Published On: May 16, 2023
  • Successful QSRs depend on fast point-of-sale systems and consistent customer experiences
  • Moving customers efficiently through the ordering process increases productivity and profitability
  • Self-serve kiosks with flexible payment terminals are of vital importance to QSR businesses

In the highly competitive quick-service restaurant industry, businesses need to take advantage of self-serve POS technology to enhance the customer experience, gain market share, and maximize operational efficiency. Choosing the right payment terminal solutions for your unattended QSR kiosks will help drive sales.

Recent advancements in payment technology and unattended self-serve systems has caused a surge in the adoption of these types of solutions across a diverse range of businesses and industries. This is particularly apparent in the world of quick-service restaurants, where self-serve ordering kiosks with integrated payment terminals are now standard equipment at modern QSRs worldwide. It’s important to understand what’s ultimately driving this trend in order to know how to best leverage self-serve payment technology to the benefit of your QSR business.

There are many things contributing to the rise of self-serve payment technology, but perhaps the most significant factor is the impact that these systems can have on overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Owners and managers of QSRs know the critical importance of customer satisfaction, and how delivering a positive customer experience is the most effective way to gain the loyalty that results in repeat visits and higher purchase frequency. Let’s review the most prominent aspects of the QSR experience that come together to determine overall customer satisfaction.

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction at Quick-Service Restaurants

Speed – The ‘quick’ part of quick service restaurants is a major part of what makes them so appealing and popular to the general public. Schedules are busier than ever, people are short on time, and when it comes to finding a place to grab a quick bite, speed of service definitely matters. Customers want to be able to avoid lines, order quickly, and receive their order promptly. Every second of wait time or unnecessary delay rapidly erodes customer satisfaction, so placing speed as a top priority is a key strategy for QSRs.

Consistency – In addition to speed, it’s of utmost importance that QSRs are able to deliver a consistent experience for customers. This includes consistency in food quality, pricing, ordering process, accessibility, and order accuracy. The most popular and successful QSR brands take consistency very seriously in all facets of their operations to ensure that customers get the positive experience they have come to expect each and every time they order.

Simplicity – One of the influencing criteria that applies to many different aspects of QSRs is the concept of simplicity. Keeping things simple has a positive effect on both of the previous factors of speed and consistency. An easy-to-understand menu with clear options and pre-configured meal choices in the form of combos or bundle deals makes it incredibly fast and easy for a customer to place an order. Furthermore, the simplified menus of QSRs reduce the likelihood of order errors, contributing to much higher rates of consistency and order accuracy.

With these points in mind, how then do unattended self-serve payment stations work to provide benefits to QSR customers and elevate their level of overall satisfaction?

The Importance of Unattended Ordering Stations at QSRs

There are multiple ways that self-serve payment systems at quick-service restaurants improve the customer experience. First, they significantly cut down on the length of queues and reduce overall wait times. Long lines and extended waits are some of the biggest complaints that customers have when rating their satisfaction with QSRs. Cutting down on wait times by making it fast and easy to place and pay for their order is one of the most effective ways to influence customer loyalty.

Additionally, self-serve kiosks have been shown to have a notable positive impact on order accuracy, and can also encourage upselling and cross-selling with suggestion prompts throughout the ordering sequence. This has the added benefit of increasing average order value, which then helps boost profitability. Customers can easily navigate through the various menu options, add or subtract items to suit their preferences, build-out their order in full, and finally review their order before proceeding to complete the payment.

Regarding payments, the modern POS terminals integrated into QSR self-serve stations offer flexibility for customers to complete their transactions using a diverse array of payment methods. Whether they prefer to pay with a credit card, debit card, or a digital wallet app on their smartphone, unattended payment terminals like those from MONEXgroup are able to process payments of all types. This is particularly important to note as cash payments continue to decline in popularity in favour of contactless and cashless payment methods that provide greater convenience and security.

In fact, the payment terminal itself has a substantial impact on the overall QSR self-serve experience as it relates directly to the three different elements of speed, consistency, and simplicity. The payment process needs to be fast, as lengthy waits for processing to complete detract from customer satisfaction. Completing payments also needs to be consistent across all QSR locations by allowing payments to be made with any method of the customers choosing regardless of which QSR location they are visiting. Finally, unattended payment terminals need to provide a simple and seamless transaction experience for customers, making the entire order process as easy as possible from start to finish.

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Flexible Payment Terminals for Self-Serve Ordering Kiosks

Modern unattended payment terminals offer greater functionality than ever before. Customizable POS terminals from MONEXgroup allow QSR businesses to deliver an optimized checkout experience that leaves customers satisfied and more likely to return for future visits. Let’s take a closer look at the unique features and benefits of the MONEXgroup Unattended Terminal for self-serve QSR applications.

Complete Payment Method Compatibility – Featuring integrated contactless technology for compatibility with a diverse range of cashless payment methods, MONEXgroup unattended terminals can process payments from debit cards, credit cards, digital wallet apps, gift cards, and more.  Customers will be able to pay with their preferred method of payment quickly and easily, speeding up the transaction and simplifying the self-serve order process.

Flexible Configuration and Customization Options – With a programmable digital display and nearly limitless configuration options, your QSR unattended payment terminals can be customized to your exact specifications. Consistent branding throughout the ordering process and intuitive touch-screen navigation helps enhance the positive customer experience during each transaction.

Unmatched Speed and Robust Security – Every second matters when it comes to processing payments, which is why MONEXgroup unattended terminals feature the fastest processing technology to complete transactions rapidly and save customers time. Data protection is also a top priority for businesses and consumers alike. MONEXgroup terminals utilize cutting-edge encryption and tokenization technologies to secure and protect all transaction data.

Upgrading Existing Unattended Order Stations with New Payment Terminals

Many QSR businesses have already been leveraging unattended payment stations for years, but this might also mean that the payment systems in place on those stations could be showing their age in the form of slower speeds and incompatibility with newer payment methods. Fortunately, upgrading existing self-serve stations with powerful new payment terminals is a cost-effective way to improve the customer experience and boost sales.

MONEXgroup payment terminals can be retrofitted into all types of existing self-serve kiosks and unattended payment stations. Our team of payment processing specialists and technical service experts will work directly with you to configure and optimize a self-serve payment solution that will benefit your QSR by increasing customer satisfaction, speeding up transaction processing, and strengthening customer loyalty.

In addition, all MONEXgroup clients are supported with round-the-clock customer service and technical support to assist you whenever you may need us. Whether you’re looking for new ways to streamline your checkout flow with flexible payment systems or need to troubleshoot a technical issue with your existing payment systems, you can count on MONEXgroup to help.

Take Advantage of Powerful Unattended Payment Systems for Quick-Service Restaurants

Every day, competition grows more aggressive in the world of quick-service restaurants. You need every advantage you can get to grow profits, gain market share, and strengthen customer loyalty, and self-serve payment terminals can help you do just that. If you’re ready to invest in a new unattended payment processing solution, or are looking to upgrade existing systems with enhanced functionality, MONEXgroup is the payment processing partner you need to succeed.

Deliver a world-class customer experience and boost profits in your QSR locations with unattended payment terminals from MONEXgroup. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote!

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