Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a simplified online payment infrastructure accessible through any web-browser via a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. It is ideal for merchants who deal with phone-in orders or a remote customer base. Virtual Terminal also supports scheduled recurring payments.

Process Online Payments through a Simple Web-based Portal

Virtual Terminal is an easy-to-use online payment portal built for merchants who process credit card transactions using the phone, fax or snail mail to access a remote customer base. Small-to-medium sized businesses that operate and deliver services remotely, such as call-in centers and order desks, can securely process credit cards and offer a real-time secure payment experience to their customers. Furthermore, the system supports Recurring Payment setup for customers to pay monthly fees and bills in scheduled, recurring installments.

Virtual Terminal is accessed through a web browser and an internet connection. With Online Payment Gateway technology, the Virtual Terminal System is customizable to meet unique business needs. A merchant account is developed with a portal displaying a comprehensive set of manageable payment functions including: transaction details, refunds or voids and transaction authorization. These features allow merchants to process secured PCI compliant credit card payments, from virtually anywhere!

Operating the Virtual Terminal is simple. At the time of checkout, the credit card information is manually keyed-in by the merchant into a secure form. Transaction authorization takes place and credit card information is encrypted via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate.

Advantages of the Virtual Terminal:

  • Quick and simple data entry of Cardholder ID through an intuitive user interface.
  • A convenient key-in of transaction information with immediate fulfillment.
  • Reliable and fast payment processing with accessibility to your funds within 2 business days.
  • Unlimited user accounts with multiple roles for each staff member.
  • Track transactions per employee with detailed reporting tools.
  • Reduced fraud risk through integrated e-Fraud tools such as AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVD (Card Validation Digit).
  • A secure merchant portal which incorporates Tokenization (advanced security) into credit card processing with an additional layer of protection.
  • The merchant portal allows the business owner to check transactions and track sales reports effectively.
  • The optimization of Interchange Rate (%) for Card-Not-Present transactions by Online Payment Gateway offers merchants with a full range of online secure tools to process transactions through Cardholder verification programs including (AVS), Visa’s CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2), MasterCard’s CVC2 (Card Validation Code 2), American Express (CID) and Discover’s CID fraud reduction.
  • Accessibility to information can be tailored to different users and this could be directed to administrative, sales or managerial roles.
  • A recurring billing option with email notifications is easy to set-up and can be issued at specific time intervals for targeted customers.
  • Reporting of purchase history, frequency and amounts can be generated with different timeframes and for different customers by building customer profiles.
  • Merchants can offer a full product list with categories, pricing with labeling. They can assign each product to an auto tax system with tracking functionalities.
  • For seasonal types of businesses, Virtual Terminal can be suspended during off-seasons without paying re-activation fees.
  • Payments made over the phone or mail can be processed through Virtual Terminal with any display: PC, Tablet or Smartphone devices.
  • A product database can be created, modified and categorized by merchants at any point in time, with real-time inventory management and price analysis.
  • Secured customer database includes full contact information stored with customer profiles created.
  • Automatic batches can be auto-signed by selecting transactions and by requesting a retrieval of information, data storage or production of orders.
  • E-mail Receipt set-up with full customization plus a “Send” button, ideal for automated communication with customers.


Get instant response by keying in the credit card information on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone.


Email your customer an electronic receipt, a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper receipts.


Collect payments on a recurring schedule to improve your cash flow.


Data transmission is protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

  • Mail order / telephone order
  • Membership-based services
  • Businesses with Remote customers