Business Owner
Patel Brothers

Since 1974, Patel Brothers’ mission was “to bring the best ingredients from around the world right to their customers.” Today, Patel Brothers has a chain of 50 locations in the United States and 4 grocery stores in Canada including: Etobicoke, Scarborough, Brampton and Mississauga. “We want people to feel at home and to celebrate seasonal occasions with Patel Brothers fine foods.”  The grocery store provides a wide variety of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi food products with unique flavours to complement the respective cuisines.


Patel Brothers started processing with MONEXgroup in early 2006. Their relationship with the MONEXgroup Sales Representative has evolved since then. “Our partnership with MONEXgroup Merchant Services has benefited our business and bottom line.” In fact, Patel Brothers has progressed over time by constantly updating their grocery stores with the latest payment processing solutions. As the company grew its presence in the Greater Toronto Area, it dealt exclusively with MONEXgroup: the number one payment processing provider in Canada.

We opened our first location in 2006, our second location in 2009, then our third and forth in 2011 and 2014”. Patel Brothers locations were fully equipped with MONEXgroup’s in-store Countertop solutions (Tap & Go) with a Pin Pad for speed of service and convenience.  Patel Brothers was always eager to upgrade to the latest POS terminals to further improve their customers’ experience efficiency. “The speed of processing is excellent and we can always count on the funds depositing to our bank account in the next business day.”

As a growing business, Patel Brothers benefited not only from operational efficiencies, but also with financial savings on their merchant statement. “We’ve noticed the impact in our profit margins with highly competitive rates.” MONEXgroup Merchant Services provided a comprehensive analysis on Patel Brothers’ merchant statement for every store. This has allowed the owner to recognize areas of strengths, growth opportunities and great savings to re-invest into the Patel Brothers chain of stores. “MONEXgroup has added value to our business goals.”

We dealt with very courteous Attentive Representatives who took care of our business, listened to our needs and offered a superior Level of Service.”  The level of service provided by MONEXgroup was outstanding in terms of delivering prompt customer service and immediate technical support. With MONEXgroup, Patel Brothers experiences no downtime in operations, especially at the point of checkout.

I will always go with MONEXgroup! I have already referred MONEXgroup to my cousin who also runs a Grocery Store in Niagra Falls and I am happy to keep on referring MONEXgroup to my friends and family in the community.”