Published On: May 31, 2022
  • Managing multiple payment systems can be a logistical challenge for many businesses
  • Modern payment terminals can be connected to business networks for remote access
  • Intuitive software apps make managing multiple terminals remotely easy and efficient

Many businesses leverage unattended payment systems in the form of vending machines, self-serve kiosks, and other types of remote payment stations. However, when placed in multiple different locations across a large geographic area, managing these systems can present many obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, advanced payment processing technology can enable flexible and convenient remote management of these terminals.

Efficiency matters in all aspects of business, and it’s important to always be looking for opportunities to use resources more effectively so your company can accelerate growth and achieve its short-term and long-term goals. To this end, unattended payment systems offer many advantages for businesses who are looking to expand the availability of products to customers outside of store operating hours or in remote locations with 24/7 accessibility. One of the challenges faced with unattended sales solutions is how to efficiently manage multiple payment units across a number of different locations.

Challenges of Managing Multiple Separate Payment Terminals

There are several types of situations where businesses must interact with their payment terminals to accomplish certain tasks and objectives. For instance, in the event that product pricing needs to be adjusted, the payment terminals must have their data updated regularly with the most current and accurate pricing details quickly to avoid losing out on profitability. As well, inconsistent pricing between payment terminals can have significant negative effects on the customer experience if one unit shows lower pricing than others offering the same products, simply because they haven’t been updated yet.

In addition, it’s essential for businesses to have their finger directly on the pulse of sales performance to have a complete understanding of what’s working well, and what can be improved. This can be tough to do when physical distances separate multiple individual payment stations and your team members need to spend time travelling from one location to the next in order to obtain the most current sales and performance data. Then, once the data has been obtained, it must be compiled and organized before you can even use it to conduct an analysis and gather insights that can help to inform your business strategy. This all takes time, and as we all know, time is money.

Another challenge of managing several independent unattended payment kiosks or self-serve stations is making sure that your employees are able to gain the necessary access to each unit in order to do their jobs. Team members who are tasked with updating the units can hit time-consuming roadblocks if they do not happen to have all the applicable keys, codes, or access permissions for each individual station. Even more time can tick away waiting for the right person to provide the necessary access or having to make repeated trips in order to finally complete the job. On the flip side of this point, it’s also important to make sure that access is limited to only properly-trained and approved team members to avoid problems such as configuration errors or improper maintenance performed by unauthorized personnel.

Fortunately, modern payment processing solutions can be equipped with a wide range of features and functionality to enable remote access to the terminal, thereby mitigating these challenges and dramatically improving the efficiency of your business’ ability to manage multiple self-serve terminals and unattended payment kiosks.

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How Do Remote Management Apps Connect to Payment Processing Systems?

In order to utilize a remote access app to gain control over your business’ unattended payment systems, the payment terminals on each kiosk or self-serve station need to have the capability of being connected to the internet in order to tie into your business’ network, either through a direct wired connection or utilizing integrated Wi-Fi technology to connect wirelessly.

Not all systems will be equipped with this functionality, especially older units. However, most unattended vending machines and self-serve stations can be retrofitted and upgraded with a modern unattended payment terminal like those available from MONEXgroup. Once installed and connected, they can then be configured to allow access through a remote app loaded on to your smartphone or connected tablet, or through a web-based interface to provide access through laptops or desktop computers.

Advantages of Remote Management Apps for Unattended Payment Systems

There are numerous advantages that businesses can leverage once their unattended payment systems are connected to allow remote app-based access. For example, being able to obtain up-to-date sales statistics and performance data in the blink of an eye can allow your business to be far more nimble in adapting to rapidly changing business conditions. You won’t have to wait hours while data is gathered and compiled. Instead, you will be able to view business intelligence and sales reports in real-time, giving you the insights you need to maximize the effectiveness of your unattended systems, spot opportunities for improvement, and boost overall profitability.

Time savings are another notable advantage of remote apps for managing unattended payment systems. No longer will deploying system updates be dependent on physically visiting each terminal. You will be able to update system data across multiple systems with ease, regardless of how far away they may be.

Remote access apps also offer enhanced security by providing each approved user with their own account, ensuring secure and encrypted access to prevent unauthorized use of the systems. System administrators are able to set different levels of permissions to individual users, allowing top-level power users unlimited control, while other users can be focused on the specific functions that are most applicable to their roles and responsibilities.

Customer service teams can also benefit from remote access to unattended payment terminals, as they are able to directly connect to individual payment terminals to view transaction data and solve customer issues on the spot, correcting order errors or issuing refunds as needed. This helps to elevate overall customer satisfaction rates, bolster loyalty, and increase the likelihood of repeat transactions.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to flexibility. The ability to support your unattended payment terminals from wherever you might be, whenever you need to, gives you the flexibility you need to more effectively meet evolving market demands and adapt to new business conditions to gain competitive advantage.

Unattended Payment Solutions for A Wide Range of Business Applications

For companies in need of a more capable unattended payment processing solution, or for those who are looking to add self-serve options to expand outside of normal business hours and reach to new markets, there are many types of unattended payment terminals to choose from.

With unparalleled flexibility, multiple customization options, durable engineering, and intuitive controls, MONEXgroup’s Unattended Payment Terminal is the perfect choice to enhance your self-serve systems with advanced functionality, remote connectivity, and reliable operation. These units can be integrated directly into new self-serve vending systems and payment kiosks, or retrofitted into existing systems to provide greater flexibility and value-added functions.

There are also many different types of specialized payment terminals, with each one designed to suit a distinct business use case with unique features and benefits. For example, MONEXgroup’s Tap and Wash payment kiosk systems for self-serve car washes, Tap and Park parking lot payment terminals, and Tap and Charge EV charging payment terminals all feature rugged waterproof and weatherproof construction to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

MONEXgroup’s Laundry CleanPay systems and Unattended Laundry Terminals are custom-configured with a variety of features unique to self-serve laundromats and residential laundry facilities that enable enhanced functions to make it easier for customers to get in and out with clean clothes in less time.

MONEXgroup also offers contactless Tap to Donate unattended payment systems for charities and not-for-profit organizations to make it easier to fundraise and encourage donations from patrons with greater convenience and accessibility.

Accelerate Your Business with The Flexibility of Remote Management Apps for Unattended Payment Terminals

The benefits of remote access functionality to unattended payment systems are clear. Greater flexibility, increased efficiency, and higher profitability can all be achieved through the strategic use and deployment of remote access apps for your self-serve payment terminals and unattended payment kiosks. With MONEXgroup as your merchant services partner, we can equip your business with the latest in unattended payment processing technology and customize a remote access app solution to match the precise needs of your business.

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