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Check here frequently for informative articles exploring the latest trends in Payment Processing, POS Technology and Merchant Services via MONEXgroup Blog. As an industry leader, MONEXgroup is on the cutting-edge of the rapidly changing landscape of payment solutions, related security considerations, marketplace movements and technological breakthroughs… everything merchants need to know to stay ahead.

PCI Compliance Standards Secure the Infrastructure of Digital Payments
Jan 09, 2018
Remember when it was pay day and you would take your paycheck to the bank and then wait in line to deposit it into your account? What about when you would withdraw cash so you could make purchases like groceries and other household items? Fast forward to today… payment processing...
Black Friday Stats Show Shifting Consumer Preference toward E-Commerce & Mobile Shopping
Dec 20, 2017
Every year on Black Friday, shoppers strap on their running shoes and get ready to wait in long line ups to brave the lunacy of the malls for those exclusive deals of the year. For some, it can be a daunting experience with the crowds, lineups and competition for parking…...
MONEXgroup Revolutionizes Charitable Fundraising Technology with Tap to Donate Contactless Donation Acceptance
Nov 10, 2017
Leading up to Remembrance Day on Canada’s 150th anniversary, MONEXgroup successfully partnered with Sunnybrook Hospital’s Operation Raise a Flag campaign to launch a breakthrough in Canadian charitable fundraising technology with our exclusive Tap to Donate solution. Tap to Donate, offered exclusively by MONEXgroup, promises to revolutionize the collection of donations...
Pop-Up Shops on the Rise in Canada for Seasonal Businesses
Oct 18, 2017
Ever wonder how costume stores stay afloat year-round? After all, the overwhelming bulk of their business happens in the months leading up to Halloween… as that’s typically the only occasion of the year in which Canadians dawn quirky creative disguises. It may not be worthwhile for many costume stores to...
How Integrated Payments Can Benefit your Businesses Today!
Oct 04, 2017
Integrated Payments are a set of transaction-related tools that a business can employ to integrate with various systems including accounting software, customer relationship Management (CRM) and full-service POS systems that all share and utilize communications via payment processing. Integrated payments provide enhanced intelligence for day-to-day business applications. This data can...
The New Frontier of Digital Payment Technologies & What to Expect Going Forward
Sep 01, 2017
In our ever-changing society where technological innovation surrounds us at every turn, there is no question that digital payment technologies have already made a significant impact and will only continue to flourish. Advances such as contactless and mobile payments are undoubtedly improving daily business efficiencies, thus adding value to routine...
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