Published On: February 1, 2022

When the cold months of late fall and winter arrive and golf courses find themselves in the off-season, savvy owners and operators of these businesses will use the time to make changes in processes and investments in equipment to make each peak summer season better than the last. To that end, one aspect that should be considered is the benefit of upgrading the golf course POS system with a more modern and capable solution.

Payment technology has evolved dramatically over recent years, with a surge in the adoption of contactless NFC payments along with a growing portion of consumers switching to cashless payments and digital wallets. With each passing moment, physical cash payments are becoming increasingly obsolete, and for good reason. Cash is a hassle, and dealing with paper currency and coins is slow and inefficient when compared with the wide variety of cashless payment methods that are available for consumers to use. It’s no surprise that as this trend continues, the need for a flexible and functional POS solution will become undeniable.

What does this mean for golf courses? Well, it means that when choosing a new point-of-sale system for your golf course, there are many key factors to consider to determine which option is the best one for your operation. Let’s begin by reviewing some of these essential features and functions that separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of golf course POS solutions.

What to Look For in a Golf Course Point of Sale System

Not all POS systems and golf course software solutions are created equal, that’s for sure. While some are very basic and rudimentary with just a handful of functions, others are full-featured business management software suites that offer control over everything from transaction processing to business performance reporting, and everything in between. Of course the exact features you will want depend on the unique needs of your business.

First and foremost, your POS system will need to be capable of processing transactions using a diverse array of payment methods. Cash and credit cards are just not enough anymore. Your golf course POS system will need to be able to accept credit and debit cards of all types, as well as contactless tap-to-pay cards and devices that use NFC technology. Plus, with the growth of digital wallet apps that live on smartphones and connected tablets, your POS system must also be capable of accepting methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others. Being able to accept a comprehensive list of digital and cashless payment methods is a functionality that you must have.

Next, the POS system you implement at your golf course should also have robust scheduling capabilities for customer bookings and staffing coordination. Being able to access schedules that are always up-to-date and accurate allows you to deliver a better overall customer experience, and anticipate staffing needs well in advance to avoid inefficiencies and lost revenue.

The right golf course point-of-sale system should also be able to manage inventory with built-in software tools. Out-of-stock products translate directly into lost revenue potential, so having more effective control over inventory levels through accurate reporting is quite beneficial. Furthermore, with inventory controls integrated right into your POS system, you can set up automatic reminders and notifications for just-in-time ordering, as well as obtain critical insights into sales performance and profitability of the products you offer.

Your POS system should also be able to connect directly to online booking tools and e-commerce platforms so that everything is all synced up accurately. This will help avoid things like double-bookings and incorrect stock statuses that can have a seriously negative impact on the customer experience. By considering this aspect when investing in a new POS system, your golf course will be better equipped to provide the best experience for your customers, driving loyalty and earning repeat business.

Reporting on overall business performance is another valuable function that you should look for in a golf course point-of-sale system. Accurate data and intelligent reports are imperative if you want to understand what’s happening in your business, and will help you develop a strategic growth plan for the future that really works. Informing your decisions with critical business data reduces guesswork and helps you to see trends and patterns that competitors may be overlooking, giving you the edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

Aside from the technical functionality of the POS system itself, it’s important not to underestimate the value of a payment processing partner that will provide the customer service and technical support your business must have to succeed. The last thing you need during peak operating season is a merchant services provider who can’t help you out when you need it most. Not only that, but the implementation associated with a new point-of-sale solution is not something to take lightly. There are many factors to consider throughout the configuration and setup process that requires expert knowledge and technical proficiency to address in order to ensure that the implementation is smooth and error-free every step of the way.

So, now that you’ve got a handle on what types of features and capabilities to look for in a POS solution for your golf course, what are the best systems to consider? The answer depends on the specific needs of your business.

Golf POS Systems for the Clubhouse

The heart of your golf course POS system will most likely reside in the clubhouse as the central hub of the transaction processing activity. Therefore, you will need a powerful full-featured system that can manage all the essential tasks required to run your business. When it comes to comprehensive POS solutions that can do it all, the Clover Station Duo has no equal. This system can process payments of all types, including cash, credit card, debit card, NFC contactless payments, digital wallets, and online transactions. In addition, the Clover Station Duo simultaneously performs as your main business computer for inventory control, employee scheduling, customer database management, marketing promotion coordination, sales performance reporting, and so much more.

The Clover Station Duo is also ideal for dining facilities and clubhouse restaurants, where in addition to all the functions mentioned above, it can also manage table bookings, update menu details, and even handle online and takeout orders with ease. For many golf course dining facilities, these options can open up new revenue streams and opportunities to drive more business through enhanced food service capabilities. To further expand on the functionality of the Clover Station Duo, it can also be paired with remote POS stations and portable payment terminals that enable greater flexibility and convenience throughout your golf course facilities.

Golf POS Systems for the Pro Shop

To help maximize the efficient use of space in the retail section of your operation, such as a golf course pro shop, the Clover Mini is the perfect compact POS solution. Fully capable of processing all types of payment methods in a space-saving form. The Clover Mini can be loaded with multiple apps and tools to perform a variety of functions all from the same POS terminal, including inventory management, scheduling, and business data reporting, just to name a few. The Clover Mini is also ideal for remote POS stations such as restaurant host stands, driving range kiosks, and more.

Golf Course Point of Sale Systems for Beverage Carts

It’s no secret that beverage carts are a big source of revenue for golf courses, so any opportunity to maximize the impact of mobile beverage and snack service at your golf course or country club. To do this, the Clover Flex is the best mobile payment processing solution you can get. These portable POS terminals can process credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, NFC contactless payments, and more, from any location at any time. Plus, when they are taken out of WiFi range, they can also be equipped with a SIM card to access LTE cellular data networks and process transactions at the farthest reaches of the back nine. Other add-ons you can choose for your Clover Flex include barcode scanners and integrated receipt printers for even greater functionality.

Move Forward with the Best Golf Course POS Systems

This is the moment to take action and set your golf course business up for new levels of success and profitability in the next season, and every season after that. By starting now, your business will have the time needed to move ahead with a powerful and flexible new point-of-sale solution, precisely configured to meet your needs and expertly set up by MONEXgroup, Canada’s preferred merchant services and payment processing provider. Our team of professionals has the tools and the talent to elevate your golf course operations with the best POS technology.

If you’re ready to act now and get started in selecting a new POS system for your golf course, contact the team at MONEXgroup today. We’re standing by with the best POS systems from Clover, including the powerful Clover Station Duo, the compact Clover Mini, and the go-anywhere Clover Flex. When the next season kicks off, your customers will be truly impressed at the excellent service and unparalleled convenience that your golf course will offer them, and keep them coming back for round after round.

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