Published On: November 1, 2022
  • QSRs need to strive for speed, accuracy, and consistency to retain customers and boost satisfaction
  • Tech innovation and consumer preferences are driving demand for easy-to-use unattended terminals
  • Unattended payment systems offer many benefits and advantages to quick-service restaurants

Quick-service restaurants sure look a lot different today than they did even just a few years ago. Franchises of all types have rapidly evolved their business models to adapt to changing consumer demands, and are integrating new technologies to improve customer service. For many, this means adding unattended self-serve payment systems. But what are the real advantages these solutions bring to QSRs?

There are many challenges faced by quick-service restaurants as they strive to attract customers in a crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace. These types of restaurants succeed when they provide the right combination of fast service, quality products, and excellent customer experience. However, as technology evolves and consumer trends change, this combination may need to be adjusted over time. Sometimes it’s hard to determine whether technological advancement is the reason for changes in consumer behavior, or vice versa. Such is the case with unattended payment terminals, which are becoming an essential part of QSR businesses of many types.

How are Quick-Service Restaurants Evolving to Meet Changing Consumer Demands?

Looking back at the history of any major QSR franchise, there are many key moments where definitive changes to their business models occurred.  The widespread adoption of drive-thru windows, introduction of breakfast menus, upgrading websites to include online ordering, and shifting to a more health-conscious mindset are all examples of how quick-service restaurants have adapted to new trends in the marketplace, and utilized new technology to their advantage.

People loved the convenience of online ordering and drive-thru service, breakfast menus attracted new groups of early-morning customers, and improved education on the importance of healthy eating drove a surge in demand for updated menu selections. Those QSRs who lagged behind in adapting to these kinds of consumer demands, or those who chose not to invest in efficient new systems and technologies, saw their market share erode and, in some cases, even disappear. One recent trend that illustrates this is the increasing presence of unattended and self-serve payment terminals.

People loved the convenience of online ordering and drive-thru service, breakfast menus attracted new groups of early-morning customers, and improved education on the importance of healthy eating drove a surge in demand for updated menu selections. Those QSRs who lagged behind in adapting to these kinds of consumer demands, or those who chose not to invest in efficient new systems and technologies, saw their market share erode and, in some cases, even disappear. One recent trend that illustrates this is the increasing presence of unattended and self-serve payment terminals.

Self-serve vending systems and unattended payment terminals can be found in businesses almost everywhere, and each day more companies are investing in this type of automation to lower operating costs and improve the customer experience. Today’s customers are entirely comfortable using unattended systems for purchasing a diverse array of products and services, including gasoline, groceries, car washes, parking tickets, and more. In many cases, especially in younger demographic groups, customers often prefer unattended self-serve checkouts as they find them to be a faster option when faced with long lines and slow service.

This widespread use of self-checkouts in so many different situations has created an environment where an increasingly large portion of the population has come to expect and even demand self-serve payment options in quick-service restaurants. Some customers will even specifically choose one QSR over another simply because they prefer the speed and control of a self-serve payment terminal. For quick-service restaurants that depend on getting more customers in the door, investing in convenient and user-friendly QSR terminals to accept self-serve payments is critical to the ongoing success of their business.

Advantages of Self-Serve Payment Terminals for Quick-Service Restaurants

One of the most important advantages to be gained from QSR self-serve payment terminals is the increased speed with which customers will be able to place their order, thereby shortening their wait to place an order, make the payment, receive their food and continue on their way. Speed is an essential part of the quick-service restaurant experience, and self-service payment stations are an effective way to reduce the time involved in the ordering and payment process.

Another notable benefit for quick-service restaurants is the increased accuracy in ordering that self-serve payment terminals can provide. When order information is relayed between the customer and the restaurant employee, there is a chance that some details may be missed or entered incorrectly. With a simple and intuitive interface guiding them through each step of the ordering process, customers are able to double-check specific order details and verify custom requests for 100% accuracy before paying through the unattended terminal. Reducing order mistakes helps to improve the customer experience by increasing consistency and ensuring that their expectations are met with each and every visit. This reliability boosts customer retention, and that has a direct impact on the overall profitability of your QSR.

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Another way self-serve QSR payment systems help boost your revenue is through higher average ticket values on orders. Most QSR have options and add-ons on their menus, such as adding bacon to a sandwich or including a dessert of some sort, but not all customers will be completely aware of all the choices available to them. Using the digital interface of a QSR self-serve terminal, customers can be presented with prompts showcasing the most popular options and upgrades for their meal selection as they progress through the ordering process. Many customers are more likely to add things to their order when given this kind of option, which works to increase the average price of orders placed at the self-serve stations.

Unattended QSR payment systems also help to lower operating costs by automating the ordering process, saving on employee training costs and redirecting valuable talent and resources to other aspects of the business. QSR self-serve stations also increase the efficiency and accuracy of reconciliation, providing up-to-the-second performance reporting for business owners. This allows managers to analyze sales data and gain valuable insights that can be used to create innovative marketing plans, customer loyalty programs, and make many other critical business decisions.

By lowering operating costs, increasing average value of orders, improving satisfaction and strengthening customer retention, unattended POS stations for quick-service restaurants are valuable investments that will work to raise profitability for the business.

Exploring Innovation in Unattended Self-Serve Payments

The applications of unattended payments in quick-service restaurants don’t end with self-service ordering stations, however. Many franchises are exploring unique new ways to incorporate unattended payment technologies with automation and specialized delivery systems to produce revolutionary customer experiences.

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