Published On: January 20, 2017

Harsh Canadian winter conditions can be challenging… sometimes to the point of deterring people from going out as the comfort of staying home is so much more appealing. But life goes on, and as proud Canadians we put on our toques and venture to brave the elements and run our errands. With the type of winter weather we have, the quicker we finish our errands the better! Outdoor payment solutions that employ the Contactless Only reader technology from MONEXgroup have revolutionized the way Canadians pay and effectively improved the way we live by speeding up transaction times, helping us get on our way fast and stay out of the cold!

Outdoor Payment Solutions – Definition

Outdoor payment solutions entail an unattended kiosk terminal situated outside that allows customers to pay via their Credit cards / Debit cards to activate the outdoor payment machines and receive the product or service they are looking for. MONEXgroup’s exclusive Contactless Only technology expedites the payment process by facilitating transactions that are as quick as a Tap – no PIN, Insert, Swipe or Coin required.

 Typical Locations for Outdoor Payment Solutions

Outdoor payment solutions can be found at various locations such as gas stations, parking lots, car washes, drive-throughs and ticketing stations. Outdoor payment solutions are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, and are built rugged to prevent to damages. Business owners who employ outdoor payment solutions as part of their vending strategy might be wary of the conditions and durability of available solutions and possible breakage. Fortunately, after years of extensive research, MONEXgroup has developed groundbreaking outdoor payment solutions featuring our fully PCI Certified Contactless Only technology in a form factor that is virtually indestructible.

MONEXgroup’s Outdoor Payment Solutions at Canadian Gas Stations – Tire Inflation & Car Vacuum Machines

MONEXgroup’s industry leading outdoor payment solutions are currently rolling out at over 6,500 gas stations across Canada. Our partnership with the primary air pump manufacturer and car vacuum supplier has proven to be effective as their customers are enjoying the simplicity and the convenience that our unique Tap Only outdoor payment solutions can offer. Our partner was looking for a Contactless Only technology solution provider who is not only innovative but also takes their customers’ concerns as their number one priority. As a result, tire inflation and car vacuum machines equipped with our technology are already witnessing an increase of their volume as customers no longer need to dig for coin and can now effortlessly pay using Interac Flash, Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, and Apple Pay. Implementing a Contactless Only solution for collecting payment was an essential requirement for our partner because their machines are exposed directly to Canadian outdoor elements, so MONEXgroup’s weatherproof technology proves to be ideal because our Contactless readers are fully sealed to withstand the harshest winter conditions.

A major differentiator that makes MONEXgroup stand out from the rest of our competitors is that our outdoor payment solutions are the FIRST fully certified Contactless Only solution. A Tap Only system can have total ingress protection, as there’s no insertion or swipe compartment where one needs to put their Debit / Credit card into in order to pay. Having any opening on the machine makes the outdoor payment solution susceptible to weather damage and dirt infiltration. MONEXgroup’s Contactless Only readers do not allow for such issues and thus minimize maintenance requirements. We truly understood the needs of our partner as they weren’t interested in the old-fashioned Chip & PIN or Swipe systems as those technologies are not truly weatherproof. Additionally, there’s no requirement for key injection or MAC’ing with the Contactless Only system, so maintenance fees are even further reduced.

MONEXgroup is the only payment processing company that was able to present a fully certified Tap Only solution that met our partner’s rigorous requirements. In fact, MONEXgroup is the one and only payment processing company in Canada that can offer this game changing solution.

Watch this video as the Executive Vice President from our air pump partner explains the benefits that MONEXgroup’s Contactless Only outdoor payment solutions offer them.

In this video, we are on location at a local gas station in Toronto, where our Contactless Only payment solution has been successfully employed on latest air pump and car vacuum machines. The Tap Only interface on air pump inflators and vacuum allows customers to inflate their tires or clear their cars without looking for change; they can simply tap their Debit / Credit cards and pay. They can even use their mobile phone with support for Apple Pay and soon Android Pay. Visit your local gas station and experience the speed and convenience for yourself!

Three Things to Know when Installing Outdoor Payment Solutions

Before a business owner installs an outdoor payment solution there are three things to consider:


Location is extremely important when investing in an outdoor payment kiosk. The kiosk needs to have a power source and be able to connect to the internet. It’s important to have a solution in place for both power and internet ahead of installation. Depending on the location it’s important to know whether or not permits are required to meet the legal requirements.

Finally, the location relative to sunlight is an important consideration. With all of these criteria, a site survey can help tremendously and can typically be arranged by your kiosk providers’ support team. A certified technician would visit the site and make recommendations regarding all of these factors. It’s also important to always consider the end user when choosing an outdoor location. The kiosk should be in a location convenient for users and encourage engagement.


Outdoor kiosks are designed to be durable, all-weather solutions. However, it is still important to consider the climate because extreme humidity and temperature range must be taken into account when designing an outdoor payment solution that needs to be put into place. Generally, outdoor payment solutions require a bright screen which can create excess heat, therefore the screens need an air vent to go along with a climate control unit for the kiosk enclosure itself.


Cost is one of the most important factors to consider when determining whether or not an outdoor payment kiosk will meet your specific needs. Simply stated, an outdoor payment kiosk will be more expensive than an indoor solution. From climate control to security features, an outdoor kiosk will require a more robust design, leading to additional costs. Therefore, a business owner needs to factor his/her ROI when installing an outdoor payment solution and the amount of money it will cost them. MONEXgroup offers a range of unattended payment solutions at varying price levels to support any application – be it indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor Payment Solutions Change Customer Behaviour

Since McDonald’s first launched its self-service kiosk systems at its restaurants, they’ve noticed that customers would purchase more items at the kiosk and they found that customers were happier because they felt they had the ability to customize their items according to their taste without people judging them. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for both the consumer and the business because the business can generate more revenue and customers have the liberty to choose what they want. Whether or not the kiosk utilizes an outdoor payment solution, the same findings apply.

In this Harvard Business Review, researchers looked into the benefits of employing self-service kiosk and outdoor payment solutions at restaurants. It was a report compiled by four researchers who looked into how outdoor payment solutions and self-service kiosk systems change the customer’s buying behaviour. The researchers found that self-service kiosk and outdoor payment solutions remove social friction. What that means is that customers are more confident and empowered ordering their food without being afraid of being judged or possible miscommunications happening between the restaurant staff. Also, customers like to experiment with their food options; for example, choosing new ingredients to complement their meal and combo extras. This might be harder to do or explain in person with someone behind the counter, plus the kiosk interface is effective at presenting all of the options available.

From a business point of view, McDonald’s found that their revenue has increased since the implementation of the kiosk. For example, found they found that the average ticket size was a dollar higher for a typical meal which is an increase of 30% at the time. Moreover, they found that 20% of customers who didn’t initially order a drink in person would buy one when it was offered as a reminder in a kiosk format. Evidently, kiosks have the ability to upsell. The reductions in service times for restaurants that have kiosks installed is also highly advantageous and improves customer satisfaction.

When partnering with the number one Canadian merchant services in Canada; MONEXgroup will increase your efficiency and quality of service and lower the related costs. Request a Cost Comparison Analysis today.

Author: Lindsey Lu, Marketing Communication Specialist, MONEXgroup
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