Business Owner
Transcontinental Tool Co.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto near Dundas Square, Transcontinental Tool is a hidden gem serving the jewellery industry in Canada. It is one of only 3 companies in Ontario offering highly specialized tools and machinery specifically for jewellery makers and sellers, not to mention novices and hobbyists.

Transcontinental Tool started processing with MONEXgroup in 2009. Since that time the company has seen a growth of 10% per year and MONEXgroup has been instrumental in helping the company realize operational efficiencies and savings, resulting in expansion to a bigger and better location.

The latest payment processing technologies that MONEXgroup has implemented at Transcontinental Tool include the Integrated POS Solution with the Tap and Go feature. The retailer is evolving with MONEXgroup as the technology improves and is keeping up with the latest payment security standards. With the Integrated POS Solution, Transcontinental is able to maximize its sales efficiencies and ensure accuracy between its systems. The terminal communicates directly and seamlessly with the cash register. MONEXgroup was able to program the integration by recognizing the Cash Register software. The new system has eliminated errors related to duplicate entries and provides a smooth checkout experience for employees and customers alike.

Transcontinental Tool is enjoying great savings with MONEXgroup given its competitive rates plus the fact that there are no hidden fees. The transparent statement is very easy to understand and MONEXgroup offers next day deposits which help the business maintain steady cash flow to support quick turnovers to pay their bills and to order more supplies.

“MONEXgroup’s Sales Representative is very attentive. Anytime I call in he responds right away.” MONEXgroup has provided outstanding customer service and technical support to Transcontinental Tool. The dedicated Sales Representative personally installed the new Integrated POS terminal and clearly explained to the staff how to operate the new system. This high level of support has helped Transcontinental Tool focus more on their important business matters instead of worrying about their POS system.

“We are trying to be more efficient all the time, and the new technology that MONEXgroup presents is fitting our needs. We are right in the present with all the new technologies from MONEXgroup. The new system that we got is faster, easier and more accurate because everything is programmed from the cash register straight to the POS system.”