically, reduce theft and human error versus manual counting. Eliminate theft and error completely by adding card payments.

Remain Connected Using Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor unattended terminal performance and interact with payment terminals remotely, via a mobile app. You can conveniently adjust displayed pricing in real-time, check terminal status, assign permissions to managers, or see transaction history.

Detailed Reporting
Access a full suite of reporting on all your clients through a web-based dashboard. Filter, sort and view your data by location, device, date range, card type, etc. Make better business decisions by knowing what drives your revenue.

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